Dental Anatomy Coloring Book - 1st Edition

Dental Anatomy Coloring Book

1st Edition

Editors: Margaret Fehrenbach
Imprint: Saunders


DENTAL ANATOMY COLORING BOOK helps you learn different structures and tests your knowledge of anatomy in a unique coloring book format. Numbered leader lines clearly identify the structures to be colored and correspond to a numbered list appearing below the illustration and make it easy to see the dental anatomy. You can also create your own "color code" by coloring in the boxed number that appears on the illustration and using the same color to fill in the corresponding numbered box on the list below.

Key Features

  • A general, introductory overview of the entire body prepares you to move on to more complex areas of the head and neck, including the oral cavity, dentition, skeletal system, muscles, nerves, and more.
  • High-quality, black-outline illustrations make both coloring and identification easy.
  • Perforated pages provide flexibility and make the book ideal for both self-study and classroom use.
  • A blank "Notes" page on the back of each illustration gives you room to make notes about a body part, without interfering with the illustration itself.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of the Body Systems

  • Body sections and planes (anatomical position)
  • Major body cavities (midsagittal section)
  • Major bones (anterior and posterior views)
  • Bone (transverse and cutaway views
  • Muscle tissue
  • Major body muscles (anterior view)
  • Major body muscles (posterior view)
  • Blood vessels
  • Major blood vessels and heart (frontal view)
  • Heart (internal view)
  • Major systemic arties (frontal view)
  • Major systemic veins (frontal view)
  • Upper and lower respiratory tract (frontal and cutaway view)
  • Endocrine glands (frontal view)

Chapter 2: Orofacial Anatomy
  • Head and neck sections and planes (anatomical position)
  • Regions of the head (frontal view)
  • Frontal region: head (frontal view)
  • Auricular region: external ear (lateral view)
  • Orbital region: surface anatomy (frontal view)
  • Orbital region: eye (sagittal section)
  • Nasal region: surface anatomy (frontal view)
  • Nasal region: olafactory receptors (sagittal section and cut-away view)
  • Zygomatic, infrorbital, buccal and mental regions: surface anatomy (frontal view)
  • Oral region: lips (frontal view)
  • Oral region: oral mucosa (lateral view)
  • Oral region: oral cavity (frontal view)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – gingival tissues (frontal view)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – gingival tissues (oral mucosa)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – gingival tissues (anatomy)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – gingival tissues (junctional epithelium [JE])
  • Oral region: oral cavity – palate (inferior view)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – tongue (lateral view)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – tongue and taste buds (dorsal surface ase-up view)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – tongue (ventral surface)
  • Oral region: oral cavity – floor of the mouth (superio


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About the Editor

Margaret Fehrenbach

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Dental Hygiene Educational Consultant and Dental Science Technical Writer, Seattle, WA