Developing an Effective Safety Culture

1st Edition

A Leadership Approach

Print ISBN: 9780750674119
eBook ISBN: 9780080488707
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st March 2002
Page Count: 384
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Developing an Effective Safety Culture implements a simple philosophy, namely that working safely is a cultural issue. An effective safety culture will eventually lead to the desired goal of zero incidents in the work place, and this book will provide an understanding of what is needed to reach this goal. The authors present reference material for all phases of building a safety management system and ultimately developing a safety program that fits the culture.

This volume offers the most comprehensive approach to developing an effective safety culture. Information is easily accessible as the authors move first through, understanding the cost of incidents, then to perspectives and descriptions of management systems, principal management leadership traits, establishing and evaluating goals and objectives, providing visible leadership, and assigning required responsibilities. In addition, you are given the means to systematically identifying hazards and develop your own hazard inventory and control system.

Further information on OSHA requirements for training, behavior-based safety processes, and the development of a job hazard analysis for each task is available as well. Valuable case studies, from the authors' own experience in the industry, are used throughout to demonstrate the concepts presented.

Key Features

  • Provides the tools to rebuild or enhance a desired safety culture
  • Allows you to identify a program that will fit your specific application
  • Examines different philosophies in relation to safety culture development


Safety and Human Resources Managers; Industrial Managers; Safety consultants, trainers, auditors, and hiring managers

Table of Contents

Part 1: Characteristics of an Effective Safety Culture; Does Management Commitment Make a Difference; Defining a Value System; Voluntary Guidelines for Safety Management; Part 2: Management Aspects of an Effective Safety Culture; Management's Role In Developing an Effective Safety Culture; Journey to a Safety Culture: Determining The Direction of Your Management System; Management Leadership: Demonstrating Commitment; Employee Participation; Assigning Safety Responsibilities; Developing Accountability; Part 3: Safety and Health Programs That Support the Safety Culture; Developing a Hazard Inventory; Developing a Hazard Prevention and Control System; Incident Investigation; Establishing a Medical Surveillance Program; Defining Safety and Health Training; Conducting Job Hazard Analysis; Understanding Behavioral-Based Safety; Part 4: Measuring the Safety Culture; Safety and Health Program Assessment; Appendices; Index


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"This book is so full of information and practical suggestions that you will be constantly highlighting important passages or taking copious notes on new things that you can try in your own workplace... "This is a terrific book for beginners, students but most of all those managers who think they know it all. This book reminds us all clearly that a safety culture is attainable by cutting through a lot of the sales spin, and it provides us with the information and tools to do so. ...use this book as a good skeleton on which to hang your customized safety management system, or safety culture initiatives. -Kevin Jones, Editor, Safety at Work Magazine, July 2003