Diagnostic Imaging: Nuclear Medicine

1st Edition


  • Kathryn Morton
  • Paige Clark
  • Carl Christensen
  • Janis O'Malley
  • Todd Blodgett
  • Alan Waxman
  • Jeffrey Stevens
  • Ralph Drosten
  • Crispin Chinn
  • Robert Nance
  • Anita Thomas
  • Thomas Heston
    • Print ISBN 9781416033394

    Key Features

    • Covers the top imaging diagnoses in nuclear medicine, including both common and uncommon entities.
    • Provides exquisitely reproduced imaging examples for every diagnosis—plus concise, bulleted summaries of terminology · imaging findings · key facts · differential diagnosis · pathology · clinical issues · a diagnostic checklist · and selected references.
    • Includes an extensive image gallery for each entity, depicting common and variant cases.
    • Offers a vivid, full-color design that makes the material easy to read.
    • Displays a "thumbnail" visual differential diagnosis for each entity.

    Table of Contents

    SECTION 1 Musculoskeletal

    Introduction and Overview

    Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Imaging Issues, Kathryn A. Morton, MD

    Benign Bone Tumors

    Osteoma, Janis O'Malley,MD

    Osteoid Osteoma, Paige B. Clark, MD

    Enchondroma, Robert Nance, MD

    Fibrous Cortical Defect, Robert Nance, MD

    Bone Cyst, Aneurysmal, Robert Nance, MD

    Bone Cyst, Solitary (Unicameral), Paige B. Clark, MD

    Giant Cell Tumor, Jeffrey Stevens, MD

    Brown Tumor of Hyperparathyroidism, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Malignant Bone Tumors

    Osteosarcoma, Alan Waxman, MD

    Chondrosarcoma, Alan Waxman, MD

    Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma, Kathryn A. Morton, MD

    Ewing Sarcoma, Crispin Chinn, MD

    Superscan, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Skeletal Metastases, Carl R. Christensen, MD


    Palliation of Metastatic Bone Pain, Jeffrey Stevens, MD

    Intraarticular P-32, Synovial Disease, Paige B. Clark, MD


    Cellulitis, Crispin Chinn, MD

    Osteomyelitis, Appendicular, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Osteomyelitis, Axial, Paige B. Clark, MD

    Osteomyelitis, Temporal Bone, Kathryn A. Morton, MD

    Osteomyelitis, Feet, Paige B. Clark, MD

    Osteomyelitis, Pediatric, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Septic Joint , Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Non-Infectious Arthritities

    Arthritis, Kathryn A. Morton, MD

    Non-Inflammatory Arthritis, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Crystal-Deposition Arthritis, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Metabolic Bone Disease

    Hyperparathyroidism, Carl R. Christensen, MD

    Osteomalacia, Kathryn A. Morton, MD

    Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy (HOA), Carl R. Christensen, MD


    Paget Disease, Janis O'Malley, MD

    Fibrous Dysplasia, Carl R. Christensen,


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    Todd Blodgett

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