Current Therapy in Equine Medicine

5th Edition

Authors: N. Edward Robinson
Hardcover ISBN: 9780721695402
eBook ISBN: 9781437713480
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 16th December 2002
Page Count: 960

Table of Contents

SECTION I. Clinical Pharmacology
1. Neonatal pharmacology and therapeutics
2. Antimicrobial therapy
4. Slow-acting disease modifying osteoarthritic agents
5. Injectable anesthetic protocols
6. Critical care therapy
7. Preventing the spread of infectious disease
8. Nutraceuticals
9. Pharmaceutical compounding
10. Drug testing
SECTION II. Infectious Diseases
11. Equine viral arteritis
12. Equine herpesvirus
13. Equine influenza
14. Equine infectious anemia
15. Viral encephalitides
16. Vesicular stomatitis
17. Lyme disease
18. Salmonellosis
19. Rhodococcus equi infections
20. Strangles
21. Equine protozoal myelitis
22. Equine monocytic ehrlichiosis
23. Equine granulocytic ehrlichiosis
24. Leptospirosis

SECTION III. Gastrointestinal Diseases
25. Dental problems
26. Differential diagnosis of oral ulceration
27. Esophaeal obstruction (choke)
28. Gastric ulcer syndrome
29. Management factors associated with colic
30. Gastric outflow obstruction
31. Endotoxemia
32. Modulation of intestinal motility
33. Parenteral nutrition for colic patients
34. Management of pain and dehydration
35. Duodenitis-Proximal jejunitis
36. Small intestinal strangulating obstruction
37. Ileal impaction
38. Large colon impaction
39. Large colon volvulus and reperfusion injury
40. Cecal impaction
41. Right dorsal colitis
42. Infiltrative bowel diseases
43. Laparoscopic and ultrasonographic
44. Rectal tears: initial management and liability
45. Peritonitis
46. Intestinal tapeworm infestation
47. Resistant cyathostomosis
48. Lawsonia intracellularis enteropathy
49. Clostridium difficile infection
50. Liver disease

SECTION IV. Skin Diseases
51. Photosensitivity
52. Cutaneous drug reactions
53. Atopy
54. Arthropod hypersensitivity
55. Mites and ticks
56. Fly control
57. Cutaneous habronemiasis
58. Follicu


The latest expanded volume of the "gold standard" in equine medicine offers detailed guidance on the most up-to-date diagnostic methods, treatments, and preventive measures for both common and rare diseases of the horse. It features a systems approach, focusing on problems associated with each body system, with additional chapters on toxicology, nutrition, immunizations, and drug classes. New sections in this edition discuss clinical pharmacology and infectious diseases, and many new topics have been added to all sections, making it more comprehensive than ever. Internationally recognized editors and contributors present cutting edge information and authoritative perspectives.

Key Features

  • Each edition of Current Therapy in Equine Medicine is completely updated and rewritten to provide the latest diagnostic information and treatment/management options available.
  • Many internationally recognized contributors have authored chapters related to their areas of expertise to present the definitive word on each topic.
  • Helpful drug appendices provide a handy, quick reference for the clinical setting.
  • New topics are presented to keep pace with the latest developments in the field.


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