Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Structures

1st Edition

Authors: Y.L. Mo
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444818850
eBook ISBN: 9781483290478
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 17th June 1994
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Table of Contents

Preface. Fundamentals. 1. Dynamic properties. Natural frequencies. Critical damping. Damped harmonic excitation. 2. Dynamic analysis. Primary curves. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic models. Time-history analysis. Structures Modeled as a Single Degree-of-Freedom System. 3. Simply supported beams. Trilinear theory. Program 1 - Primary curves of simple beams. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Program 2 - Response of simple beams to dynamic loads. 4. Framed shearwalls. Truss model theory. Program 3 - Primary curves of framed shearwalls. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Damage assessment. Program 4 - Response of framed shearwalls to dynamic loads. 5. Box tubes under torsion. Truss model theory for nonprestressed concrete. Truss model theory for prestressed concrete. Program 5 - Primary curves of box tubes. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Program 6 - Response of box tubes to dynamically applied torsion. 6. Continuous beams. Trilinear theory. Program 7 - Primary curves of continuous beams. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. 7. One-story frames. Analytical approaches. Program 8 - Primary curves of one-story frames. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Response of reinforced/prestressed concrete frames to dynamic loads. 8. Spandrel beams. Analytical model. Program 9 - Primary curves of spandrel beams. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Structures Modeled as Multidegree-of-Freedom Systems. 9. Multistory frames - shear building modeling. Primary curves. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Damage assessment. Program 10 - Response of multistory frames to dynamic loads. 10. Multistory frames - 2D modeling. RC frame element. Dynamic modeling. Algorithm. Damage assessment. Program 11 - Response of multistory frames with 2D modeling. 11. Multistory framed shearwalls. Primary curves. Hysteresis loops. Dynamic model. Program 12 - Response of multistory framed shearwalls to dynamic loads. 12. Multistory box tubes under torsion. Seismic modeling. Progr


This book is concerned with the dynamic behavior of reinforced/prestressed concrete structures, such as: buildings and bridges. It discusses how to predict or check the real inelastic behavior of concrete structures subjected to dynamic loads, including equipment loads, earthquake motions, seismic interactions and missile impacts. A number of techniques have recently been developed to assist in evaluating such occurrences. This book is intended to apply structural dynamics to concrete structures and is appropriate as a textbook for an introductory course in dynamic behavior of concrete structures at the upper-undergraduate or graduate level as well as for practicing engineers.


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