As the first of its kind, this book provides a valuable introduction for scientists and engineers interested in liquid/fluid interfaces and disperse systems to the rapidly developing area of adsorption dynamics. It is the first extensive review available on the subject of dynamics of adsorption and gives a general summary of the current state of adsorption kinetics theory and experiments. Current progress in recently designed set-ups and improved and generalised known methods for studying interfacial relaxations is reviewed. In addition, the role of the electric charge of surfactants in the adsorption process is discussed in terms of a non-equilibrium distribution of adsorbing ions in the diffuse layer.

Present theories of the effect of dynamic adsorption layers on mobile surfaces, such as moving drops and bubbles, based on both diffusion and kinetic controlled adsorption models are described and efficient approximate analytical methods to solve the mathematical problem of coupling surfactant transport and hydrodynamics are introduced. The role of a dynamic adsorption layer in bubble rising, film drainage and film stabilisation and in complex processes such as flotation and microflotation is discussed.

Containing more than 1100 references, the book is essential reading for industrial scientists and graduate and post-graduate students in physical, surface and colloid chemistry, physico-chemical hydrodynamics, water purification and mineral processing.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. 2. Thermodynamics and macro-kinetics of adsorption. 3. Surface phenomena, surface rheology and relaxations processes at liquid interfaces. 4. The dynamics of adsorption at liquid interfaces. 5. Experimental technique to study adsorption kinetics. 6. Relaxation studies at liquid interfaces. 7. Effect of surfactant charge on the dynamics of adsorption. 8. Dynamic adsorption layer of buoyant bubbles. Diffusion-controlled transport of nonionic surfactants. 9. Dynamic adsorption layers of surfactants at the surface of buoyant bubbles. Kinetic-controlled surfactant transport to and from bubble surfaces. 10. Dynamic adsorption layer in microflotation. 11. Dynamic adsorption layer in flotation. 12. Non-equilibrium surface forces caused by dynamic adsorption layers and their relevance in film stability and flotation. Appendices. List of symbols. Subject index.


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S.S. Dukhin

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Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine

R. Miller

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Max-Planck Institut für Kolloid und Grenzflächenforshung, Am Mühlenberg 1, 14476 Golm, Germany