Education: The Complete Encyclopedia (CD-ROM)

1st Edition


  • T.N. Postlethwaite
  • B.R. Clark
  • G. Neave
  • Torsten Husen
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    Education: The Complete Encyclopedia (CD-ROM) contains full text, extensively updated, of the acclaimed leading reference works International Encyclopedia of Education, 2nd Edition, published in 12 volumes, and the Encyclopedia of Higher Education, published in 4 volumes.

    Complete resource for educational research
    Together these two encyclopedias provide a complete resource for educational research - and they have been extensively updated since their first publication. This CD-ROM provides educational researchers, teachers and students at universities, institutes of education and colleges with a unique information resource, unrivaled in its depth of coverage of all aspects of educational research.

    Important additional features
    There are full-text searching capabilities offered in the electronic edition. The CD-ROM features a customized interface, multiple tables of contents arranged both thematically and sequentially, and extensive cross-referencing. An important additional feature is the inclusion of 17,000 abstracts supplied from the ERIC® (Educational Resources Information Center) database, assisting the reader in the identification of further reading.

    Easy access and functionality
    Information on the CD-ROM can be accessed in many ways - by browsing the tables of contents, on searching by author, contributor or topic, or by using the thematic guide which is based on the classified list of entries. Keywords can also be used in a natural-language or Boolean search. References in the text are hot-linked to the full ERIC® abstract where this is available to help make your searching more complete. Education: The Complete Encyclopedia (CD-ROM) offers you: Approximately 1,600 articles, fast and effective access to 16 volumes of information on educa


    For major institutional central libraries, ministries of education, government libraries.

    Table of Contents

    Adult Education, Anthropology, Comparative and International Education, Curriculum, Economics of Education, Educational Administration, Educational Evaluation, Educational Research, Methodology and Measurement, Educational Technology, Girls and Women in Education, Higher Education, History and Historiography of Education, Human Development, Instructional Psychology, National Systems of Education, Philosophy of Education, Policy and Planning, Preschool Education, Sociology of Education, Special Needs Education, Systems of Education, Teacher Education, Vocational Education and Training


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    @from:Dr Richard William Cox, University of Manchester, UK @qu:The encyclopedia is exceptionally easy to use...I found the entries to be informative and well researched with reference to the very recent published literature. @source: @from:Dr Richard William Cox, University of Manchester, UK @qu:...a major reference source covering the entire education field. I was impressed by Education: The Complete Encyclopedia. The new format is clearly the way forward...

    Education: The Complete Encyclopedia provides an interactive computerised version of the 2nd edition of the International Encyclopedia of Education (1994) and the Encyclopedia of Higher Education (1992), both well known and respected multi-volume reference works. Collectively they provide a major reference source covering the entire education field. This includes in-depth information on hundreds of topics ranging from ability to zoology, by way of assessment, learning theories and professional associations.

    Each of the entries has been written by a commissioned author or authors who are recognised by their peers as experts in their field. The majority of entries are detailed, up-to-date, referenced and, in some cases, with useful hyperlinks to articles and cross references to other occurrences of the selected search term within the encyclopedia. An important additional feature of this electronic version (over its hard copy counterpart) is the inclusion of numerous abstracts of references supplied from the ERIC® (Education Resource Information Centre) database to assist the user in the identification of further reading.

    Ease of Use
    The encyclopedia is exceptionally easy to use with lists of subjects, author(s), titles, themes, contributors, name, table and figure captions contained in a left hand frame of the main display. To the right of the main window displaying the results of a search a