Fluid Mechanics

2nd Edition

Landau and Lifshitz: Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 6

Authors: L D Landau E. M. Lifshitz
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080339337
eBook ISBN: 9781483161044
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 17th August 1987
Page Count: 554
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Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition deals with fluid mechanics, that is, the theory of the motion of liquids and gases. Topics covered range from ideal fluids and viscous fluids to turbulence, boundary layers, thermal conduction, and diffusion. Surface phenomena, sound, and shock waves are also discussed, along with gas flow, combustion, superfluids, and relativistic fluid dynamics. This book is comprised of 16 chapters and begins with an overview of the fundamental equations of fluid dynamics, including Euler's equation and Bernoulli's equation. The reader is then introduced to the equations of motion of a viscous fluid; energy dissipation in an incompressible fluid; damping of gravity waves; and the mechanism whereby turbulence occurs. The following chapters explore the laminar boundary layer; thermal conduction in fluids; dynamics of diffusion of a mixture of fluids; and the phenomena that occur near the surface separating two continuous media. The energy and momentum of sound waves; the direction of variation of quantities in a shock wave; one- and two-dimensional gas flow; and the intersection of surfaces of discontinuity are also also considered. This monograph will be of interest to theoretical physicists.

Table of Contents

Prefaces to the English Editions E. M. Lifshitz Notation I. Ideal Fluids §1 The Equation of Continuity §2 Euler's Equation §3 Hydrostatics §4 The Condition That Convection Be Absent §5 Bernoulli's Equation §6 The Energy Flux §7 The Momentum Flux §8 The Conservation of Circulation §9 Potential Flow §10 Incompressible Fluids §11 The Drag Force in Potential Flow Past a Body §12 Gravity Waves §13 Internal Waves in an Incompressible Fluid §14 Waves in a Rotating Fluid II. Viscous Fluids §15 The Equations of Motion of a Viscous Fluid §16 Energy Dissipation in an Incompressible Fluid §17 Flow in a Pipe §18 Flow between Rotating Cylinders §19 The Law of Similarity §20 Flow with Small Reynolds Numbers §21 The Laminar Wake §22 The Viscosity of Suspensions §23 Exact Solutions of the Equations of Motion for a Viscous Fluid §24 Oscillatory Motion in a Viscous Fluid §25 Damping of Gravity Waves III. Turbulence §26 Stability of Steady Flow §27 Stability of Rotary Flow §28 Stability of Flow in a Pipe §29 Instability of Tangential Discontinuities §30 Quasi-periodic Flow and Frequency Locking §31 Strange Attractors §32 Transition to Turbulence by Period Doubling §33 Fully Developed Turbulence §34 The Velocity Correlation Functions §35 The Turbulent Region and the Phenomenon of Separation §36 The Turbulent Jet §37 The Turbulent Wake §38 Zhukovskiï's Theorem IV. Boundary Layers §39 The Laminar Boundary Layer §40 Flow Near the Line of Separation §41 Stability of Flow in the Laminar Boundary Layer §42 The Logarithmic Velocity Profile §43 Turbulent Flow in Pipes §44 The Turbulent Boundary Layer §45 The Drag Crisis §46 Flow Past Streamlined Bodies §47 Induced Drag §48 The Lift of a Thin Wing V. Therm


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