Digital Audio Technology

4th Edition

A Guide to CD, MiniDisc, SACD, DVD(A), MP3 and DAT


  • Jan Maes
  • Marc Vercammen
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    An expert team from SONY Europe explains the technology behind today's major digital audio consumer products, including the Compact Disc, MiniDisc, Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio, MP3 and Digital Audio Tape. Beginning with a fascinating overview of the history of audio technology, this fourth edition addresses the principles and technologies which underpin the various formats currently available. Considerable technical detail is provided, with extensive use of illustrations to enhance understanding. Audio engineers, students and hi-fi enthusiasts who want to gain an understanding of the way these technologies have been developed will find no better introduction than this authoritative guide from SONY, a forerunner in the digital audio industry.

    Key Features

    Covers everything you need to know about the major digital audio consumer products. Now includes SACD, DVD(A) and MP3, keeping you updated with the latest technology Get the best advice from experts at SONY


    Audio engineers and students; service technicians and hi-fi enthusiasts.

    Table of Contents

    Preface; A short history of audio technology; PART ONE: PRINCIPLES OF DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING; Introduction; Principles of sampling; Principles of quantization; Overview of A/D conversion systems; Operation of AD-D/A converters; Codes for digital magnetic recording; Principles of error correction; PART TWO: THE COMPACT DISC; Overview of the compact disc medium; Compact disc encoding; Opto-electronics and the optical block; The servo circuits in CD players; Signal processing; PART THREE: DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING SYSTEMS; Outline; Video PCM-formats; Digital audio tape (DAT) format; Non-tracking digital audio tape (DAT); MiniDisc; PART FOUR: ADVANCED DIGITAL AUDIO TECHNOLOGIES; Super audio compact disc (SACD); DVD-Audio; Audio compression; APPENDICES; Error correction; Sampling theorem; Serial copy management system (SCMS); Digital audio interface format (S/PDIF-IEC958)


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    REVIEWS OF PREVIOUS EDITIONS: 'Decidedly a book for which the market has been waiting... it should find wide appeal amongst audio engineers, students and hi-fi enthusiasts.' Practical Electronics magazine 'The definitive book on CD players and associated technology...essential reading for the budding audio engineers...a place should be found for it on the shelves of the electronics department in every college and at all good reference libraries.' Hi-Fi News magazine