Duplex Systems

1st Edition

Hot-dip Galvanizing Plus Painting

Authors: J.F.H. van Eijnsbergen
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444817990
eBook ISBN: 9780444600110
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 8th July 1994
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This book is unique in several aspects.

• It is the first comprehensive text ever written on the subject of duplex systems, which is the generic term for painted hot-dip galvanized steel.

• Both the traditional batch hot-dip galvanizing process and the modern sheet galvanizing processes are covered.

• The author offers a combination of practical information, which will enable the engineer to select the proper materials, and scientific background information.

• The practical guidelines are backed up and supported by an impressive amount of technical and scientific discussions and justifications.

• Modern surface analysis tools and recent applications are described.

• The world literature on the subject matter is covered and is up to date.

Duplex systems, which are based on the synergistic effect of galvanizing and painting, offer maximum protection against corrosion of steel surfaces in environments where galvanized steel alone cannot offer a sufficiently long resistance against rust formation. Since adhesion problems can be eliminated by the correct application of special paint products, and by sophisticated surface pretreatment and modern surface analyzing methods, duplex systems are nowadays used in a large number of industrial and domestic applications. Major savings can thus be achieved on materials and maintenance cost. Duplex systems serve also where colour is required, e.g. for aesthetic reasons, for enhancing visibility or for camouflaging.

The author of this book has an unsurpassed experience in this field and the many case histories of successful (and unsuccessful) use of duplex systems for corrosion prevention provide a wealth of practical information. Including 108 colour illustrations, the book will be useful to a large group of industries, such as the paint, metallurgical, galvanizing, building, automotive, electrical and chemical industries.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction of duplex systems. II. Duplex systems: definition, function, history and general uses. III. Hot-dip galvanizing and allied processes; a general survey. IV. Zinc surfaces. V. Pretreatments for galvanized steel. VI. Paints for duplex systems. VII. Adhesion and adhesion testing. VIII. Accelerated weathering tests for duplex systems and modern surface analyses. IX. Faults in duplex systems: causes and repair. X. Case histories and other practical experiences with duplex systems.


© Elsevier Science 1994
Elsevier Science
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About the Author

J.F.H. van Eijnsbergen

Affiliations and Expertise

The Hague, The Netherlands


@qu:...a book of worldwide importance ...an excellent work... For architects and engineers, but also for galvanizers and coating specialists this book is a must. @source:Hot Dip Galvanizing @qu:...essential reading for anyone concerned with application of either or both the twin elements of the duplex coating. ...is highly recommended. @source:Finishing @qu:This invaluable reference book is essential for architects and structural engineers who specify coating systems for metal structures exposed to corrosion or marine environments. @source:Metal Finishing @qu:...is comprehensive, logical in sequence, copiously illustrated, and - for a text that involves such a lot of quite complex technical information - relatively readable. Overall this a most splendid publication and one which should find a place on the bookshelves of most organisations concerned with protecting steel from corrosion. @source:British Corrosion Journal @qu:The book is an ideal source of fundamental knowledge for users of Duplex systems... Especially noteworthy is the clear presentation of information and the excellent coloured graphics and tables. @source:European Coating Journal @qu:...a valuable reference text...can be recommended for anyone engaged on research or development in this area. @source:Corrosion Management @qu:...it can be said that the book Duplex Systems is excellent and most valuable for both practitioners and scientists. @source:Progress in Organic Coatings @from:Michael Schorr, M.Sc. Materials Engineeering, Editor, Corrosion Reviews @qu:This book is unique in several aspects: It is the first comprehensive text ever written on the subject of duplex systems, which is the generic term for painted hot-dip galvanized steel. Both the traditional bath hot-dip galvanizing process and the mo