Developments in Ionic Polymers - 2

1st Edition


  • A.D. Wilson
  • H.J. Prosser
    • Print ISBN 9780853344193


    This book is the second volume in the Developments in Ionic Polymers series, the basis of which may be regarded as Holloway's Ionic Polymers, published in 1975. The two volumes together aim to present a selection of the most interesting contemporary developments over the last few years.[/p] [p] This volume commences with a very comprehensive review of preparative methods for ionic polymers, both anionic and cationic. The following chapters describe various ionic polymer types in terms of constitution and properties. Chapter 2 discusses hybrid silicate-organic structures. In chapter 3, the review of carboxylated rubbers, which appeared in Ionic Polymers, is updated. Chapter 4 provides a comprehensive review on those ionic polymers, namely ionenes, which have tended to be neglected in the past, but which recently have excited much interest. In chapter 5, another class of polymers, the so-called polyelectrolyte complexes, is discussed. Chapter 6 sets out the applications of ionic polymers, with special attention given to membranes. The following chapter treats the subject of biomedical applications. Chapter 8, the final chapter, covers another interesting field - the formation of ionic polymers by electrodeposition. This technology finds application in the electrodeposition of coating systems which is extensively dealt with in the last chapter.[/p]

    Table of Contents

    Preface. List of Contributors. 1. Preparation of ionic polymers (The late R.A.M. Thompson); 2. Smetitic clays as ionic macromolecules (G. Lagaly); 3. Structure and physical properties of some carboxylated elastomers (M. Pineri); 4. Ionene polymers: Preparation, properties and applications (E.T. Tsutsui); 5. Polyelectrolyte complexes (E. Tsuchida and K. Abe); 6. Ionic polymer membranes (P.J. Brookman and J.W. Nicholson); 7. Application of ionic polymers in medicine (F.G. Hutchinson); 8. Electrical and chemical aspects of electrodeposition of paint (F. Beck); Index.


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