Differential Growth in Plants - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080368412, 9781483286945

Differential Growth in Plants

1st Edition

Editors: Peter W. Barlow
eBook ISBN: 9781483286945
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 30th June 1989
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Differential Growth in Plants contains the papers presented at Symposia 2.04 ""Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Development"" and 2.14 ""Movements Based on Differential Flank Growth"" at the XIV Botanical Congress held in Berlin during July 1987. Organized into 10 chapters, this book begins by explaining the differential growth in plants. Some chapters follow on the biophysics of differential growth; the phototropic behavior of hypocotyls and coleoptiles in connection with the distribution of indole-3-acetic acid and of growth-inhibiting substances within them; and the differential growth and hormone redistribution in gravireacting maize roots. Other topics explained include plant movements caused by differential growth; genetic analysis of tropic responses; growth and bending of a cylindrical structure in terms of the distribution of relative growth rates; and differential growth resulting in the specification of different types of cellular architecture in root meristems. This book also elucidates the curving and twinning of stems, as well as the spatio-temporal analysis of flower ontogenesis.

Table of Contents


Differential Growth in Plants — A Phenomenon that Occurs at All Levels of Organization

The Biophysics of Differential Growth

Phototropism Involves a Lateral Gradient of Growth Inhibitors, Not of Auxin. A Review

Differential Growth and Hormone Redistribution in Gravi Reacting Maize Roots

Plant Movements Caused by Differential Growth — Unity or Diversity of Mechanisms?

The Genetic Analysis of Tropic Responses

Differential Growth and Plant Tropisms: A Study Assisted by Computer


Differential Growth Resulting in the Specification of Different Types of Cellular Architecture in Root Meristems

On the Curving and Twining of Stems

On Growth and Development — A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Flower Ontogenesis

Subject Index


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