Coursebook for Economics

Coursebook for Economics

Private and Public Choice

2nd Edition - January 1, 1980

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  • Authors: Richard Stroup, A. H. Studenmund, James D Gwartney
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483264349

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Coursebook for Economics: Private and Public Choice contains questions and problems dealing with market decisions, market process, taxes, government spending. The book is designed to help students using the textbook "Economics: Private and Public Choice, Second Edition." The text also provides a section on "Problems and Projects" which emphasizes mechanics and economic reasoning with case-study type problems, report preparation, or economic data presentation for hypothesis development. The book also provides "complex application"-type problems which can be solved by the student's utilization of economic principles to realistic situations. The text showcases selected articles in the section "Perspectives in Economics" to expand on important concepts, to explain historical viewpoints, as well as to offer original ideas of current influential economists. Among the articles are: "How Government Profits from Inflation;" "The Awful Year Inflation Ran Wild;" "How the Federal Reserve Decides How Much Money to Put into the Economy;" and "The Roller-Coaster Income Tax." The book is suitable for students of economics and business, sociologists, general readers interested in real-world economics, and policy makers involved in national economic development.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    To the Instructor

    Chapter 1 The Economic Approach

    Perspectives in Economics: What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen

    Chapter 2 Some Tools of the Economist

    Perspectives in Economics: Economics by Any Other Name

    Chapter 3 Market Decisions and the Market Process

    Perspectives in Economics: Moonshiners in the South Find Sales Are Down As Their Costs Go Up

    Chapter 4 A Bird's-Eye View of the Public Sector

    Perspectives in Economics: Why Politicians Won't Cut Taxes

    Chapter 5 Taxes and Government Spending

    Perspectives in Economics: How Government Profits from Inflation

    Chapter 6 Taking the Nation's Economic Pulse

    Perspectives in Economics: GNP: Pluses and Minuses

    Chapter 7 Unemployment, Inflation, and Business Cycles

    Perspectives in Economics: The Awful Year Inflation Ran Wild

    Chapter 8 Aggregate Equilibrium and a Simple Keynesian Model

    Perspectives in Economics: The Wizard Who Oversimplified: A Fable

    Chapter 9 The Multiplier, the Accelerator and a Keynesian View of the Business Cycle

    Perspectives in Economics: The Impact of Keynes and the General Theory

    Chapter 10 Fiscal Policy

    Perspectives in Economics: To Balance or Not to Balance

    Chapter 11 Money and the Banking System

    Perspectives in Economics: How the Federal Reserve Decides How Much Money to Put into the Economy

    Chapter 12 Money, Employment, Inflation, and a More Complete Keynesian Model

    Perspectives in Economics: Another Great Depression?

    Chapter 13 The Monetarist Challenge to the Keynesian View

    Perspectives in Economics: The Shift toward Monetarism

    Chapter 14 Unemployment, Inflation, and the Limits of Macropolicy

    Perspectives in Economics: How Expectations Defeat Economic Policy

    Chapter 15 Instability, Stagflation, and the Direction of Macroeconomics

    Perspectives in Economics: The Employment-Unemployment Riddle

    Perspectives in Economics: An Anti-Inflation Plan to Induce More Restraint on Wages and Price

    Chapter 16 Demand and Consumer Choice

    Perspectives in Economics: Fare Rise Hits Buses Harder Than Subway, M.T.A. Says

    Chapter 17 Costs and Producer Decisions

    Perspectives in Economics: On Average and Marginal Cost

    Chapter 18 The Firm Under Pure Competition

    Perspectives in Economics: The Economic Organization of a Prison Camp

    Chapter 19 Monopolistic Competition, Product Differentiation, and Low Barriers to Entry

    Chapter 20 Monopoly and High Barriers to Entry

    Perspectives in Economics: The Parable of the Parking Lots

    Perspectives in Economics: Competition and Monopoly

    Chapter 21 Oligopoly and the World of Big Business

    Perspectives in Economics: Capitalism, Big Business, and the Process of Creative Destruction

    Chapter 22 Business Structure, Competition, and Public Policy

    Perspectives in Economics: Conversation with an Inconvenient Economist

    Chapter 23 The Supply and Demand of Productive Resources

    Chapter 24 Earnings, Skill Acquisition, and the Job Market

    Perspectives in Economics: Labor Market Myths

    Perspectives in Economics: Legislating Unemployment

    Chapter 25 Capital, Interest, and Profit

    Perspectives in Economics: Round About Methods of Production

    Chapter 26 Union Power—A Shield or a Threat?

    Perspectives in Economics: Unions: Scapegoat for Inflation

    Chapter 27 Inequality, Income Mobility, and the Battle Against Poverty

    Perspectives in Economics: The Roller Coaster Income Tax

    Chapter 28 Employment Discrimination and the Earnings of Blacks and Women

    Perspectives in Economics: After Shrinking, the Gap Widens Again between Black and White Family Income

    Chapter 29 The Energy Market

    Perspectives in Economics: What Must Be Done

    Chapter 30 Problem Areas for the Market

    Perspectives in Economics: The Concept of Public Goods

    Chapter 31 Public Choice and Gaining from Government

    Perspectives in Economics: The Public Use of Private Interest

    Chapter 32 The Economics of Government Failure

    Perspectives in Economics: Doing More with Less

    Perspectives in Economics: The Case for User Fees

    Chapter 33 Gaining from International Trade

    Perspectives in Economics: Unfair Competition with the Sun

    Perspectives in Economics: A Loaf of Bread for a Jug of Wine

    Chapter 34 International Finance and Balance of Payments

    Perspectives in Economics: Lessons of History for OPEC

    Chapter 35 Economic Development and the Growth of Income

    Chapter 36 Comparative Economic Systems

    Perspectives in Economics: Russia's Economic Planning Shift

    Answer Key

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  • No. of pages: 454
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1980
  • Published: January 1, 1980
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483264349

About the Authors

Richard Stroup

A. H. Studenmund

James D Gwartney

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