Davidson's Foundations of Clinical Practice

1st Edition


  • Jeremy Jones
  • Kevin Blyth
  • Hazel Scott
    • Print ISBN 9780443068294
    • Electronic ISBN

    Key Features

    Provides a concise and high quality account of the relevant information for those working in Foundation training
    Includes practical step-by-step guidance on a range of core clinical procedures
    Provides valuable information on the non-clinical aspects of a clinical career
    Written by an author team with extensive practical experience of teaching trainee hospital doctors.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1 Basic principles of patient care
    • Initial assessment and emergency management
    • Use of equipment and procedures
    • Interpreting tests
    • Drugs and prescribing

    Section 2 Symptoms and related acute presentations
    • Cardiac and chest
    • Abdominal
    • Endocrine, electrolyte and renal
    • Neurological and psychiatric
    • Sepsis, shock and trauma

    Section 3 Specialties and cancers
    • Specialty acute presentations
    • Cancers and palliative care

    Section 4 Everyday life as a junior doctor
    • On the ward
    • Legal and ethical practice
    • Looking after yourself
    • Developing a career
    • Working as part of the system of care
    • Working in the UK


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