Data Communications Pocket Book

Data Communications Pocket Book

2nd Edition - January 1, 1992

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  • Author: Michael Tooley
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483100494

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Data Communications Pocket Book, Second Edition presents information relevant to data communication. The book provides tabulated reference materials with a brief description and diagrams. The coverage of the text includes abbreviations, terminal control codes, and conversion tables. The text will be of great use to individuals involved in the interconnection of computer systems.

Table of Contents

  • Abbreviations Commonly Used in Data Communications

    Abbreviations Used for Advisory Bodies and Other Organizations

    Manufacturers' Prefixes for Semiconductor Devices

    CCITT Recommendations

    CCITT G-Series Recommendations

    CCITT I-Series Recommendations

    CCITT V-Series Recommendations

    CCITT X-Series Recommendations

    International Alphabet No. 2 (IA2)

    Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC)

    EBCDIC Standard Code Table

    EBCDIC Control Characters

    International Alphabet No. 5 (IA5)

    IA5 Standard Code Table

    IA5 Control Characters

    Representative Teletype Keyboard Layout (IA2)

    Representative Personal Computer Keyboard Layout

    Terminal Control Codes

    Commonly Used Control Characters (with Keyboard Entry)

    Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal and ASCII Conversion Table

    Powers of 2

    Powers of 16

    Parallel I/O Devices

    Internal Architecture of a Representative Parallel I/O

    Internal Registers of a Programmable Parallel I/O Device

    CPU Interface to a Programmable Parallel I/O Device

    IEEE-488 Interface Standard

    IEEE-488 Bus Signals

    Multiline Commands

    IEEE-488 Bus Configuration

    IEEE-488 Software

    IEEE-488 Programming

    Serial I/O Devices

    Parallel to Serial Data Conversion

    Serial to Parallel Data Conversion

    Internal Architecture of a Representative Serial I/O

    CPU Interface to a Programmable Serial I/O Device

    Popular VLSI Support Devices

    Pin Connections for Popular Programmable Parallel I/O Devices

    Centronics Printer Interface

    Centronics Interface Pin Connections

    Serial Data Transmission

    Pin Connections for Popular Programmable Serial I/O Devices


    RS-232D Signals and Functions

    Subset of the Most Commonly Used RS-232 Signals

    RS-232 Waveforms

    RS-232 Electrical Characteristics

    RS-232 Logic and Voltage Levels

    Simplified Arrangement of a Microcomputer RS-232 Interface

    RS-232 Enhancements


    RS-422 Logic and Voltage Levels



    RS-423 Logic and Voltage Levels

    Electrical Characteristics of Popular Interface Specifications

    RS-232 Data Cables

    Male and Female 25-Way D-connectors for RS-232

    RS-232 Pin Connections

    RS-449 Pin Connections

    RS-232 Signals and Pin Connections

    S5/8 Interface Standard

    Line Drivers and Line Receivers

    Line Driver and Line Receiver Pin Connections

    Basic Logic Gates

    Logic Circuit Equivalents

    Mixed Logic Equivalents

    Typical Links between Computers

    Typical Null Modem Arrangements


    Simplified Block Schematic of a Modem

    Modem Signal Frequencies

    V21 Frequency Spectrum (300/300 Baud)

    V21 Channels for 300/300 Baud

    Permitted Frequency Spectrum (BS 6305)

    Modem Connecting Methods

    DTMF Digits and Tone Pairs

    Transmitter Carrier and Signaling Frequency Specifications

    Line Signal Encoding (V26A and V26B)

    Differential Two-phase Encoding (V26bis)

    Differential Four-phase Encoding (V26A and V26B/Bell 201)

    Typical Bit Error Rate Performance for a Modem

    Data Communications Test Equipment

    Fault finding on RS-232 Systems

    Communication Protocols

    The ISO Model for Open Systems Interconnection

    Flow Control

    X-ON/X-OFF Flow Control

    XMODEM Protocol

    XMODEM/CRC Protocol


    Kermit Transactions

    Kermit Packet format

    Kermit Commands

    CCITT X.25

    X.25 Packet Format

    High-level Data Link Control

    HDLC Frame Structure

    Local Area Networks

    LAN Topology

    Broadband and Baseband Transmission

    IEEE 802 Standards

    Relationship between IEEE 802 Standards and the ISO Model

    Typical LAN Selection Flowchart

    Popular Network Standards

    Summary of Popular LAN Specifications


    Basic Ethernet Connecting Arrangement

    Ethernet Transceiver Cable Pin Connections

    Ethernet Transceiver Cable Specifications

    Typical Ethernet Interface Configuration

    Typical Cheapernet Interface Configuration

    Internal Architecture of the 82C502 Ethernet Transceiver

    LAN Software

    Network Operating Systems

    Integrated Services Digital Networks

    ISDN in the UK

    ITT System 12

    Future Developments in ISDN

    Data Cable Types

    Coaxial Cable Data

    Screened and Unscreened Pair Data

    Cable Equivalents

    Recommended Cables

    Optical Fiber Technology

    Optical Fiber Connectors

    Optical Sources

    Optical Detectors

    PC Video Display Modes and Adapter Standards

    Transmission Element Specifications

    Equivalent Circuit of a Transmission Element

    Frequency Response of a Transmission Element

    Decibels and Ratios of Power, Voltage and Current

    Transmission Line Power Levels and Voltages

    Flowchart Symbols

    Addresses of Advisory Bodies, Standards Institutes, and Other Organizations

    Glossary of Data Communications Terms


Product details

  • No. of pages: 176
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Newnes 1992
  • Published: January 1, 1992
  • Imprint: Newnes
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483100494

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Michael Tooley

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