7th Edition

Explaining Crime and Its Context

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Published Date: 24th March 2010
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Table of Contents

Dedication Preface Part I Foundations for Criminology 1 Crime and Criminology Criminology as Science Ideology within Criminology The “Crime” in Criminology Paradigms in Criminology Policy and Criminology Summary 2 Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice System The Concept of Law The Criminal Justice System Goals of Criminal Justice Administration of Justice Summary 3 Production of Crime Statistics Review of Elementary Research Methodology History of Official Crime Statistics Description of the Uniform Crime Reports A New Look to the UCR: NIBRS–National Incident-Based Reporting System Alternative Measures of Crime Comparison of UCR, SRD, and NCVS Data Sources Summary 4 Distribution of Crime Volume of Crime: Uniform Crime Reports Volume of Crime: National Crime Victimization Survey Volume of Crime: Self-Report Studies Distribution of Crime by Gender Distribution of Crime by Age Distribution of Crime by Race Distribution of Crime by Social Class Victims of Crime Summary Part II Theories of Crime 5 Deterrence and Rational Choice Theories of Crime Preclassical Views of Crime The Classical School of Criminology Contemporary Deterrence Theory Conceptualizing Deterrence A Rational Choice Perspective How Rational Is Choice? Summary 6 Biogenic and Psychogenic Theories of Crime Criminal Heredity: The Bad Seed Theory Contemporary Biological Perspectives Psychogenic Theories of Crime Psychoanalytic Theories Personality Theories Integrating Psychological Explanations Summary 7 Social Structure Theories of Crime


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