CPC-H Coding Exam Review 2008

1st Edition

The Certification Step


  • Carol Buck
    • Print ISBN 9781416037217

    Key Features

    • Comprehensive CPC-H coverage highlights essential information for passing the AAPC CPC-H exam, with figures for reference as needed, for the simplest, most efficient review.
    • Concise outline format gives you quick and easy access to content and helps you maximize your study time.
    • Bound-in companion CD includes pre- post- exams to help you track your learning progress.
    • Final Exam mimics the AAPC CPC-H exam format and bolsters your test-taking confidence.
    • Answers and rationales for practice exams reinforce your understanding of coding concepts.
    • Evolve online resources supplement your review with study tips, web links, and additional information on related review sources.

    Table of Contents

    Success Strategies

    Course Syllabus and Calendar

    UNIT I Anatomy, Terminology, and Pathophysiology

    1 Integumentary System

    2 Musculoskeletal System

    3 Respiratory System

    4 Cardiovascular System

    5 Female Genital System and Pregnancy

    6 Male Genital System

    7 Urinary System

    8 Digestive System

    9 Mediastinum and Diaphragm

    10 Hemic and Lymphatic System

    11 Endocrine System

    12 Nervous System

    13 Senses

    14 Anatomy and Terminology Quiz Answers

    15 Pathophysiology Quiz Answers

    UNIT II Reimbursement Issues

    1. Reimbursement Issues

    2. Federal Register

    3. National Correct Coding Initiative

    4. CMS-1450 (UB-04) Claim Form

    5. Revenue Codes

    6. Data Quality

    7. Ambulatory Patient Classifications (APC)

    8. Medicare Fraud and Abuse

    9. Managed Health Care

    10. Abbreviations

    11. Reimbursement Terminology

    12. Reimbursement Quiz

    13. Reimbursement Quiz Answers

    UNIT III Overview of CPT, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS Coding

    1 Introduction to Medical Coding

    2 CPT

    3 HCPCS Coding

    4 An Overview of the ICD-9-CM

    UNIT IV Coding Challenge

    1 Examinations

    2 Final Examination

    APPENDIX A: ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting

    APPENDIX B: Medical Terminology

    APPENDIX C: Combining Forms

    APPENDIX D: Prefixes

    APPENDIX E: Suffixes

    APPENDIX F: Abbreviations

    APPENDIX G: Further Text Resources


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