E-business Implementation:

1st Edition

A guide to web services, EAI, BPI, e-commerce, content management, portals, and supporting technologies

Authors: Dougal Watt
Hardcover ISBN: 9780750657518
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 14th August 2002
Page Count: 352


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Table of Contents

Structuring an e-business project; Resourcing an e-business project; The five phases of e-business adoption; Phase 1: Internet-based e-business publishing; Phase 2: transacting with customers; Phase 3: internal enterprise application integration; Phase 4: external integration; Phase 5: dynamic e-business and web services; Critical technologies supporting e-business; Java, XML, .Net; Hardware platforms and operating systems; Security; Networking systems; DNS; Open Source technologies; References; Index.


'E-business Implementation' is written as a complete guide to successful e-business delivery, from both a project management and a detailed technological perspective.

E-business provides a powerful mechanism for organizations to increase productivity and lower costs. However, in order to utilise these considerable benefits, companies must ensure their e-business is implemented correctly and is appropriate to their market segment.

'E-business Implementation' provides a comprehensive guide to successful implementation and is divided into three parts:

  • Part one begins with a project management structure designed to deliver successful e-business functionality within time and budget, while avoiding the high failure rates common to many technology projects.

  • Part two details key concepts, technologies, products, vendors, benefits, limitations, and high-level design architectures for e-business, in a phased and risk-managed approach. These include publishing through the Internet and Intranets, portals and content management systems, transacting using e-commerce, integrating internal enterprise applications, integrating with external partners and suppliers, and responding in real-time to changing levels of demand through dynamic e-business and web services.

  • Part three details a set of critical foundation technologies that must be implemented correctly for the e-business initiative to be successful. These technologies include e-business development languages such as Java, XML and .Net, hardware platforms and their operating systems, security and networking systems, the Internet Domain Name System, and Open Source technologies.

Key Features

An invaluable and in-depth guide for businesses and IT professionals implementing and integrating e-business technologies and for trouble shooting existing e-business systems.A holistic approach to the latest issues facing e-business in the modern economy.Provides detailed information on Project Management, Intranets, Portals, Content Management, Transactional e-commerce, Application Server EAI, Hub and Spoke EAI, Message Bus EAI, Extended EAI, Business Process Integration (BPI), Real Time Business Intelligence, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI), Java, XML, .Net, Hardware and Operating Systems, Security, Networking Systems, DNS and Open Source technologies.


E-business Consultants; Project Managers; Technical Architects; CIO's; CTO's; IT Managers; Application and web developers; Technical Consultants; Integration staff; Installation staff; Infrastructure staff; Testing staff; Technical auditors; Support staff; Web designers; Usability experts; Business Analysts; Web marketing staff; Security Consultants; Network Consultants; Business groups implementing e-business.


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About the Authors

Dougal Watt Author

Dougal Watt has a Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degrees and is the co-founder and consultant for Binaryroom, a specialist e-business consultancy. Formerly the Chief Technology Officer of an Application Service Provider, he has designed and implemented large scale e-business initiatives on numerous international projects. Visit his Website at http://www.binaryroom.com