Dynamics of Gas-Surface Scattering - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780122904509, 9780323154611

Dynamics of Gas-Surface Scattering

1st Edition

Authors: Frank O. Goodman
eBook ISBN: 9780323154611
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th January 1976
Page Count: 352
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Dynamics of Gas-Surface Scattering deals with the dynamics of scattering as inferred from known properties of gases and solids. This book discusses measurements of spatial distributions of scattered atomic and molecular streams, and of the energy and momentum which gas particles exchange at solid surfaces. It also considers two regimes of scattering, both of which are associated with a lower range of incident gas energies: the thermal and structure scattering regimes. Comprised of 10 chapters, this book opens with a brief historical overview of the early experiments that investigated the dynamics of scattering of gases by surfaces. The discussion then turns to some elements of the kinetic theory of gases; intermodular potentials and interaction regimes; and classical-mechanical lattice models used in gas-surface scattering theory. The applications of molecular beams to the study of gas-surface scattering phenomena are also described. The remaining chapters focus on experiments and theories on scattering of molecular streams by surfaces of solids, with emphasis on thermal and structure regimes of inelastic scattering; quantum theory of gas-surface scattering; and quantum mechanical scattering phenomena. This text concludes with an analysis of energy exchange processes that may occur when a solid surface is completely immersed in a still gas. This monograph will be a valuable resource for students and practitioners of physics, chemistry, and applied mathematics.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Some Remarks on the Development of Experiment and Theory

1.2 Models of Surfaces and Real Surfaces

1.3 Final Introductory Remarks


Chapter 2 Elementary Kinetic Theory of Gases at Interfaces

2.1 Equilibrium Properties

2.2 Non-equilibrium Properties


Chapter 3 Interaction Potentials and Interaction Regimes

3.1 Introduction

3.2 The Fundamental v(r) Curve

3.3 Long-Range Attractive and Short-Range Repulsive Interactions

3.4 Simple Empirical Inter-atomic Potential Functions

3.5 Gas-Surface Interaction Potentials

3.6 General Considerations of Scattering Processes


Chapter 4 Simplified Lattice Models of the Dynamics of Solid Surface Atoms: Classical-Mechanical Treatment of Gas-Surface Scattering

4.1 General Considerations

4.2 Major Simplifications in Lattice Models

4.3 The n-Dimensional Semi-Infinite Lattice

4.4 Surface Atom Response Functions in Semi-Infinite Lattices

4.5 Lattice Atom Response Functions

4.6 Classical Thermal Motion of the Lattice Model

4.7 General Classical Lattice Theory of Gas-Surface Scattering

4.8 Some General Remarks on the Classical Treatment

4.9 Inadequacy of the One-Dimensional Lattice Model in Gas-Surface Scattering Theory

4.10 Characteristic Vibration Temperature of a Model of a Solid


Chapter 5 Molecular Beams

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Effusive Source Beams

5.3 Nozzle Source Beams

5.4 Measurements of Beam Properties

5.5 Current Laboratory Practices in Generating Molecular Beams for Surface Scattering Experiments


Chapter 6 Inelastic Scattering: Thermal Regime

6.1 Introduction

6.2 The Scattering Patterns

6.3 The Cubes Models: The Flat-Surface Assumption

6.4 Some Additional Experimental Results


Chapter 7 Inelastic Scattering: Structure Regime

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Transition from Thermal to Structure Scattering

7.3 Structure Scattering


Chapter 8 Quantum Theory of Gas-Surface Scattering

8.1 General Considerations

8.2 Some Remarks on Notation

8.3 The T-Matrix Formalism

8.4 Polyatomic Gas Molecules

8.5 Approximations

8.6 Diffraction of Gas Atoms by a Stationary Solid

8.7 Possibility of Comparing Diffraction Theory with Experiment

8.8 One-Phonon Inelastic Scattering of Gas Atoms

8.9 One-Phonon Scattering by a Flat Surface, Ignoring Bound-State Effects: Derivation of the Differential Scattered Intensity Used in the Calculations

8.10 General Conservation Laws for Atom-Surface Scattering

8.11 Debye-Waller Attenuation of Diffracted Intensities

8.12 Interaction Potential Models and Matrix Elements for Diffraction and One-Phonon Calculations, Ignoring Bound States


Chapter 9 Quantum Mechanical Scattering Phenomena

9.1 General Considerations

9.2 Elastic (Specular) and Inelastic Scattering by Metal Surfaces

9.3 Atomic and Molecular Diffraction

9.4 Comparison of Diffraction Theory with Experiments

9.5 Quantum Mechanical Rainbow Scattering

9.6 Rotational-State Transitions Accompanying Diffraction of Diatomic Gases by Alkali Halide Surfaces

9.7 Diffraction by Metal Surfaces

9.8 Inelastic Scattering in Diffractive Systems

9.9 Bound-State Resonances

9.10 Scattering of Molecular Beams by Surfaces Covered by Adsorbates


Chapter 10 The Energy Accommodation Coefficient

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Experimental Methods

10.3 Experimental Procedure

10.4 Experimental Results

10.5 Classical Theory of the EAC

10.6 Limits of Structure Scattering and Thermal Scattering: Applications of the Hard-Spheres and Soft-Cubes Models to the EAC

10.7 Quantum Theory of the EAC

10.8 Miscellaneous Topics




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