Diagnostic Pathology: Intraoperative Consultation - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780323570190, 9780323570213

Diagnostic Pathology: Intraoperative Consultation

2nd Edition

Authors: Susan C. Lester
Hardcover ISBN: 9780323570190
eBook ISBN: 9780323570213
eBook ISBN: 9780323570206
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 13th February 2018
Page Count: 500

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Table of Contents


Intraoperative Consultation: Introduction

Quality Assurance

Safety Precautions



Gross Examination

Cytologic Examination

Frozen Section

Slide Preparation

Tissue Allocation for Special Studies and Banking

Breast: Radioactive Seed Localization

Lymph Nodes: Molecular Methods for Evaluation


Adrenal and Paraganglia: Diagnosis

Anterior Mediastinal Mass: Diagnosis

Appendix: Diagnosis

Bone Lesion/Tumor: Diagnosis and Margins

Breast: Diagnosis

Breast: Parenchymal Margins

Breast: Nipple Margin Evaluation

Bronchus and Trachea: Diagnosis

Cerebellum and Brainstem: Diagnosis

Cerebral Hemispheres: Diagnosis

Cerebral Hemispheres: Evaluation for Epilepsy

Colon: Diagnosis and Margins

Colon: Evaluation for Hirschsprung Disease

Esophagus: Diagnosis and Margins

Fallopian Tube: Diagnosis

Head and Neck Mucosa: Diagnosis and Margins

Kidney, Adult: Diagnosis and Margins

Kidney: Evaluation of Allograft Prior to Transplantation

Kidney Needle Biopsy: Evaluation for Adequacy

Kidney, Pediatric: Indications and Utility

Larynx: Diagnosis and Margins

Liver, Capsular Mass: Diagnosis

Liver: Evaluation of Allograft Prior to Transplantation

Liver, Intrahepatic Mass: Diagnosis and Margins

Lung, Ground Glass-Opacities and Small Masses: Image-Guided Resection

Lung: Margins

Lung: Nonneoplastic Diffuse Disease: Diagnosis

Lung Mass: Diagnosis

Lymph Nodes, Axillary: Diagnosis

Lymph Nodes Below Diaphragm: Diagnosis

Lymph Nodes: Diagnosis of Suspected Lymphoproliferative Disease

Lymph Nodes, Head and Neck: Diagnosis

Lymph Nodes, Mediastinal: Diagnosis

Meninges: Diagnosis

Nasal/Sinus: Diagnosis of Suspected Fungal Rhinosinusitis

Nasal/Sinus: Diagnosis of Suspected Neoplasia

Oropharynx and Nasopharynx: Diagnosis

Ovary, Mass: Diagnosis

Pancreas, Biopsy: Diagnosis

Pancreas Resection: Parenchymal, Retroperitoneal, and Bile Duct Margins

Parathyroid Gland: Diagnosis and Margins

Peripheral Nerve and Skeletal Muscle: Allocation of Tissue for Special Studies

Peritoneal/Omental Mass: Biopsy

Pituitary: Diagnosis

Pleura: Diagnosis

Revision Arthroplasty: Evaluation of Infection

Salivary Gland: Diagnosis and Margins

Skin: Diagnosis and Margins

Skin: Evaluation for Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis vs. Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome

Skin: Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Soft Tissue: Evaluation for Necrotizing Fasciitis

Soft Tissue Mass: Diagnosis and Margins

Spinal Cord: Diagnosis

Stomach: Diagnosis and Margins

Thyroid: Diagnosis

Ureter: Margins

Uterus, Endometrium: Diagnosis

Uterus, Endometrium: Diagnosis of Pregnancy

Uterus, Myometrium: Diagnosis

Vulva: Diagnosis and Margins


Part of the highly regarded Diagnostic Pathology series, this updated volume by Dr. Susan Lester is uniquely organized according to the specific questions from surgeons that a pathologist needs to address during time-limited intraoperative consultations. Concise, focused chapters, supported by tables, diagrams, radiographs, and photographs, provide the essential information needed for optimal intraoperative diagnosis. A new feature of the 2nd edition is video instruction for frozen-section techniques.

Key Features

  • Separate chapters cover more than 60 questions posed by surgeons during intraoperative consultations, in addition to general introductory and methods chapters
  • More than 1,700 outstanding images
  • Time-saving reference features include bulleted text, tables of diagnostic criteria, annotated images, and an extensive index


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13th February 2018
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About the Authors

Susan C. Lester Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Chief of Breast Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.