Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World

2nd Edition

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Published Date: 7th January 2014
Page Count: 282
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Communications that supports disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery by disseminating accurate information to the general public, to elected officials and community leaders and the media reduces risk, saves lives and property, and speeds recovery. No longer an afterthought or a luxury, communications is now as important as logistics or the pre-deployment of materials. Planning and controlling the flow of information before, during, and after a disaster will define your agency's credibility, trustworthiness, authority and effectiveness.

The emergence of new media like the internet, e-mail, blogs, text messaging, cell phone photos and the increasing role played by ?first informers? ? witnesses who now have the ability to transmit information immediately from the event ? are redefining the roles of government and media. The government's historical role as gatekeeper is now an anachronism, and traditional media's role as the sole conduit of reliable and officially-sanctioned information has been eclipsed. The tools and rules of disaster communications are evolving and must capitalize on these changes and exploit the opportunities they provide. Imagine being able to deploy an army of bloggers to help convey an evacuation order during a wildfire, and report on the locations of new shelters as they open.

Even though the means to the end are evolving, the goals, the values, and the underlying principles of effective disaster communication ? the need for transparency, increased accessibility, trustworthiness and reliability, and to create partnerships with the media ? have not changed and need to be integrated with the practical ability to convey information effectively. This book teaches you how to communicate during a disaster and how to learn from the best and worst of recent history.

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Chapter One. Communications: The Critical Function





Chapter Two. The Changing Media World

Social Media, News, and Disasters

What IS Social Media?

Social Media and Disasters


Chapter Three. The “New” News Room

The Evolution of the Newsroom

Changing Roles and Responsibilities

Social Media Editors

Journalists as Curators

Social Media in the Newsroom

Social Media as One Part of a Comprehensive Disaster Communications Program


Chapter Four. Disaster Coverage Past and Present

How did This Evolution Occur?

The Emergence of Social Media as a Disaster Communications Tool

The Use of Digital Media During Disasters Will Continue to Skyrocket


Chapter Five.


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