Critical Appraisal for Psychiatrists

1st Edition


  • Stephen Lawrie
  • Andrew McIntosh
  • Sanjay Rao
    • Print ISBN 9780443070174

    Table of Contents

    A rationale for EBMH. Clinical governance. Information needs in everyday clinical practice. Asking clinical questions. Getting answers. Resources. Designing a research project. Case reports, series and uncontrolled studies. Surveys. Clincal audit.Qualitative studies. Case-control studies. Cohort studies. Clinical trials. Economic analysis. Systematic reviews and meta-analysis. Types of data. Rates. Probability. Parametric and non-parametric statistics. Measures of central tendency and dispersion. Camparing groups. Relationships between groups. Multivariate statistics. Meta-analysis statistics. Critical appraisal diagnosis, treatment, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, prognosis, economics, guidelines, aetiology/harm, clinical audit. Mock exam papers.


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    About the editors

    Stephen Lawrie

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Head, Division of Psychiatry, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Edinburgh; Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK

    Andrew McIntosh

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    Clinical Reader in Psychiatry & Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh, UK

    Sanjay Rao

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    Senior House Officer, Andrew Duncan Clinic, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland