Criminal Justice Procedure gives clear guidance on the most common questions faced by today's law enforcement, offering fresh look at 21st century pre-trial protocol. Unlike other case books, this newly revised edition eschews legal theory in favor of the practical know-how needed to not to parse, but apply criminal law. Emphasis has been placed on just exactly how practitioners should conduct hot-button procedures such as airport and border searches. Moreover, the book also addresses the often dire implications of deviating from proper practice - how a false step can translate into a violation of individual rights, or the inability to successfully prosecute the guilty.

This edition has been specifically designed for CJ undergraduate programs (rather than higher-level law schools) and completely reorganized for a more logical flow of topics. Moreover, it is newly focused on the most crucial practical applications of the law in the CJ context. There is also added emphasis on the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments.

Key Features

* Renewed emphasis on information needed by CJ undergraduates and practitioners, rather than law students
* Includes a completely reorganized, more logical table of contents that supports the development of those reasoning and critical thinking skills needed to put the law in action
* Added pedagogy and a much richer set of accompanying online resources help students apply case law to other sets of facts


CJ professionals and students in undergraduate criminal justice programs of 4-yr and career schools. Classes include Criminal Procedure and Criminal Law.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Overview of Criminal Justice in America: The Role of Criminal Procedure in the Criminal Justice Process
Chapter 2: The 4th Amendment
Chapter 3: Arrests
Chapter 4: Searches: General
Chapter 5: Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement: Automobile Searches
Chapter 6: Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement: Plain View, Open Fields, Abandoned Property, and Consent Searches
Chapter 7: Search Incident to a Lawful Arrest: Hot Pursuit
Chapter 8: Airport Searches, Border Searches, Other Exigencies
Chapter 9 : The 5th Amendment
Chapter 10: The 6th Amendment
Chapter 11: The Adversary System


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