This volume of the Handbook of Surface Science covers all aspects of the dynamics of surface processes. Two dozen world leading experts in this field address the subjects of energy exchange in gas atoms, surface collisions, the rules governing dissociative adsorption on surfaces, the formation of nanostructures on surfaces by self-assembly, and the study of surface phenomena using ultra-fast lasers. The chapters are written for both newcomers to the field as well as researchers.

Key Features

Covers all aspects of the dynamics of surface processes Provides understanding of this unique field utilizing a multitude of accurate experiments and advanced microscopic theory that allows quantum-level comparisons Presents the concepts and tools relevant beyond surface science for catalysis, nanotechnology, biology, medicine, and materials


Libraries, Research groups in the field of surface science

Table of Contents

Interview with Gerhard Ertl 1. Fundamental Atomic-Scale Issues/Processes pertinent to Dynamics at Surfaces, J.W. Gadzuk 2. Basic Mechanisms in Atom–Surface Interaction, A. Kleyn 3. Energy Transfer to Phonons in Atom and Molecule Collisions with Surfaces, J. Manson 4. Physisorption Dynamics at Metal Surfaces, M. Persson and S. Andersson 5. Intramolecular Energy Flow in Gas-Surface Collisions, G. Darling 6. Inelastic Scattering of Heavy Molecules from Surfaces, G.O. Sitz 7. Reaction Dynmaics and Kinetics: TST, Non-Equilibrium and Non-Adiabatic Effects, Lateral Interactions, etc., V. Zhdanov 8. Understanding Heterogeneous Catalysis from the Fundamentals, T. Bligaard, B.I. Lundqvist and J.K. Norskov 9. Nonlinear Dynamics in Catalytic Reactions, R. Imbihl 10. Electron Transfer and Nonadiabaticity, B.I. Lundqvist, A. Hellman and I. Zoric 11. Dynamics of Electronic States at Metal Surfaces, R. Berndt and J. Kroeger 12. Theory of Tunneling Currents and Induced Dynamics at Surfaces, N. Lorente 13. Photon Driven Chemistry at Surfaces, E. Hasselbrink 14. STM Manipulation and Dynamics, A. Mayne and G. Dujardin 15. Creating Metal Nanostructures at Metal Surfaces Using Growth Kinetics, H. Brune 16. Growth and Etching of Semiconductors, K.W. Kolasinski 17. Sputtering and Laser Ablation, H. Urbassek


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