Since the end of the sixties, Piagetian general theory with its inherent power of unification has gradually given way to a multitude of more specific models which is in evidence today. In this volume the authors concentrate on three perspectives namely cognitive, perceptuo-motor and neuropsychological development and attempt to coordinate these traditionally separated views. Good illustrations of these theoretical connections can be found in different chapters although the persistent isolation of these three domains still remains. However the authors believe efforts in developmental psychology must continue in the direction of domain interaction, for theoretical concepts as well as methodological tools.

Table of Contents

General Introduction. Introduction (C.-A. Hauert). Infancy (0-2 years) - Recent Approaches. Early cognitive development: Basic functions (J. Langer). Early cognitive development: Notions of objects, space, and causality in infancy (B.E. McKenzie). Early perceptuo-motor development: Posture and locomotion (F. Jouen, J.-C. Lepecq). Perceptuo-motor coordination in infancy (J.J. Lockman). Early neuropsychological development: Lateralization of functions - hemispheric specialization (G. Young). Development in infancy: A quarter century of empirical and theoretical progress (G. Butterworth). Childhood and Adolescence - Recent Approaches. Child cognitive development: The role of central conceptual structures in the development of scientific and social thought (R. Case, S. Griffin). Child cognitive development: Object, space, time, logico-mathematical concepts (J. Crepault, A. Nguyen-Xuan). Child perceptuo-motor development: Normal and abnormal development of skilled behaviour (J.I. Laszlo). Perceptuo-motor development in the child and the adolescent: Perceptuo-motor coordination. (P.G. Zanone). Neuropsychological development in the child and the adolescent: Functional maturation of the central nervous system (D.S. O'Leary). Child neuropsychological development: Lateralization of function - hemispheric specialization (O. Koenig). Cognitive development: Enrichment or impoverishment? How to conciliate psychological models of development (P. Mounoud). Conclusion. Developmental Psychology: A Brief Inventory of Fixtures (C.-A. Hauert). Indexes.


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