The rapidly developing field of oceanography has necessitated the publication of a fifth edition of this classic textbook. The revised version provides an introduction to descriptive (synoptic) oceanography and contains updated information on topics such as the heat budget, instruments and in particular, the use of satellites. The sections on equatorial oceanography, sea-ice physics, distribution and El Nino have been completely rewritten. The book is further supplemented by text on thermohaline circulation, mixing and also coral reef oceanography.


For advanced undergraduates and beginning postgraduates in marine sciences and oceanography.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Ocean dimensions, shapes and bottom materials. Physical properties of sea-water. Typical distributions of water characteristics in the oceans. Water, salt and heat budgets of the oceans. Instruments and methods. Circulation and water masses of the oceans. Coastal oceanography. Some directions for future work. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.


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About the authors

George L. Pickard

George Pickard (1913-2007) was a Professor of Oceanography at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and was Director of the UBC Institute of Oceanography from 1958 to 1978. He received his B.A. and his Ph.D. in physics from Oxford. He was appointed to the UBC physics department after service in WWII. George was a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Royal Society of Canada, and the National Geographic Society.


@qu:...this is an exccellent book, maintaining and improving on the high standard of previous editions; @source:Ocean Challenge Volume 1 No 3/4 excellent volume that can be unhesitatingly recommended to anyone who seeks information on the physical structure of the ocean and the processes that maintain it. @source:Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 22 Number 6 @qu:Excellent text for science/maths students in oceanography too math oriented for beginning freshmen or non science majors. @source:John Simms, College Natural Science @from:Dr E. J. W. Jones, University College of London @qu:This is a first-rate text... Lucidly written and comprehensive @source:Oceanography 5th Edn