Key Features

  • Includes coverage of all large animal species.
  • All sections provide a review of clinically pertinent reproductive physiology and anatomy of males and females of each species.

Table of Contents

Equine Theriogenology

1. Physiology and Endrocrinology of Stallions
2. Reproductive Examination of the Stallion: Evaluation of Potential Breeding Soundness
3. Infertility and Diseases of the Reproductive Tract of Stallions
4. Surgical Correction of Abnormalities Affecting the Reproductive Organs of Stallions
5. Techniques for Artificial Insemination
6. Stallion Sexual Behavior Dysfunction
7. Clinical Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Mare
8. Clinical Aspects of Seasonality in Mares
9. Clinical Examination of the Non-Pregnant Female Reproductive Tract
10. Control and Synchronization of the Estrous Cycle and Ovulation
11. Pregnancy Evaluation in the Mare
12. Retained Fetal Membranes
13. Management of Twin Pregnancy
14. Parturition and Dystocia
15. Abnormalities of Lactation
16. Immediate Care of the Postpartum Mare and Foal
17. Infectious Diseases of the Puerperal Period
18. Irregularities of the Estrus Cycle and Ovulation in Mares (Including Seasonal Transition)
19. Infertility Due to Non-inflammatory Abnormalities of the Tubular Reproductive Tract
20. Inflammation of the Tubular Reproductive Tract of the Mare
21. Bacterial Causes of Infertility and Abortion in the Mare
22. Equine Herpesvirus Infections
23. Equine Viral Arteritis
24. Bacterial Diseases in the Fetus and Placenta Associated with Fetal Loss in the Mare
25. Fungal Abortion
26. Evaluation and Management of High-Risk Pregnancy in the Mare
27. Induced Abortion
28. Surgical Correction of Abnormalities of the Female Reproductive Organs
29. Embryo Transfer and Newer Assisted Reproductive Techniques for Horses

Bovine Theriogenology

30. Clinical Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology of the Bull
31. Evaluation of Potential Breeding Soundness of the Bull
32. Diseases of the Reproductive System of the Bull
33. Surgical Correction of Abnormalities of the Rep


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