The purpose of this book is to describe the theory of Digital Power Electronics and its applications. The authors apply digital control theory to power electronics in a manner thoroughly different from the traditional, analog control scheme. In order to apply digital control theory to power electronics, the authors define a number of new parameters, including the energy factor, pumping energy, stored energy, time constant, and damping time constant. These parameters differ from traditional parameters such as the power factor, power transfer efficiency, ripple factor, and total harmonic distortion. These new parameters result in the definition of new mathematical modeling: A zero-order-hold (ZOH) is used to simulate all AC/DC rectifiers. A first-order-hold (FOH) is used to simulate all DC/AC inverters. A second-order-hold (SOH) is used to simulate all DC/DC converters. A first-order-hold (FOH) is used to simulate all AC/AC (AC/DC/AC) converters.

Key Features

* Presents most up-to-date methods of analysis and control algorithms for developing power electronic converters and power switching circuits * Provides an invaluable reference for engineers designing power converters, commercial power supplies, control systems for motor drives, active filters, etc. * Presents methods of analysis not available in other books.


PRIMARY: Ph.D students and professors in Power Electronics. SECONDARY: researchers, designers and engineers in Power electronics.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Energy Factor (EF) and Sub-Sequential Parameters; Basic Mathematics of Digital Control Systems; Mathematical Modeling of Digital Power Electronisc; Digitally Controlled AC/DC Rectifiers; Digitally Controlled DC/AC Inverters; Digitally Controlled DC/DC Converters; Digitally Controlled AC/AC Converters; Open-Loop Control for Digital Power Electronics; Closed-Loop Control for Digital Power Electronisc; Energy Factor Application in AC and DC Motor Drives; Applications in Other Branches of Power Electronics


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About the authors

Fang Lin Luo

Affiliations and Expertise

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Hong Ye

Affiliations and Expertise

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Muhammad Rashid

Dr. Rashid is an internationally recognized teacher, author, and researcher in Power and Energy. He is a registered professional engineer in Canada, a Fellow of the IEE, and has won the IEEE Outstanding Engineer award. Rashid is also a member of the U.S. engineering accreditation team, ABET.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, USA