Diversity of Environmental Biogeochemistry

1st Edition

Editors: W.S. Fyfe
Authors: J. Berthelin
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444889003
eBook ISBN: 9781483291116
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 25th April 1991
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Table of Contents

Preface. I. Paleoenvironments. Primary and secondary controls on carbon-isotopic compositions of sedimentary organic matter (R. Takigiku et al.). Amber and the direct observation of paleomicrobiota (A. Nissenbaum). IIa. Natural and Xenobiotic Organic Indicators: Natural Compounds in Different Environments. Microbial transformation of fecal pellet lipids during sedimentation (H.R. Harvey et al.). Application of Hydrocarbon biochemical markers to the study of particulate matter in a high turbidity estuary (P. Scribe et al.). Biogeochemical changes in lipids in a model marine food chain (S.A. Bradshaw et al.). Biomarkers in the bituminous fraction of a Spanish brown coal (J.C. Del Rio, F.J. Gonzalez-Vila and F. Martin). Geolipid content of sediments from an isolated lake: Evidence for diagenetic alteration of source indicators (E.S. Ho, P.A. Meyers and S. Pettingill). Preliminary study of extractable organic matter in aerosols from Beijing and Guiyang, China (Sheng Guoying et al.) IIb. Natural and Xenobiotic Organic Indicators: Xenobiotic Compounds in Soils. Microbial transformation of the herbicide metolachor (J.M. Bollag and S.Y. Lui). Biomineralization and long-term fate of 14C-labelled organic xenobiotic compounds in soil (I. Scheunert). Contribution to the study of non-extractable pesticide residues in soils: Incorporation of atrazine in model humic acids prepared from catechol (G. Bertin et al.) III. Organic Matter and Carbon Cycle in Recent Sediments. Transfer and biogeochemistry of organic matter at the sediment-water interface on the North Western Mediterranean margin (R. Buscail and F. Gadel). Budget of organic matter and behaviour of phenolic compounds in a Mediterranean lagunal ecosystem (B. Charriere, F. Gadel and L. Serve). Biogeochemistry of organic matter at the fresh water/sea interface in the Rhone Delta, Mediterranean Sea, France (V. Denant and A. Saliot). Behaviour of dis


Biogeochemistry, still in its formative stage twenty years ago, is now a young, interdisciplinary subfield of earth sciences, life sciences and chemistry. An international scientific association (International Symposia on Environmental Biogeochemistry incorporated - ISEB) was founded to organize international symposia to bring together microbiologists, biologists, chemists, geochemists, soil scientists, oceanographers, ecologists and environmental engineers interested in the biogeochemistry of terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric environments.

After the 8th ISEB held in Nancy, France, this volume was compiled. These fifty selected contributions from specialists of varying backgrounds and interests show the diversity and the common framework of the direct or indirect interactions of living organisms and their abiotic environments.


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