Effective Police Supervision Study Guide, Sixth Edition, is designed as a complement to Effective Police Supervision, Sixth Edition, by Harry W. More and Larry S. Miller. It is not a substitute for the textbook, and students are required to read the book to fully understand the concepts of effective police supervision. The textbook is also needed to complete portions of this guide. The best strategy for students is to consult this Study Guide prior to reading each chapter of the textbook. Students can read the Learning Objectives and Key Terms before each chapter to help them focus on key material as they read the text. The question-and-answer key provided in this guide will also enable students to measure their progress in understanding the material.

Key Features

  • Helps the student to grasp key concepts and synthesize the material in a meaningful and applicable way that goes beyond learning by rote.
  • Learning Objectives and Key Terms help the reader to focus on key material as they read the text.
  • Questions and answer key give the reader the opportunity to measure how well they are grasping the material.


Students and professionals in the criminal justice field.

Table of Contents

1 Supervision—The Management Task 2 Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving—Improving Neighborhood Quality of Life 3 Interpersonal Communications—Striving for Effectiveness 4 Motivation—A Prerequisite for Success 5 Leadership—The Integrative Variable 6 Team Building—Maximizing the Group Process 7 Change—Coping with Organizational Life 8 Performance Appraisal—The Key to Police Personnel Development 9 Training, Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring—Helping Officers Grow and Develop 10 Discipline—An Essential Element of Police Supervision 11 Internal Discipline—A System of Accountability 12 Supervising the Difficult Employee—Special Considerations 13 Supervising Minorities—Respecting Individual and Cultural Differences 14 Tactical Operations—Critical Incident Deployment 15 Labor Relations—Problem Solving through Constructive Conflict 16 Homeland Security and Terrorism—A Changing Role Answer Key to Objective Questions


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