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Section 1 Getting started with embedded systems 1. Tiny computers, hidden control 1.1 The main idea-embedded systems in today's world 1.2 Some example embedded systems 1.3 Some computer essentials 1.4 Microprocessors and microcontrollers 1.5 Microchip and the PIC microcontroller 1.6 An introduction to PIC microcontrollers using the 12 series 1.7 What others do- a Freescale microcontroller Summary References Section 2 Minimum systems and the PIC 16F84A 2. Introducing the PIC 16 series and the 16F84A 2.1 The main idea- the PIC 16 series family 2.2 An architecture overview of the 16F84A 2.3 A review of memory technologies 2.4 The 16F84A memory 2.5 Some issues of timing 2.6 Power up and reset 2.7 What others do- the Atmel AT89C2051 2.8 Taking things further- the 16F84A on-chip reset circuit Summary References 3. Parallel ports, power supply and the clock oscillator 3.1 The main idea- parallel input/output 3.2 The technical challenge of parallel input/output 3.3 Connecting to the parallel port 3.4 The PIC 16F84A parallel ports 3.5 The clock oscillator 3.6 Power supply 3.7 The hardware design of the electronic ping-pong Summary References 4. Starting to program- an introduction to Assembler 4.1 The main idea- what programs do and how we develop them 4.2 The PIC 16 series instruction set, with a little more on the ALU 4.3 Assemblers and the assembler format 4.4 Creating simple programs 4.5 Adopting a development envi


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Tim Wilmshurst

Tim Wilmshurst is the author of Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers. He has been designing embedded systems since the early days of microcontrollers. For many years this was for Cambridge University, where he led a development team building original systems for research applications – for example in measurement of bullet speed, wind tunnel control, simulated earthquakes, or seeking a cure to snoring. Now he is Head of Electronic Systems at the University of Derby, where he aims to share his love of engineering design with his students.

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Head of Electronics, University of Derby, UK