Educational Electronics Equipment 1967–68

Educational Electronics Equipment 1967–68

Pergamon Electronics Data Series

1st Edition - January 1, 1968

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  • Editors: G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184142

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Educational Electronics Equipment 1967-68 presents a critical review of electronic and electronic-based equipment designed precisely for educational and instructional purposes. It discusses the equipment for instruction and training in physics, electronics, and computer control. It addresses the nature of electronic aids use in technical establishments. Some of the topics covered in the book are the description of lecture demonstration equipment; components of Model 70 digital computer trainer; advantages of low-cost teaching computer; uses of educational analogue computer; description of universal laboratory machine; parts of protective systems dynamic simulator; and content of machine demonstration kit. The mechanisms of operator training equipment are fully covered. Type MS 150 modular servo system and DC-8 engine trainer are discussed. An in-depth observation made on the control circuit for a stepping motor is given. A study of the functions of semi-automatic flight inspection simulator is also presented. A chapter is devoted to the Atlas missile airborne propellant feed and pressurization system trainer. Another section focuses on the mechanisms of Boeing 707 cockpit familiarization trainer. The book can provide useful information to teachers, trainer, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

  • Equipment for General Educational Purposes

    AMPEX VR-660b Portable Videotape Television Recorder

    VR-7000 Series Videotape Recorder and Videotrainer System (See also 'Educational Television Systems')

    COGNOTRONICS Speechmaker, Models 631 and 632 - Automatic Speech Generation Equipment

    CRAIG Reader, Model CR-2AV

    EFI Learning Systems

    8-Channel Audio Secretary

    Model 101 Self-Learning System

    Wireless Stenographic Learning System

    Introduction to Programmed Instruction

    ESL Type tm 198 Teaching Machine

    Type tm 1024 Teaching Machine

    'A Teaching Machine Program for Use as a Test of Learning Ability'

    'Teaching Machines as Intelligence Amplifiers'

    L.V.E. Human Intelligence Panels

    MAGNECORD Automatic Repeat Reproducer System

    NEC Teaching Machine TM-501 - Response Totaliser

    Teaching Machine Tm-505a - Response Totaliser, Portable

    PENNANT Student Performance Monitor Unit

    REMINGTON Audio Teaching Unit

    SINTRA 'MITSI' 2021 Technical and Scientific Individual Instructor

    Language Laboratories and Associated Equipment

    AVELEY ELECTRIC ;Guide to Language Laboratories'

    Language Laboratory

    'Aveley' Remotely Controlled Language Laboratory

    S.G. BROWN Primary Audio Set

    Interlog Language Teaching System

    New Diplomat Headset

    New Dynamic Headset

    Dynaflex Headset

    CÉDAMEL 'Rexmatic' Language Laboratory

    CONNEVANS Mark IV Language Laboratory Equipment

    ELECTRONIC CLASSROOMS M.A.S.T.R. Portable Language Study Machine

    Program Source Systems

    Student Position Systems

    GORDON-LAYCOCK 'OPELEM' Automatic Language Laboratory

    Inter 'Lang Director' Language Laboratory

    Audio-Active Comparative Language Laboratory

    GRUNDIG Language Master

    ITM 'Transtutor' Unit System Language Laboratory

    E.F.I. Radio-Loop Language Laboratory

    Language Laboratory - Magnetic Storage Drum Type

    Prince Language Laboratories

    LUXOR Minilab ML-10

    Language Laboratory

    OSTLE ELECTRONICS Majorlab Language Laboratory

    Batrilab - Listen/Respond Amplifier

    PETO SCOTT Language Teaching Systems

    Minilab Type ER 1700

    P M & E EC8 Portable Group Listening Center

    RAYTHEON Type RL-6800 Remote Recording System

    Model ML-10 Mobile Language Laboratory System

    Model TC-6 Instructor's Console

    Model SP-1500 Analyzer Type Student Position

    Model SP-6700 Student Position System

    Model SP-3690 Reel-To-Reel Student Recording System

    Model SP-2000 Listen/Respond Student System

    Type 2562 Playback Program Source

    Model TP-6650/6550 Record/Playback Program Source

    Model TP-3950/3850/3500 Reel-To-Reel Program Source

    Type 3500 Ar Automatic Program Source

    Type 1000 Dial Select Switching System

    Type 620p Portable Tape Recorder

    SCRIVENER-SLT Monitor Universal-Tuner-Recorder-Timer Unit

    SHIPTON Tutor Language Laboratory

    565 Language Laboratory

    521 Programmer

    TANDBERG Electronic Teaching System

    Minilab 926sl Tape Recorder 323

    TELEX 1200 Headset

    UHER Language Laboratory

    WHITE Electronic Learning System

    Physics Education

    ELLIOTT D.C. Helium Neon Gas Laser

    Neutron Generator Type L

    Fast Neutron Generator Type 315/N1

    HEATH Malmstadt-Enke Controlled Potential Polarography System

    Berkeley Physics Laboratory

    LABGEAR Decade Counter D. 4151/B

    Counting-Ratemeter D. 4152a

    G-M Tube Holder D. 4153

    Radioactivity Demonstration Set D. 4155

    PANAX Ratemeter Type Rm202

    Sealer/Timer Type 102st

    Scintillation Counting Assemblage

    Radioactivity Demonstration Kit

    Equipment for Schools and Colleges

    SCIENTIFICA Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (N. Q. R.) Spectrometer Kit

    Spectrometer Power Supply

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (N. M. R.) Kit

    V. H. F. Electron Spin Resonance (E. S. R.) Kit

    Demountable D. C. Gas Laser

    TELTRON Atomic Physics Educational Apparatus

    Transistorised Electronic Circuit Modules

    Series 'A' Experiments: The Production and Properties of the Free Electron

    Series 'B' Experiments: 'A Concept of the Electronwithin the Atom'

    Series 'D' Experiments: 'The Production, Properties and Uses of X-Rays'

    Vacuum Cell Tel. 716

    4mm Lead Set Tel. 500

    Electron Diffraction Tube Tel. 555

    Secondary Coil Tel. 507

    UNILAB Electromagnetic Wave Equipment (3 Cm.)

    Electrometer and D.C. Amplifier

    Electrical Oscillation Apparatus

    Electronics Education

    DIGITAL ELECTRONICS Digiac 50 Digital Transistor Circuit Training Device

    Digiac 75 Transistor Printed Circuit Trainer

    HEATH Malmstadt-Enke EU-100A Instrumentation Laboratory

    HEATHKIT Basic Electricity Course No. 1, Model EK-1 444

    Basic Radio Course (Part 1), Model EK-2A

    Electronic Workshop Kit, Model EW-1 450

    Linear Alpha Precision Mössbauer System

    LOCK Visual Study Aids - Meters, Demonstration Panels, Equipment

    Photo-Electric Relay Demonstration Panel

    Remote Control Demonstration Equipment

    Ultra High Frequency Generator and Receiver Demonstration Kit

    Wave Demonstration Machine

    MID-CENTURY MICROWAVEGEAR Micro Optics Demonstration Kit

    Microwave Training and Demonstration Test Bench

    MULLARD Educational Electronic Experiments

    Double Beam Simulator

    1 ΜΩ/Volt D.C. Voltmeter

    Experimental Transmitter and Receiver

    Variable E.H.T. Supply Unit


    Stabilized Transistor Power Supply Unit

    Critical Potentials In Gases

    Low Voltage Electrometer

    Decade Sealer

    Hall Effect Measurements

    A.F./R.F. Oscillator

    Binary Adder/Subtractor

    Pupil's Oscilloscope

    Resistance and Capacitance Substitution Boxes

    Logic Gates

    Electronic Organ

    Electronic Timer

    Students' Constructional Oscilloscope

    Students' Modular Oscilloscope

    Solid State Microwave Oscillator (1 Ghz)

    Electronic Thermometer

    P & E LABORATORIES Type D40 Transistor Strobe Multimeter

    Electronic Instruction Modules

    PETO SCOTT Practibook System and Practronics

    Electronics Trainer

    PHILBRICK Operational Manifold, Model RP

    PHILCO Educational Systems

    Student's System

    Lecture Demonstrations

    Lecture Demonstration Equipment-Electrical and Thermionic


    Electronics Fundamentals Unit

    Lecture Demonstration Panels

    Lecture Demonstration Console, R 1

    Student' Laboratory Equipment - General Thermionics

    Lecture Demonstration Equipment - Semiconductor Characteristics and Applications

    Transistor Laboratory Kit

    PHILCO Transistor Characteristics Laboratory Unit

    Panel Vacuum-Tube Multimeter

    RADIONIC Radio and Electronic Construction System

    Transistor Detector with Reaction and A.F. Stage

    Schmitt Trigger

    Digital Computer

    SANDERS Type 6452 Educational Antenna Test Bench

    Type 599 Microwave Educational Test Bench

    Type 6596 VSWR Indicator

    Type 6597 Klystron Power Supply

    Mark III VSWR Indicator

    Mark IV Klystron Power Unit

    Stark Teaching Systems

    Model 10 - Electricity and Electronics

    Model 11 - Electricity and Electronics

    Model G12 - Electronic Mechanics

    Model 14 - Introductory Electricity

    Model 100 - Basic Electricity

    Model 300 - Basic Electricity

    Model X-300 - Microwave Technology

    Model 500 - Basic Electricity and Electronics

    Model 600 - Communications

    Model 700 - Industrial Electronics

    Model 800 - Transistors

    Demonstration Units

    GEDAC Demonstrator of Activated Circuits

    UNILAB Cathode Ray Oscillograph

    Computer Training

    BURR-BROWN Model 600 Educational Analog Simulator

    BURTEK Computer Trainers

    DIGITAL ELECTRONICS Digiac 3010 Digital Logic Trainer

    Digiac 301 Odd Digital Logic Trainer

    Digiac 3011 Digital Logic Trainer

    Digiac 3050 Semi-Automatic Computer Trainer

    Digiac 4030 Digital Computer Trainer

    FARNELL Digital Logic Systems Simulator

    F.C.R. Educational Analogue Computer

    FEEDBACK Educational Computer

    DCT350 Digital Computer Trainer

    Logikit Equipment and Auxiliary Apparatus

    HEATHKIT Model EC-1U Analogue Computer

    LOCK Teachaid Mark I Transistorized Analogue Computer

    M.E.L. Low-Cost Teaching Computer

    P & E LABORATORIES Type C40 Educational Analogue Computer

    PHILCO Lecture Demonstration Equipment-Digital Computer Fundamentals

    Student's Laboratory Equipment

    STARK Model 70 Digital Computer Trainer

    TELEFUNKEN DSR 200 Demonstration Computer

    Electrical Training

    B.K.B. Universal Laboratory Machine-Uniform Air-Gap and Salient-Pole Designs

    FARNELL 'Primatran' Portable Toroidal Primary Transformer

    F.C.R. T.R.A.C, Ratio Analogue Computer

    Protective Systems Dynamic Simulator

    Universal S. C. R. Converter

    'Study of Converter Connections'

    High Voltage D.C. Power Transmission Model

    Versatile Field Control Unit

    Transient Analyzer

    Symmetrical Component Analyzer

    FOSTER Flux Distribution Investigation

    Technical College Transformers

    LOCK Machine Demonstration Kits

    D.C. Machine Kit

    A.C. 3-Phase Machine Kit

    NEVELIN Three Phase Thyristor Demonstration Unit

    Single Phase Thyristor Demonstration Unit

    NEVELIN Demonstration Magnetic Amplifier

    Demonstration Mercury Arc Rectifier

    Industrial Training

    BURTEK Animated Backlighted Trainers

    Oil Industry

    Automotive System

    (See Also 'Aircraft/Space System Training', Page 982)

    COGNOTRONICS Voice Wiring Instructor (V. W. I.) System

    L.M. ERICSSON Rational Instruction and Training with Recorded Tapes (RITT Method)

    PENNANT Interchangeable Motivation Unit

    Process Plant Trainers

    Visual Systems Trainer

    PLESSEY Supervisor-Audio-Visual Instruction on the Production Line

    Control System Training

    FEEDBACK Type Ms 150 Modular Servo System

    A.C. Instructional Servo System

    MULLARD 'Control Circuit for A Stepping Motor1

    PHILCO Lecture Demonstration Equipment - Servo Systems

    D.50 Servo Systems Unit

    Industrial Electronics Demonstrator

    Aircraft/Space System Training

    BURTEK Operator Training Equipment

    T-26 Instrument Flight Trainer

    CV-880 Part Task Simulator

    Boeing 707 Cockpit Familiarization Trainer

    T-33 Cockpit Procedure Trainer

    MK-84 Polaris Fire Control Center Trainer

    Atlas Missile Airborne Propellant Feed and Pressurization System Trainer

    DC-8 Engine Trainer

    Semi-Automatic Flight Inspection (SAFI) Simulator

    Gemini Part Task Simulator

    BURTEK F-4H Surface Controls Trainer

    F-101B Canopy and Ejection Seat System Trainer

    Convair 990 A.C. and D.C. Electrical Power Supply

    Integrated Flight Instrument System Trainer

    F-4H Navigation System NAMT

    Automatic Pilot System Demonstrators

    Transistor Printed Circuit Training Development

    Electronic Breadboard

    Animated Backlighted Trainers (See also Page 913)

    Astronaut and Technician Trainers-Gemini Training

    Flight and Maintenance Training-Airline

    Boeing 727 Hydraulic System Trainer

    Bendix Flight Director System Trainer

    DC-8 Jet Transport Electrical Power System Trainer

    CV880 Flight Controls System Trainer

    707 Landing Gear System

    F-106A Fuel System

    Constant Speed Drive Trainer

    M-58 Rocket Engine Trainer

    Visual Omni Range Guide Trainer (VOR) Guide

    ELLIOTT Boeing 707 Air Conditioning System Visual Display Trainers

    Boeing 707 Wingflap System Visual Display Trainers

    Educational Television Systems

    AMPEX 'Television Tape Recording Systems: A Guide for School Administrators

    General Data on Ampex Systems (See also Page 2)

    Example of Instructional Application - Language Teaching

    Example of Instructional Application - Medical Education

    DAGE Type 520 Camera Chain

    Instructional Television Video Monitors

    EPSYLON Closed Circuit Television System

    Picture Monitor PM21

    High Resolution Camera Channel VC10T

    Transistorized Video Equalizing Amplifier ER1A

    GENERAL ELECTRIC Educational Television Operating Center, Type TE-18

    Studio Vidicon Camera Channel Type PE-23-A/B/C

    Custom Television Systems

    MARCONI Educational Television Studios

    Vidicon Camera Channel, V321 Series

    Vidicon Camera, V322 Series

    Studio Communications Unit, Type V5620

    MARCONI Vision Mixer Type V4740

    Audio Mixer Type V5610

    Video Monitor Type V6211

    Vidicon Telecine Equipment

    Mobile Recording Units - Outside Broadcast Equipment

    MICRO-LINK VARIAN Instructional Television Systems

    Typical Instructional Television Schedule-Elementary/Secondary Schools

    Typical Instructional Television Schedule-University

    Typical Instructional Television Schedule-Medical Education and Training

    Microwave Equipment

    PACKARD BELL Program Originating TV Studio, Model POS-1

    Program Originating TV Studio, Model POS-2

    Automatic Educational TV Studio

    PHILIPS H-Q Plumbicon Camera Chain EL8011-EL8016

    Video Recorder EL3400

    Film Scanning Adaptors EL8360 and EL5751

    Video Mixer El8255

    CCTV and Microscopy

    Electronic Blackboard EL8371

    PYE Teletutor Equipment

    Teletutor Viewfinder Camera, Type 8006

    Teletutor Producers Unit

    Press-Button Video Monitor (6 Channel) Types 191/19IR

    Educational Viewing Receiver (25 Inch) Type 251

    Raytheon Electronic Television Pointer

    Video Tape Recorder, Type RR-700

    Pine Tree State Educational TV Network (Chart Showing Microwave Links in Maine)

    Vermont and New Hampshire Educational TV Networks (Chart)

    Raytheon Microwave Relay System for University of North Carolina (Chart)

    Microwave Relay Equipment KTR IVA

    SYLVANIA ECS-100 Educational Communication System

    Musical Education


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  • No. of pages: 1148
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1968
  • Published: January 1, 1968
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483184142

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