Developing Professional Judgement in Health Care

2nd Edition

Learning through the critical appreciation of practice


  • Della Fish
  • Colin Coles
    • Print ISBN 9780750631235


    Every day health care professionals have to make judgements which can affect patients' lives and for which they are accountable. This crucially important ability is rarely taught formally but is merely 'picked up' throughout a professional's career. This book show how practitioners can draw on their own experience of practice to improve the quality of their judgements.

    List of contributors:
    Dr Clive Andrewes
    Institute of Health and Community Studies
    Bournemouth House
    Christchurch Road
    Dorset BH1 3LG

    Ms Judith Chapman
    Lecturer in Phisiotherapy
    School of Occupational Therapy and Phisiotherapy
    University of Southampton
    Southampton SO17 1BJ

    Ms Christine Gallagher
    Lecture in Occupational Therapy
    School of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
    University of Southampton
    Southampton SO17 1BJ

    Dr Richard Hillier
    Consultant Physician and Medical Director
    Countess Mountbatten House
    West End
    Southampton SO3 3JB

    Mrs Sheila Reading
    Lecturer in nursing
    School of Nursing and midwifery
    Southampton University

    Mrs Rosemary Richardson
    School of Nursing and Midwifery
    South Academic Block, Level B
    Southampton University

    Table of Contents

    PART 1:Towards a Re-vision of Professional Practice; Professionalism eroded: professionals under siege; Uncertainty in a certain world: professionals in health care; Seeing anew: understanding professional practice as artistry; Understanding artistry: educational research, practical enquiry and case study; PART 2: Exploring Professional Judgement; Taken for granted; Dealing with extremes: a personal dilemma; Good practice: lessons in working together; Supporting students in undergraduate research: anxieties, ambiguities and agendas; Agonising about assessment; Responding to being touched; PART 3: Responding to Practice as Artistry; From reflection to critical appreciation: learning to respond to the artistry of practice; A critical appreciation: attending to the voices of practitioners; The centrality of professional judgement in understanding professional practice; PART 4: Developing Professional Judgement; Giving professionalism back to professionals; Insider practitioner research: a way ahead.


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