This book presents and discusses new data ranging from Alps to Africa, obtained by the CROP PROJECT (transcrustal seismic exploration of the Mediterranean and Italy). New lithospheric imagings of relevant importance for understanding disputed topics are provided. Alps, Apennines, Calabrian Arc, Sicilian Apennine, Maghrebian Chain, Corso-Sardinian Block, paleo-basins (Ionian, Alpine Tethys), neo-basins (Balearic and Tyrrhenian) are innovatively reconstructed.

Key Features

* Provides new data from the Alps to Africa * Presents interpretation of the CROP seismic network data * Offers a stepwise increase in information with new data for further studies


Geoscientists, petroleum explorers, geothermal explorers, natural resources exploiters, soil engineers, soil safety and territorial planning dealers

Table of Contents

Editorial Board. Preface. Acnowledgements. Section 1. Previous main broad geophysical and geological explorations. 1. Review of the main results of the pioneering MS seismic exploration programme in the deep water of the Mediterranean Sea (OGS, 1969-1980) (I.R. Finetti et al.). 2. Review of seismic wide-angle reflection-refraction (WARR) results in the Italian region (1956-1987) (R. Cassinis, S. Scarascia, A. Lozej). 3. Gravity and magnetic fields of the central mediterranean region (P. Bernardelli et al.). 4. Bedrock geology of the Tyrrhenian Sea (R. Sartori). Section 2. Crop seismic data acquisition and processing. 5. Crop seismic data acqusition, processing and interpretive reprocessing (I.R. Finetti, E. Forlin, M. Pipan). Section 3. Opening of the Ionian and Alpine Neotethyan Oceans. 6. Ionian and Alpine Oceans Neotethyan opening (I.R. Finetti). Section 4. The Alps. 7. Crustal tectono-stratigraphic sections across the western and eastern Alps from ECORS-CROP and transalp seismic data (I.R. Finetti). Section 5. The Apennines-Calabrian Arc-Sicilian/Maghrebian chain. 8. Lithospheric tectono-stratigraphic setting of the Ligurian Sea-Northern Apennines-Adriatic foreland from integrated crop seismic data (I.R. Finetti et al.). 9. Crustal geologic section across central Italy from the Corsica Basin to the Adriatic Sea, based on geological and crop seismic data (I.R. Finetti et al.). 10. Understanding the ionides and their geodynamics (I.R. Finetti). 11. Ionian tethydes in the Southern Apennines (G. Ciarapica, I. Passeri). 12. Crustal tectono-stratigraphy and geodynamics of the Southern Apennines from crop an


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