Since the occurrence of earthquakes and their properties are very uncertain even with the present knowledge, it is too difficult to define reasonable design ground motions especially for important buildings. In the seismic resistant design of building structures, the concept of ‘performance-based design’ has become a new paradigm guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of building owners. The quality and reliability of the performance-based design certainly depend on the scientific rationality of design ground motions. In order to overcome this problem, a new paradigm has to be posed. To the author’s knowledge, the concept of 'critical excitation' and the structural design based upon this concept can become one of such new paradigms. This book introduces a new probabilistic and energy-based critical excitation approach to overcome several problems in the scientific and rational modelling of ground motions. The author hopes that this book will help the development of new seismic-resistant design methods of buildings for such unpredicted or unpredictable ground motions.

Key Features

- First comprehensive book for critical excitation methods - Including updated, cutting-edge research - Applicable to other worst-case analysis problems - Including comprehensive review of critical excitation methods - Including verification by comprehensive recorded ground motions


This book is aimed at Structural Engineers, Structural Designers, Earthquake Engineers and Researchers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of seismic critical excitation method
Chapter 2. Critical excitation for stationary and non-stationary random inputs
Chapter 3. Critical excitation for non-proportionally damped structural systems
Chapter 4. Critical excitation for acceleration response
Chapter 5. Critical excitation for elastic-plastic response
Chapter 6. Critical envelope function for non-stationary random earthquake input
Chapter 7. Robust stiffness design for structure-dependent critical excitation
Chapter 8. Critical excitation for earthquake energy input in SDOF system
Chapter 9. Critical excitation for earthquake energy input in MDOF system
Chapter 10. Critical excitation for earthquake energy input in soil-structure interaction system
Chapter 11. Critical excitation for earthquake energy input in structure-pile-soil system
Chapter 12. Critical excitation for earthquake energy input rate


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About the author

Izuru Takewaki

Affiliations and Expertise

Kyoto University, Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering, Kyoto, Japan