This report examines the development of the diode laser industry over a six-year period, 2000 to 2005, incorporating analysis of trends in markets, technologies and industry structure. It is designed to provide key information to users and manufacturers of substrates, epitaxial wafers (epiwafers) and devices.
The coverage includes components, laser diodes, and the semiconducting (SC) wafers and epiwafers on which most of these devices are made.

The geographical coverage of the report includes North America, Japan and Europe, which together will account for over 90% of the production and consumption of diode laser materials and devices over the next five years.

However, many other countries have activities in this field including South-East Asia (Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia etc), China, India, Australia and Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic) amongst others. Activities in these countries are commented on in the text where relevant, but are not quantified in the market data.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to the market study.
Chapter 2 contains an executive summary.
Chapter 3 overviews materials markets. The size, quality, and particularly the price, of substrates and wafers are key factors in determining the ability of companies to produce competitive laser products. Chapter 3 also examines trends in materials technologies for laser diodes, the impact of the device markets on wafer demand, and the main suppliers. This chapter introduces the semiconductor materials that are presently or will likely become important to the fabrication of diode laser devices. The principal distinguishing properties of these materials are explained with reference to their application.
Chapter 4 chapter examines the basic application sectors for laser diode devices as well as the basic commercial opportunities, changes and forces acting within each


Users and manufacturers of substrates, epitaxial wafers (epiwafers) and devices

Table of Contents


1.1 Report Structure
1.2 Products
1.3 Markets
1.4 Regions
1.5 Research Background


2.1 Introduction
2.2 Diode Laser Substrate Markets
2.3 Diode Laser Epitaxial Wafer Markets
2.4 Diode Laser Device Market by Application
2.5 Diode Laser Application Market Forecast

2.6 Market by Application Sector
2.6.1 Telecommunications Markets For Diode Lasers
2.6.2 Consumer Markets For Diode Lasers
2.6.3 Computer Markets For Diode Lasers
2.6.4 Industrial Markets For Diode Lasers
2.6.5 Military/Aerospace Markets For Diode Lasers
2.6.6 Automotive Markets For Diode Lasers
2.6.7 Other Markets For Diode Lasers


3.1 Forecast Summary

3.2 Introduction
3.2.1 Substrates
3.2.2 Epiwafers

3.3 The World Market for Substrates 2000-2005
3.3.1 Introduction
3.3.2 Size Trends for Diode Laser Substrates 2000-2005
3.3.3 Merchant and Captive Production
3.3.4 Impact of Device Demand on Substrate Consumption
3.3.5 Substrate Pricing Trends
3.3.6 Other Substrate Trends Introduction Substrate Growth & Materials GaN and SiC vs. Sapphire GaAs-on-Si Substrates

3.4 World Substrate Supplier Situation

3.5 Merchant GaAs Epitaxial Wafer Markets
3.5.1 Introdu


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