Eating and Drinking in Labour

1st Edition


  • Penny Champion
  • Carol McCormick
    • Print ISBN 9780750653152


    The issue of whether women should have the choice of eating and drinking whilst in labour is a contentious one. Many specialists including midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists, physiologists, specialist nurses and consumer groups have published the results of research relevant to this issue or given their individual views in various journal articles. However, there is still no consensus of opinion. This situation makes it very difficult for practising midwives and other practitioners in maternity care to help women make an informed decision about eating and drinking in labour. This book has been written to give both students and practitioners confidence when dealing with this issue.

    Table of Contents

    Preface; The childbearing continuum: what are the issues around food and drink for labouring women? Cultural and historical perspectives on eating and drinking in labour; Labouring over food: the dietician's view; Changes in maternal food appetite and metabolism in labour and the shift from fetal to neonatal metabolism; Eating and drinking in labour: the consumer's view; Putting the evidence into practice; Appendix; Index


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