Key Features

  • Fills a gap in the field by bringing together material that is rarely gathered in one book.
  • Includes expert hints and tips on avoiding common pitfalls in cosmetic and dermatologic surgery.
  • Illustrates each pearl with line drawings and photographs to put it into clinical context.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Assisting at Surgery

Pearl 1: Surgical Assistant: Counter-Traction and a Clear Visual Field
Pearl 2: Placement of the Simple Interrupted Stitch
Pearl 3: Surgical Assistant: Help with Surface Sutures
Pearl 4: Surgical Assistant: Twisted Knot and Cutting Suture at Correct Length
Pearl 5: Surgical Assistant: Help with the Subcuticular Stitch

Section 2: Suture Techniques

Pearl 6: How to Break the Memory of Suture Material without Breaking the Suture
Pearl 7: Hemostasis: Suture Ligature
Pearl 8: Proper Placement of the 3-Cornered Stitch
Pearl 9: Delayed Closure of Buried Sutures When Closing Small Excisions
Pearl 10: Percutaneous Buried Vertical Mattress Suture
Pearl 11: The Running Locked Suture as an Aid for Hemostasis
Pearl 12: Maximal Skin Edge Eversion with the Running Hybrid Mattress Suture
Pearl 13: The Short String Tie off

Section 3: Closures and Procedures

Pearl 14: Circular Incisions as a Guide for Optimal Aesthetic Removal
Pearl 15: The Crescentic Ellipse for Curving Relaxed Skin Tension Lines
Pearl 16: Serial Excision
Pearl 17: S-Plasty for Excision on Convex or Concave
Pearl 18: Pruning the Proud Flesh
Pearl 19: Hydro-Dissection (Hydroplaning) with Anesthetic Fluid
Pearl 20: Second Intention Healing Over Bare Cartilage
Pearl 21: A User-Friendly Surgical Dressing
Pearl 22: Minimizing the Dogear
Pearl 23: In Pursuit of the Perfect Punch Biopsy
Pearl 24: The Split Punch Biopsy: The power of two
Pearl 25: Saucerization Biopsy
Pearl 26: “Off-Set Bias Suturing” to Favorably Alter the Tension Vector of Closure
Pearl 27: Have I Cut the Temporal Nerve or Just Anesthetized It?
Pearl 28: Electrodesiccation and Curettage for Warts
Pearl 29: Cysts and Lipomas, Oh My
Pearl 30: Drainage of Inflamed/Liquefied Cyst
Pearl 31: Transection of Pigmented Lesion


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About the authors

Stuart Salasche

Affiliations and Expertise

Clinical Professor, University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Research Scientist, University of Arizona, Cancer Center, Tucson, AZ

Ida Orengo

Affiliations and Expertise

Director of Dermatologic Surgery, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

Ronald Siegle

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Center for Surgical Dermatology, Columbus, OH, USA