Key Features

  • Fills a gap in the field by bringing together material that is rarely gathered in one book.
  • Includes expert hints and tips on avoiding common pitfalls in cosmetic and dermatologic surgery.
  • Illustrates each pearl with line drawings and photographs to put it into clinical context.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Assisting at Surgery

Pearl 1: Surgical Assistant: Counter-Traction and a Clear Visual Field
Pearl 2: Placement of the Simple Interrupted Stitch
Pearl 3: Surgical Assistant: Help with Surface Sutures
Pearl 4: Surgical Assistant: Twisted Knot and Cutting Suture at Correct Length
Pearl 5: Surgical Assistant: Help with the Subcuticular Stitch

Section 2: Suture Techniques

Pearl 6: How to Break the Memory of Suture Material without Breaking the Suture
Pearl 7: Hemostasis: Suture Ligature
Pearl 8: Proper Placement of the 3-Cornered Stitch
Pearl 9: Delayed Closure of Buried Sutures When Closing Small Excisions
Pearl 10: Percutaneous Buried Vertical Mattress Suture
Pearl 11: The Running Locked Suture as an Aid for Hemostasis
Pearl 12: Maximal Skin Edge Eversion with the Running Hybrid Mattress Suture
Pearl 13: The Short String Tie off

Section 3: Closures and Procedures

Pearl 14: Circular Incisions as a Guide for Optimal Aesthetic Removal
Pearl 15: The Crescentic Ellipse for Curving Relaxed Skin Tension Lines
Pearl 16: Serial Excision
Pearl 17: S-Plasty for Excision on Convex or Concave
Pearl 18: Pruning the Proud Flesh
Pearl 19: Hydro-Dissection (Hydroplaning) with Anesthetic Fluid
Pearl 20: Second Intention Healing Over Bare Cartilage
Pearl 21: A User-Friendly Surgical Dressing
Pearl 22: Minimizing the Dogear
Pearl 23: In Pursuit of the Perfect Punch Biopsy
Pearl 24: The Split Punch Biopsy: The power of two
Pearl 25: Saucerization Biopsy
Pearl 26: “Off-Set Bias Suturing” to Favorably Alter the Tension Vector of Closure
Pearl 27: Have I Cut the Temporal Nerve or Just Anesthetized It?
Pearl 28: Electrodesiccation and Curettage for Warts
Pearl 29: Cysts and Lipomas, Oh My
Pearl 30: Drainage of Inflamed/Liquefied Cyst
Pearl 31: Transection of Pigmented Lesion


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