Key Features

  • Canadian demographics and statistics
  • Canadian practice guidelines
  • Canadian law
  • Roles of Canadian health care providers
  • CNA code of ethics
  • Canadian drug names
  • Canadian lab values
  • Canadian research findings
  • Canadian assessment tools
  • Canadian screening guidelines

Table of Contents

Section 1: Foundations of Healthy Aging

Ch 1: Introduction to Healthy Aging

Ch 2: Gerontological Nursing History, Education, and Roles

Ch 3: Communicating with Elders

Ch 4: Culture and Aging

Ch 5: Documentation for Optimal Care

Section 2: Changes of Aging

Ch 6: Theories and Physical Changes of Aging

Ch 7: Social, Psychological, Spiritual, and Cognitive Aspects of Aging

Ch 8: Nutritional Needs

Ch 9: Fluids and Continence

Ch 10: Rest, Sleep, and Activity

Ch 11: Promoting Healthy Skin and Feet

Ch 12: Maintaining Mobility and Environmental Safety

Ch 13: Assessment Tools in Gerontological Nursing

Ch 14: Safe Medication Use for Older Adults

Section 3: Coping with Chronic Disorders in Late Life

Ch 15: Living with Chronic Illness

Ch 16: Pain and Comfort

Ch 17: Diabetes Mellitus

Ch 18: Bone and Joint Problems

Ch 19: Diseases Affecting Vision and Hearing

Ch 20: Cardiac and Respiratory Disorders

Ch 21: Cognitive Impairment

Section 4: Caring for Elders and their Caregivers

Ch 22: Economic and Legal Issues

Ch 23: Relationships, Roles, and Transitions

Ch 24: Mental Health and Wellness in Late Life

Ch 25: Loss, Grief, Dying, and Death in Late Life

Ch 26: Care Across the Continuum


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