Cosmic Rays - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080167244, 9781483151922

Cosmic Rays

1st Edition

The Commonwealth and International Library: Selected Readings in Physics

Authors: A. M. Hillas
Editors: Robert Robinson Dean Athelstan Spilhaus D. Ter Haar
eBook ISBN: 9781483151922
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1972
Page Count: 308
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Cosmic Rays is a two-part book that first elucidates the discovery, nature, and particles produced by cosmic rays. This part also looks into the primary cosmic radiation; radio waves from the galaxy; extensive air showers; origin of cosmic rays; and other cosmic radiations. Part 2 consists of reprinted papers involving cosmic rays. Papers 1 to 10 treat the nature of the radiation, arranged chronologically; in Papers 11 to 16 the scene moves away from the Earth.

Table of Contents


Part 1

I Discovery

1.1 The Penetrating Radiation

1.2 Manned Balloon Ascents

1.3 Millikan's Experiments

II The Nature of the Radiation

2.1 The Observation of Individual Cosmic Rays

2.2 The Latitude Effect

2.3 The Effect of the Earth's Magnetic Field on Charged Particles Approaching the Earth

2.4 Interpretation of the Variation of Cosmic Rays with Latitude

2.5 Evidence for Positively Charged Particles

III Particles Produced by the Cosmic Rays

3.1 Ionization Effects of Fast Charged Particles

3.2 Cloud Chamber Tracks of Cosmic-Ray Particles

3.3 The Interaction of High-Energy Electrons and Photons

3.4 The Penetrating Particles

3.5 The Origin of the Mesons

3.6 π- and µ-Mesons

3.7 Present Picture of Cosmic Rays in the Atmosphere

3.8 The Use of Cosmic Rays to Investigate High-Energy Interactions

IV The Primary Cosmic Radiation

4.1 Methods of Determining the Flux and Energy Spectrum

4.2 Changes in the Spectra

4.3 The Proton and Helium Components

4.4 Other Nuclei in the Primary Radiation

4.5 Primary Electrons and Positrons

V Radio Waves from the Galaxy

5.1 The Galaxy

5.2 Cosmic Radiation—A Solar, Galactic or Universal Phenomenon?

5.3 Cosmic Magnetic Fields

5.4 Cosmic Radio Waves

5.5 The Crab Nebula

5.6 Radio Emission from Normal Galaxies

5.7 Unusual Radio Sources

VI Extensive Air Showers

6.1 Particles of Very High Energy

6.2 The Development of an Air Shower

6.3 The Energy Spectrum above 1014 eV

VII The Origin of Cosmic Rays

7.1 The Possibility of Electromagnetic Acceleration

7.2 Fermi's Acceleration Mechanism

7.3 Supernovae as Sources

7.4 Other Sources of Cosmic Rays

7.5 Motion and Storage of Cosmic Rays

VIII Local Peculiarities

8.1 Solar Modulation: The Sunspot Cycle

8.2 Solar Flares

8.3 The Earth's Magnetosphere

IX Other Cosmic Radiations

9.1 The Universal 3°K Photons

9.2 Cosmic X-Rays and γ-Rays


Part 2

1. Observations of the Penetrating Radiation on Seven Balloon Flights

2. The Nature of the High-Altitude Radiation

3. The Earth-Magnetic Effect and the Corpuscular Nature of (Cosmic) Ultra-Radiation. IV

4. The Positive Electron

5. On Multiplicative Showers

6. Note on the Nature of Cosmic-Ray Particles

7. Extensive Cosmic-Ray Showers

8. The Nature of the Primary Cosmic Radiation and the Origin of the Mesotron

9. Observations on the Tracks of Slow Mesons in Photographic Emulsions

10. Evidence For Multiple Meson and γ-Ray Production in Cosmicray Stars

11. A Mechanism of Acquirement of Cosmic-Ray Energies by Electrons

12. On the Origin of the Cosmic Radiation

13. Cosmic Radiation and Radio Stars

14. Abundance of Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, and Other Light Nuclei in the Primary Cosmic Radiation and the Problem of Cosmic-Ray Origin

15. The Nature of Cosmic Radio Emission and the Origin of Cosmic Rays

16. Cosmic-Ray Modulation by Solar Wind



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© Pergamon 1972
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A. M. Hillas

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Robert Robinson

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