Depression and Suicide - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080270807, 9781483162478

Depression and Suicide

1st Edition

Aspects Medicaux, Psychologiques et Socio-Culturels

Editors: J.P. Soubrier J. Vedrinne
eBook ISBN: 9781483162478
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1983
Page Count: 903
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Depression and Suicide: Aspects, Medicaux, Psychologiques, ET Socio-Culturels covers the proceedings of the 11th Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, held in Paris, France on July 1981. This book is organized into four parts encompassing 132 chapters.

Part I deals with the epidemiological studies and transcultural aspect of depression and suicide. This part discusses the influence of sociocultural and environmental factors in depressive and suicidal behavior. Parts II and III explore the theories and clinical approaches in depression and suicide, especially among young people. These parts consider the biological and medical aspects, hospital settings, and survivors of depression and suicide. Part IV emphasizes the therapeutics, crisis interventions, and paraclinical investigations of these neurological problems.

This book will be of value to physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers.

Table of Contents



Allocution d'ouverture

Opening Address

A. Epidemiology, Statistics, Transcultural Aspects

Epidemiologie, Statistiques, Aspects Transculturels

Transcultural Aspects in Depression and Suicide

Aspects transculturels de la dépression et du suicide

Suicide and Depression in the United States

Suicide in Hungary

Dépression communautaire. Suicides et tentatives de suicide en rapport avec l'aire communautaire de la personnalité maghrébine

Evolution du suicide et de la dépression au Sénégal et en Afrique

Transcultural Aspects of Depression and Suicide in Mexico

Annotations sur la conduite suicidaire en Espagne

Epidemiology of Suicide and Depression in Some Areas

Epidémiologie de la dépression et du suicide dans certains pays

Comparaison entre facteurs psychopathologiques et facteurs socio-économiques dans les tentatives de suicide

On the Epidemiology of Attempted Suicide: A Sample-Survey Study Among General Practitionners

Suicides et crise économique: une discussion des thèses d'Emile Durkheim

Depression and Suicide in Egypt

Changes of the Method Used for Suicide During the Last Thirty Years in Israel

Suicide in Jamaica

Suicide Epidemiology in Venezuela

The Differences in the Scandinavian Suicide Rates

The Reliability of the Scandinavian Suicide Rates

Epidemiology of Depression and Suicide in Switzerland

A Survey of Intoxication Patients in Tampere Finland

The Nature of Suicides in Finnish Lappland

Recent Trends and Patterns in Suicide in Japan

Recent Trend of Suicide in Japan, an Epidemiological Study

Sociocultural Factors. Dépression and Suicide

Facteurs socio-culturels. Dépression et suicide

Communication as a Suicide Prevention Program

Moderating Effects on Social Support on Life Stress: The Case of Depression

Self-Destructive Behaviour, its Importance for our Culture, Some Questions and Some Consequences

The Role of the Press in the Control of Suicide Epidemics

Is it Possible to Commit Suicide by Multiple Gunshot Wounds to the Body with a Large Calibre Non-Repeating Hand Gun?

Epidemiology and Research in Specific and Environmental Problems

Epidémiologie et recherche en milieu privilégié

Météoropathologie et épidémiologie des intoxications volontaires dans la grande agglomération toulousaine

Epidémiologie comparée des intoxications volontaires à Toulouse et à Montauban

Is the Suicidal Bringing Up the Social Peculiarity of the Most Suicidal Town of Yugoslavia

Some Reflections on Psychological Background of Suicide in Yugoslavia

The Interrelation of Significant Person and Suicider

Specific Morbidity of Depression and Suicide

Morbidité particulière de la dépression et du suicide

The Mortality in Psychiatric Disorders: A Three Year Prospective Follow-Up Study

The Proportional Distribution of Suicide Among Mental Hospital Deaths and Persons in the General Population

Contribution à une étude épidémiologique des suicides ou tentatives de suicide ayant entraîné des brûlures

Dermatologic Artefacts — Equivalent of Suicidal Acts?

An Animal Model of Self-Injury and its Use in Human Staters

Depressive Factors and Suicide Phenomena

Facteurs dépressifs et le phénomène suicide

Suicidal Tendencies and a Masked Depression

Pre-Suicidal Syndrom or Non-Diagnosed Depressions?

Endogenous Depressions and Suicidal Behaviour

Contribution à la prévention du parasuicide: deux questions pour l'évaluation des affects dépressifs parasuicidaires dans une population d'étudiants et de professionnels de la santé

Depression, Suicide and Violence

Dépression, suicide et violence

Suicidal Tendencies in Violet Individuals

Homicide Followed by Suicide: Los Angeles, 1970-1979

How Coroners'Attitudes Towards Suicide Affect Certification Procedures

Characteristics of Fatal Destructive Behaviour in an Urban Area

Risks Factors and Social Community Problems

Facteurs de risques et problèmes socio-communautaires particuliers

Jewish and Non-Jewish Suicide in Oakland County, Michigan

The Epidemiology of Suicide Ideations and Behavior, and Depression in Social Area Population

Suicide Rates in the Lundby Study: Depressive Disorder as a Risk Factor for Suicide

The Influence of Strict Handgun Laws on Suicidal Behavior in the USA

Family Size, Depression and Parent Suicide Risk

A Tale of Two Bridges: Comparative Suicide Incidence on the Golden Gate and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges

The Impact of Network Analysis on Epidemiological Research

The Effects of the Women's Movement on Suicide Rates in San Francisco

B. Theories and Clinical Approaches in Depression and Suicide

Theories Et Clinique De La Depression Et Du Suicide

Psychological Theories About Depression and Suicide

Théories psychologiques de la dépression et du suicide

Dreams, Depression and Suicide

L'appropriation psychiatrique des comportements suicidaires

La communication verbale chez le déprimé et le suicidant

Aspects cognitifs de la dépression et du suicide: le rôle de l'absence d'espoir

Biological Aspects of Depression and Suicide

Aspects biologiques de la dépression et du suicide

Suicide and Serotonin

Tests neuro-endocriniens, états dépressifs et comportements suicidaires

Biological Correlates of Suicide

Intoxication aiguë suicidaire par antidépresseurs tricycliques et antidépresseurs apparentés

Depression and Suicide. Medical Practice

Dépression et suicide. Pratique médicale

L'importance de la dépression chez les patients suicidés en traitement psychiatrique ambulatoire

Prévention du suicide chez l'omnipraticien et le médecin hospitalier

Importance de la situation présente dans l'apparition des dépressions

Sur la notion d'état dépressif et de passage à l'acte suicidaire: à propos d'une expérience de consultant à l'Hôpital général

Thérapie de groupe dans une unité de suicidologie de l'Hôpital général

Depression and Suicide. Drugs and Alcohol Abuses

Dépression et suicide. Abus toxique (drogues, alcool, médicaments)

Conduites alcooliques et parasuicide chez l'adulte jeune

Le suicide du toxicomane

Alcoholism, Depression and Suicide

Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics in Suicide Attempts

Suicidal Behavior and Benzodiazepines

Depression and Suicide in Hospital Settings

Dépression et suicide à l'hôpital

Subsequent Self-Destructive Behaviour of Suicide Attempters Treated on Medical Wards in a General Hospital

Care of Patients Following Attempted Suicide

Suicide dans l'Hôpital général

A Study on Successful Suicide

Depression and Suicide in Psychiatric Patients: Cause and Prevention

Depression and Suicide Survivors

Dépression et suicide. Entourage du suicidé

Bereavement Group for Parents Who Suffered a Suicidal Loss of an Adolescent or Youth

Survivors of Suicide and Homicide: Unseen Victime of Sudden, Unanticipated Death

The Nature of the Suicidal Death as a Factor in Understanding the Reactions of Surviving Family Members

Parental Loss and Family Disorganization in the Predisposition to Suicidal Behaviour

Depression and Suicide. Particular Clinical Approaches

Dépression et suicide. Abords cliniques particuliers

Problems of Interaction with Suicidals

Clinical Experience in Judging the Potential for suicide

Crisis Intervention by Medical Staff: Evaluation

Intentionality and Seriousness of Suicide Attempts in Relation to Depression

Qui mange les vers d'une pomme après l'avoir soigneusement nettoyée: voilà le suicide

Depression and Suicide in Particular Situation

Dépression et suicide en circonstances particulières

Some Psychological Categories of the Aged

Suicide in Old Age

Suicide Among Cancer Patients in Norway

Right to Commit Suicide

C. Depression and Suicide Among Young People

Depression Et Suicide Chez Le Jeune

Adolescent Self-Mutilators

Passage, rite et tentative de suicide chez l'adolescent

Social Environment and Suicidal Children and Adolescents. A Comparative Study

Evolution individuelle et évolution familiale après une tentative de suicide d'adolescent

Les tentatives de suicide en milieu scolaire

Suicide Attempts and Nonpatient College Students

Teaching Suicide Prevention in School

Concepts of Child and Adolescent Suicides in Two Contrasting Cultures: USA and China

Attitudes Towards Suicide Among Young Adults in Holland and India

Study on Suicides Committed by Adolescents in Upper Austria Covering a Period of Three Years

Students Movements (Conflicts) and Suicide Rates Among the Young People (16-20 and 20-26 Years) in Turkey (1976-1980)

Depression in Young Women Who have Attempted Suicide: An International Replication Study

Destruction Preceding Suicide. An Episode in the Large Series of Adolescents' Suicides

D. Therapeutics, Crisis Interventions And Paraclinical Investigations

Therapeutiques, Interventions Et Investigations Paracliniques

Approaches in Prevention of Suicide and Treatment of Depression

Thérapeutiques et prevention du suicide et de la dépression

Opening Remarks to Plenary Session 3. Approaches in Prevention of Suicide and Treatment of Depression

Cooperation of Volunteers and Professionals in Prevention of Suicide and Management of Depression

Approaches in Prevention of Suicide and Treatment of Depression

Advances in the Pharmacotherapy of Depression from the Point of View of Suicide Prevention

Dû bon usage de la dépression dans le soin institutionnel au suicidant

Volunteers and Non Professionals in Depression and Suicide

Les bénévoles et la question de la dépression et du suicide

Dépression et solidarités

Relationships Between Lay and Professional Volunteers in a Successful Crisis Intervention Center

Relationship of Telephone Crisis Intervention Process to Successful Crisis Resolution

An Organized Medical/Paramedical System for Suicide Prevention

The Crisis Interview

Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic

Psychothérapie et psychodynamique

Psychotherapy with a Suicidal Client. Dynamic Approach with Sympton Ignorance

Neurotic Depression and Suicidal Ideation in Finnish Men: A Learning Theory Approach

Short-Term Psychotherapy of Suicides Undergoing Intensive Medical Treatment

Crisis Intervention

Intervention en cas de crise

A Family Oriented Crisis Intervention Service for Attempted Suicide

The Structure of Crisis Arousal and Crisis Resolution

Pilot Study of Secondary Prevention of Parasuicide

Structuralized Inteviewing of Suicide Attempters

Depression and Crisis Intervention

Suicide and Paradox

Drug Therapy

Chimiothérapie, ses problèmes

Mianserin in the Prophylaxis of Suicidal Behaviour — a Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial

Lithium in the Prevention of Affective Disorders and Suicice — 13 Years of Experience

Dépression et benzamides

Etude comparée en double-insu de la Clomipramine et de la Viloxazine injectables dans les dépressions sévères

Une expérience clinique de l'utilisation de la Métapramine dans le traitement des états dépressifs

Place du Sulpiride dans la thérapeutique des dépressions à hauts risques suicidaires

Paraclinical Investigation and Prediction of Suicide

Dépistage paraclinique et prévention

Etude de la dépressivité chez les jeunes suicidants

Etude comparative d'adolescents suicidants et non-suicidants par un test de personnalité: le mini-mult

Pictorial Representations as Pointers to Suicidal Fantasies in School-Children. A Documentation of Pupils-Work

Tentatives de suicide et life events

Utilisation de l'analyse graphologique dans la prévention du suicide.

MMPI Indicators of the Suicide Attempt. Study of Depressive Serious Suicide Attempters and Depressive Non-Suicidal Patients

Critics And Overview


La prévention déçue

Suicide Prevention — Deception?



Author Index

Index des auteurs


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