Creating Coordination in the Cerebellum, Volume 148

1st Edition

Editors: Chris I. De Zeeuw Federico Cicirata
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444517548
eBook ISBN: 9780080457208
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 11th December 2004
Page Count: 430
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Table of Contents

List of contributors. Preface by Jan Voogd. Acknowledgements.

I. Development of the cerebellum.

  1. Development of the olivocerebellar system: migration and formation of cerebellar maps C. Sotelo and A. Chédotal.
  2. The genetics of early cerebellar development: networks not pathways K. Herrup, C. Murcia, F. Gulden, B. Kuemerle and N. Bilovocky.
  3. Regionalization of the isthmic and cerebellar primordial N. Narboux-Nême, A. Louvi, P. Alexandre and M. Wassef.
  4. Bcl-2 protection of axotomized purkinje cells in organotypic culture is age dependent and not associated with an enhancement of axonal regeneration A.M. Ghoumari, R. Wehrlé, C. Sotelo and I. Dusart.

II. Structural cerebellar plasticity.

  1. Axonal and synaptic remodeling in the mature cerebellar cortex R. Cesa and P. Strata.
  2. Fate restriction and developmental potential of cerebellar progenitors: Transplantation studies in the developing CNS P. Grimaldi, B. Carletti, L. Magrassi and F. Rossi.

III. Cell physiological cerebellar plasticity.

  1. Long-term potentiation of synaptic transmission at the mossy fiber - granule cell relay of cerebellum E. D'Angelo, P. Rossi, D. Gall, F. Pestori, T. Nieus, A. Maffei and E. Sola.
  2. Climbing fiber synaptic plasticity and modifications in Purkinje cell excitability M.T. Schmolesky, C.I. De Zeeuw and C. Hansel.
  3. Bases and implications of learning in the cerebellum - adaptive control and internal model mechanism M. Ito.

IV. Imaging of cerebellar activity.

  1. Synaptic transmission and long-term depression in Purkinje cells in an in vitro block preparation of t


Creating Coordination in the Cerebellum provides a multidisciplinary collection of chapters on the cerebellum with topics covering the entire spectrum from development and molecular neurobiology, cell physiology and plasticity to motor control, system physiology, functional imaging and pathology. The book not only presents novel discoveries obtained with recently developed technologies, but also gives new general concepts in global issues of cerebellar development and functions. By doing so it sets the standard for cerebellar research of the 21st century.

Key Features

  • Provides a complete overview of current cerebellar research
  • Includes color illustrations
  • Contains contributions from renowned cerebellar scientists


Neuroscientists, neurobiologists and neurologists.


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"4 STARS!" --DOODY'S (January 2006)

About the Editors

Chris I. De Zeeuw Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Neurosciences, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Federico Cicirata Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiologiche, Universitá Catania, Catania, Italy