Ecosystem Services

1st Edition

Global Issues, Local Practices

Print ISBN: 9780124199644
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Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 25th November 2013
Page Count: 456
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Ecosystem Services: Global Issues, Local Practices covers scientific input, socioeconomic considerations, and governance issues on ecosystem services. This book provides hands-on transdisciplinary reflections by administrators and sector representatives involved in the ecosystem service community. Ecosystem Services develops shared approaches and scientific methods to achieve knowledge-based sustainable planning and management of ecosystem services. Professionals engaged in ecosystem service implementation have two options: de-emphasize the ecological and socioeconomic complexity and advance in the theoretical, abstract field, or try to develop research that is policy relevant and inclusive in an uncertain environment. This book provides a wide overview of issues at stake, of interest for any professional wishing to develop a broader view on ecosystem service science and practice.

Key Features

  • Examines a broad scope of relevant issues to create common understanding in the ecosystem services community
  • Includes contributions from several backgrounds, providing a broad, multidisciplinary view
  • Offers recommendations to develop a thorough understanding and management of ecosystem services based on tools and research in larger territories as well as on local scales


Academicians conducting interdisciplinary ecosystem service research, practitioners and policy makers aiming to incorporate ecosystem services into their work, and students from natural and social sciences

Table of Contents



Editorial. Editorial for Ecosystem Services—Global Issues, Local Practices

1 Limits

2 Fairness

3 Complexity

4 Reality Check

A Practical Guide to the Outer Comfort Zone



A Short History: Emergence of the Bees Community of Practice

Readers’ Guide

Part I: Ecosystem Service Basics

Chapter 1. Inclusive Ecosystem Services Valuation


1 Introduction: On Value and Valuation

2 Why Do We Value?

3 Valuation for Sustainable Development—A Three-Pillar Valuation Framework

4 Is Valuation of ES Enough for Proper Environmental Decision Making?


Chapter 2. Ecosystem Services and Their Monetary Value


1 Why Should We Monetize ES?

2 What Is Monetary Valuation?

3 What Are We Valuing?

4 The Economist Toolbox

5 Monetary Valuation of ES in Belgium

6 Conclusion


Chapter 3. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


1 Introduction

2 Biodiversity

3 Biodiversity within the Framework of Ecosystem Services

4 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning


Chapter 4. Ecosystem Service Indicators: Are We Measuring What We Want to Manage?


1 Introduction

2 A Systems Approach for the Development, Interpretation, and Assessment of Indicators

3 Case Study: Ecosystem Service Indicators in Flanders

4 Conclusions and Recommendations

List of Abbreviations


Chapter 5. Inquiring into the Governance of Ecosystem Services: An Introduction


1 Introduction

2 What Is Governance?

3 The Practice of Governance

4 Knowledge: Diversity, Ethics, and Power


Part II: Ecosys


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"Environmental and earth scientists explore ecosystem services from the perspectives of basics, conceptual reflections, debates, tools and practices, and reflections from practice. Among specific topics are ecosystem services and their monetary value, ecosystem services in Belgian environmental policy making, an ecosystem services perspective on the natural relation between biodiversity and public health,…", February 2014