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Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations Volume 2 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780815513063, 9780815516699

Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations Volume 2

1st Edition

Author: Ernest W. Flick
Hardcover ISBN: 9780815513063
eBook ISBN: 9780815516699
Imprint: William Andrew
Published Date: 31st December 1992
Page Count: 1026
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Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Second Edition, Volume 2, contains more than 1,900 cosmetic and toiletry formulations, based on information received from numerous industrial companies and other organizations. The data represent selections from manufacturers' descriptions made at no cost to, nor influence from, the makers or distributors of these materials. All of the trademarked raw materials listed are believed to be available, which will be of interest to readers concerned with raw material discontinuances. Each formulation in the book is identified by a description of end use. The formulations include the following as available, in the manufacturer's own words: a listing of each raw material contained; the percent by weight of each raw material; suggested formulation procedure; and the formula source, which is the company or organization that supplied the formula.

Table of Contents

Section I: Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Alcohol-Free Roll-On Deodorant

Antiperspirant Stick


Quick Drying Aerosol Antiperspirant

Anti-Perspirant Cream(s)

Antiperspirant Pump

Antiperspirant Suspension Roll-On(s)

Deodorant Stick(s)

Deodorant/Antiperspirant Spray

Deodorant Pump Spray(s)

Dry Roll-On Antiperspirant(s)

Enhanced Clear Hydro-Alcoholic Roll-On

Soft Stick Antiperspirant(s)

Spray Deodorant

Solid Antiperspirant

Transparent Deodorant Stick(s)

Underarm Roll-On Deodorant Lotion

Section II: Baby Products

Baby Bath(s)

Baby Care Cream W/O

Baby's Skin Smoothing Cream

Baby Cream(s)

Baby Foam Bath, with Herbs, Re-Fatting

Baby Protective Cream, Type W/O

Baby Lotion(s)

Babymilk without Perfume

Baby Powder

Baby Oil(s)

Baby Oil Spray, Herb/Vitamin Content

Baby Shampoo(s)


Conditioning Baby Shampoo

Mild Baby Bubble Bath

Baby Wash

Baby Milk

Mild Baby Shampoo(s)

Pearlescent Baby Shampoo

Section III: Bath and Shower Products

After Shower Rinse off Body Mousse

Body Mousse

Alcoholic after Bath Splash

Pearl Body Cleanser

Liquid Bath Lather

All over the Body: Shampoos, Shower Baths, Foam Baths

Bath Foam

Mild Body Shampoo

Bath Gel(s)

Bath Lotion

Bath Oil(s)

Foot-Care Bath with Vitamins, Deodorizing

Body Oil

Bath Salt with Pearl Pigments

Silky Bubble Bath

Blooming Bath Lotion

Pearlescent Bath Lotion

Body Contouring Gel

Silky Bath Gel

Body Emulsion, Herb Content Type O/W

Cream Bath, Vitamin/Herb Content

Bubble Bath(s)

Clear Bath Gelee

Clear Liquid Foam Bath(s)

Clear Shower Gel(s)

Cream Bath(s)



Foam Bath

Foaming Bath Oil(s)

Hand and Body Cleanser

Skin Cleanser

Herbal Foam Bath(s)

High Foaming Shower Gel


Low Irritation Foam Bath/Body Shampoo

Shower Gel

Oil Foam Bath(s)


Shower Foam

Cream Foam Bath

Shower Gel(s)

Shower Soap(s)

Foaming Bath Oil

Transparent Bath and Shower Bar

Non-Defatting Body Wash

Foam Bath(s)

Vitamin Bath Gel

Vitamin Shower Foam

Section IV: Beauty Tips

Absorbant Facial Mask for Oily Skin

Acne Lotion with Microencapsulated Salicylic Acid

Body Moisturizer Balm

Acne Scrub

Facial Scrub

Aerosol Moisturizing Facial Mask(s)

Airy Skin Conditioning Mousse(s)

Aloe Anionic Moisturizer

Aloe Nonionic Moisturizer

Overnight Moisturizer

Aloe Vera Gel Mask

Syndet Beauty Bar

Anhydrous Cream Makeup

Emulsion Makeup

Anhydrous Makeup Base

Makeup Foundation Cream with Silicone Oil

Anti-Ash Moisturizer

Pressed Powder Blush

Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Cream

Neutra Facial Cleanser Type

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Black Makeup Film Prototype

Nonionic Makeup

Body Oil Spray(s)

Body Powder

Face Mask

Botanical Nail Strengthener

Cuticle Massage Oil

Cuticle Softener

Clay Mask

Vitamin Mask

Cleanser for around the Eyes and Face

Conditioning Facial Cleanser

Cleansing Gel

Cleansing Milk(s)

Compact Powder

Facial Gel Cleaner

Clear Body/Facial Cleanser and Shampoo

Conditioning Facial and Body Cleanser

Clear Eye Gel

Cleansing Gel(s)

Compact Makeup

Fluid Makeup

Compact Rouge Base

Protective Emulsion Film

Complexion Toning Mask(s)


Cream Rouge Formula

Jojoba Mousse

Moisture Stick Base

Creamy Frosted Eyeshadow, Crease Resistant

Long Wearing Pressed Eyeshadow


Facial Exfoliating Cream

Detergent Cleansing Gel

Facial Cleanser

Dry Hand and Skin Formula

Makeup Foundation

Elastin Skin Gel

Moisture Emulsion Type O/W

Enriched Cream Conditioner


Enriched Makeup Foundation

Replenishing Creme Rinse

Essential Skin Moisturizer

Hydroalcoholic Facial Toner

Eye Makeup Remover(s)

Makeup Remover

Eye Shadow(s)

Waterproof Mascara

Face Cleansing Foam, Lecithin Content

Placenta Foam Mask, for Application to Ageing Skin Type O/W

Face Gel, for Application to Greasy and Blemished Skin

Face Mask as Foam, for Application to Ageing Skin Type O/W

Face Powder(s)

Overnight Moisture Replenishing Creme

Facial Beauty Lotion

Placenta Skin Treatment

Facial Cleanser(s)

Night Time Moisturizer

Facial Moisturizer

Hand and Body Moisturizer

Facial Scrub, Water-Free

Herbal Aerosol Facial Mask

Facial Toner(s)


Fluid Makeup

Waterproof Makeup

Foundation Makeup

Eye-Liner (W/O-Emulsion)

Full Body Scrub

Hand Scrub

Gel Facial Cleanser(s)

Makeup Remover Lotion(s)

Hands, Face, and Body Nourisher(s)

Herb/Vitamin Skin Oil(s)

Liposome Eye Treatment

Moisturizing Skin Milk

Skin Oil

Liquid Eyeliner(s)

Liquid Makeup(s)

Liquifying Cream Makeup Remover

Compact Makeup

Long Wearing Creamy Lipstick

Abrasive Facial Scrub Lotion

Low Irritation Facial Cleanser/Makeup Remover(s)

Cleansing Towelette

Luxurious Makeup (W/O)

Compact Cream Makeup

Makeup Foundation(s)


Masking Stick

Masque with White Clay and Fruits

"Matte-Finished" Makeup

Makeup Remover

Mild Facial Cleanser(s)

Moisturizing Emulsion(s)


Moisturizing Milk(s)

Multi-Protection Skin Moisturizer (Cationic)

Multivitamin Face Foam, Type O/W

Emulsion, for Application to Greasy and Blemished Skin Type O/W

Skin Care Gel(s)

Liquid Makeup(s)

Oil Free Makeup Beige

Oily Skin Mask(s)


Pearlescent Body/Facial Cleanser and Shampoo(s)

Placenta Gel, for Application to Ageing Skin

Placenta Skin Oil, for Application to Ageing Skin

Placenta Eye Balsam, Anhydrous

Herbal Moisturizing Mist

Rouge Stick

Body Oil(s)

Skin Tonic(s)

Styling Mousse with Pearl Pigments

Transparent Mascara

Translucent Face Powder with Humectant Protein

Face Mask Concentrate for Oily Skin

W/O Creamy Foundation

Liquid Makeup(s)

Section V: Creams

Acne Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Aerosol Hand Cream Mousse

Non-Stripping Cleansing Cream

All-Purpose Cream(s) with Conventional Emulsifier Basis

All-Purpose Dry Skin Cream

Hand Cream O/W

Vanishing Cream(s)

Aloe Vera Night Cream



Anti-Acne Cream

Athlete's Medicated Foot Cream

Antiwrinkle Cream(s)

Arnica Cream

Day Cream

Non-Ionic Hydrophilic Cream

Avocado Cream, Paraffin-Free

Oily Cream (Cold Cream)

Barrier Cream(s)

Facial Washing Cream(s)

Barrier Cream(s)

O/W Night Cream

Bleach Cream

Glycerin Cream without Paraffin

Body Cream

Cover Cream

Body Cream(s)

Care Cream(s)

Chamomile Cream W/O

Hand Cream

Cleansing Cream(s)

Cold Cream(s)

Emollient Cleansing Cream

Enriched Night Cream (W/O)

Cream Concealer

Cleansing Cream (Makeup Remover)

Cream Mask, for Application to Greasy and Blemished Skin Type O/W


Cream, W/O

Day Cream(s)

Face/Neck Cream Type O/W

Depilatory Cream(s)

Peeling Cream with Pearl Pigments

Placenta Skin Cream

Dry Skin Care Cream(s)

Hands Cream

All Purpose Cream

Elegant Collagen Cream(s)

Emollient Cream(s)

Foundation Cream(s)

Extra Body Conditioning Cream

Night Cream

Extreme Protection Type Cream

Eye Cream(s)

Depilatory Cream

Face Cleansing Cream(s)

Placenta Skin Treatment Cream

Facial Night Cream

W/O Skin Care Cream

Facial Scrub Cream

Foundation Cream(s)

General Purpose O/W Cream(s)

W/O Softcreme(s)

Glycerin Hand Cream(s)

Hand Cream(s)

Herbal Cream(s)

Hydroquinone Cream

Jelly Cream

Topical Anhydrous Cream

Light Cream(s)

Night Cream(s)

Ointment Cream

Massage Cream(s)

Miglyol Gel Cream

W/O Cream, Paraffin-Free

Mineral Oil Free Moisturizing Night Cream

Moisture Replenishing Creme

Therapeutic Humectant Creme

Moisturizing Cream(s)

Nail Treatment Cream

Natural Protective Cream

Night Cream(s)

Soft Cream

Nourishing Nail Cream(s)

O/W Cream(s)

O/W Soft Cream(s)

Topical Cream(s)

Petroleum Skin Protectant Cream

Vitamin Cream

Pigmented Cover Creme(s)

Placenta Cream(s)

Hand Cream(s)

Daily Skin Care Cream

Skin Cream(s)

Regenerative Cream(s)

Silk Protein Skin Cream

Multivitamin Skin Cream Type W/O

Skin Care Cream(s)

Facial Cleansing Cream

Skin Cream(s)

Slenderizing Cream

Soft Cream(s)

Supexmoisturizing Creme with Vitamins

Vanishing Cream(s)

Vitamin Foot Cream

Sport Cream

Wash Cream(s)

W/O Cleansing Cream

W/O Cold Mix Cream

W/O Emulsion Emollient Cream

W/O Cream(s)

90% Water Cream

Glycerin Hand Cream, Herb/Vitamin Content Type O/W

Section VI: Fragrances and Perfumes

Aerosol Fragrance Mousse(s)

Men's Finishing Fragrance Mousse

Parfum Compact

Perfume Stick

Perfume Gel

Section VII: Hair Care Products

Acid Permanent Wave

Acid-Wave Solution


Aerosol Hairspray(s)

Modified F&S Type Pump Hairspray

Alcohol Free Styling Gel(s)

Sculpting Conditioning Reconstruction Spray

Anionic Creme Rinse(s)

Balsam Conditioner

Comb out and Conditioner Spray

Conditioner and Setting Lotion

Bodifying Hair Dressing

High Gloss Brilliantine

Cholesterol Type Hair Treatment

Hair Tonic

Clear Clean Conditioner(s)

Clear Conditioning Rinse(s)

Cold Permanent Wave Lotion(s)

Oxidizing Solution



Color Sprays



Hair Gel

Mousse Conditioner

Conditioning Creme Rinse(s)

Conditioning Hair Setting Gel

Conditioning and Styling Mousse

Conditioning Hair Spray

Conventional Package Hair Groom

Aerosol Hair Groom

Curl Conditioner and Oil Sheen


Hair Conditioning Rinse

Creme Hair Treatment(s)

Hydrogen Peroxide Perm Neutralizer(s)

Curl Activator(s)

Deep Softening Conditioner

Desensitizing Spray

Hair Relaxer Cream

Jerry Curl Lotion

Easy to Rinse Pomade

Emollient Hair Dressing

Scalp Treatment

Exothermic Permanent Wave Lotion(s)

Fine, Misty Hairspray(s)

High Gloss Hairspray

Finishing Rinse

Hair Mask and Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatment

Firm Holding/High Humidity Hair Spray

Firm Holding Luster Spritz

Conditioning Firm Hold Hair Spray

Foam Conditioner(s)

Foam Rinse

Hair Rinse for Stressed and Damaged Hair

Hair Setting Lotion

Glossing Hair Conditioner

Pump Spray Conditioner

Hair Care Lotion(s)

Hair Care Rinse(s)

Hair Colorant Shampoo Base(s)

Hair Conditioner(s)


Hair Conditioning Rinse(s)

Hair Dressing(s)

Hair Gel(s)

Nonaerosol Hairspray

Hair Gloss Spray(s)

Hair Groom to Gradually Darken Grey

Improved Ethnic Hair Spray

Hair Laminator Liquid

Leave-on Hair Conditioner

Hair Mask(s)

Hair Moisturizer

Hot Oil Treatment

Hair Moisturizing Spray(s)

Hair Repair and Conditioner

Hair Rinse(s)

Hair/Scalp Stimulant

Hair Styling Gel

Hair Softening Gel

Pre Softener Gel


Hair Treatment Cream(s)

Hair Treatment Foam

Hard Holding Mist

Hair Treatment Fixative

"Herbal" Hair Conditioner

Styling Mousse

Hair Lotion(s)


HKP Chemical Scavenger and Conditioner for Straightened and Relaxed Hair

Hair Cream

HKP Finishing Rinse

HKP Intensive Conditioning PAC

HKP Low pH Rebonding Lotion

HKP Sculpting Lotion

HKP Pump Hairspray

HKP Supermoisturizing Hair Gel/Activator

HKP Conditioning Spray Moisturizer

HKP Permanent Wave-In Process Conditioning Treatment

Hot Oil Conditioner

Wheat Germ Foaming Conditioner


Light Moisturizing 525 Hair Creme

Hair Care Rinse for Stressed Hair

Lite Creme Conditioning Hair Treatment

Hair Fixative

Low pH, Protein Gel Shampoo

Mild Conditioning Shampoo

Medium Hold Sheen Spray

Light Holding/Body Building Hair Spray

Conditioning Mousse(s)

Natural Lipid Conditioner for Professional Salon

Natural Lipid Hair Treatment and Restructurant

Natural Lipid Styling Mousse

Light Moisturizing Hair Creme

No Base Hair Relaxer

Non-Aerosol Finishing Spray

Creme Rinse(s)

Protein Pak for Hair

Root Stimulator

Prototype Aerosol Hair Spray

Prototype Pump Hair Spray

Pump Spray(s)

Pump Spray Conditioner(s)


Self-Timing Permanent Wave Lotion(s)

Setting Foam(s)

Setting Gel(s)

Setting Lotion(s)

Setting Mousse


Shampoo Conditioner

Apricot Hair Conditioner

Section VIII: Lipsticks

Fluid Lipstick


Lips Ointment

Glossy Lipstick

Lip-Gloss Stick

Lip Balm(s)

Lip Care Stick with Sun Screen

Lip Balm Stick(s)

Lip Care Stick(s)


Lip Powder-Water Resistant

Lipsticks with Volatile Silicones

Lip Repair

Lip Gloss

High Shine Lipstick

Lip Ointment


Lipstick Base(s)

Lip Care Stick

Protective Lip Balm

Lip Pomade

Section IX: Lotions

Acne Treatment Lotion

Hand and Body Lotion

All-Purpose Skin Conditioning Lotion

Body Lotion

Banana Hand Lotion

Peach Hand Lotion

Basic Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter

Emollient Body Lotion

Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion

Low Cost Low Solids Lotion

Body Lotion(s)

Body and Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion(s)

Cationic Moisturizing Lotion

Universal Skin Lotion, W/O Liquid

Chamomile Lotion

W/O Lotion

Cleansing Lotion(s)

Moisturizing Lotion

Clear Body Lotion

Cold Mix-W/O Emulsion: Dihydroxyacetone Lotion

Conditioning Facial Lotion

Body Lotion

Daily Protective Lotion (with Sunscreen)

Lotion with Wheat Germ Oil

Day Lotion

Deep Moisturizing Lotion(s)

Dry Skin Lotion

Face Lotion with Moisturizing Factor

Emollient Lotion

All Purpose Lotion (Non-Oily)

Enriched Moisturizing Lotion (before and after Tanning)

Waste-in-Oil Moisturizing Lotion

Face Lotion(s)

Collagen Lotion

Protective Barrier Lotion

Hair Conditioner Lotion

Hair Setting Lotion(s)

Hand Lotion

Body Lotion

Hand and Body Lotion(s)

Soft and Silky Lotion

Herbal All Purpose Lotion

High-Grade Hair Lotion(s)

Conditioning/Styling Lotion

Hydrocortisone Lotion

Face Lotion with Herbs

Light Conditioning Hand Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion(s)

Massage Lotion(s)

Lotion Based on Sodium Alginate

Regenerating Beauty Lotion

Lotion for Dry Skin

Low Solids Almond Lotion

Apricot Hand Lotion

Moisture Lotion

Moisturizing Cleansing Lotion

Moisturization Lotion(s)

"Non-Oily" Hand and Body Lotion

Nutritive Lotion

O/W Lotion(s)

Performing Treatment Lotion

PHOSPHOLIPID EFA Remedial Skincare Lotion

Milk Lotion

Hand and Body Lotion

Hand Lotion(s)

Pourable Moisturizing Lotion(s)

Protective Emollient Lotion

Face Lotion

Serum Contour Lotion

Shiny, Non-Fatting Care Lotion(s)

Silk Protein Skin Lotion(s)

Body Lotion, Herb Content

Vitamin Body Lotion

Strawberry Hand Lotion

Jojoba Lotion

Super Moisturizing Lotion

Washing Lotion Based on Mild Surfactants

Tonic Lotion

Ultra Moisturizing Lotion

Vaseline-Intensive-Care-Type Formula

Washing Lotion(s) Based on Mild Surfactants

Body Lotion, O/W

Section X: Shampoos

Acid Balanced Conditioning Shampoo

All Natural Shampoo

All Purpose Shampoo

Acid Conditioning Shampoo

High Lather Creme Rinse Shampoo

Low Cost Shampoo

Aloe-Seaweed Shampoo(s)

Aloe Vera Shampoo(s)

Animal Free Shampoo

High Lather Acid pH Shampoo

Detangling Shampoo

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo(s)

Medicated Shampoo

Apricot Shower Shampoo Gel

Natural Mild (Apricot) Conditioning Shampoo

Basic Shampoo

Cleansing Shampoo

Children's Conditioning Shampoo

Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Clean Scalp Type Shampoo

All Natural Shampoo

Clear Clean Shampoo(s)

Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Clear Liquid Baby Shampoo(s)

Clear Mild Shampoo(s)

Baby and Family Shampoo

Clear Shampoo(s)

Non-Alkaline Shampoo

Clear Shampoo/Conditioner

Coal Tar Shampoo(s)

Gel Shampoo

Concentrated Conditioning Creme Shampoo

Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Wheat Shampoo

Cream Shampoo

Dilutable Shampoo Concentrate

Economy Shampoo

Cream Shampoo, for Application to Greasy Hair and Dandruff

Cream Family Shampoo(s)

Daily Use Conditioning Shampoo for Oily Hair

Damaged Hair Shampoo

Bio-Intensive Shampoo

Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Economy Shampoo

Gel Shampoo-Natural Scents

Egg Shampoo, Lecithin Content

Protein Shampoo, Lecithin Content

Pearlized Family Shampoo(s)

Everyday Conditioning Shampoo

Self Adjusting Conditioning Shampoo

Every Day Shampoo

Clear Liquid Family Shampoo

Extra Gentle Shampoo

Shampoo for Oily Hair

Family Shampoo(s)

Gel Conditioning Shampoo

Cream Shampoo

Gel Shampoo

Hair Bath(s)

Hair Repair Shampoo

Herbal Shampoo(s)

High Active Shampoo

Antidandruff Shampoo for Oily Hair

Rich Lather Oily Hair Shampoo

High Foaming Shampoo

High Foaming 2 in 1 Shampoo Containing Selenium Disulfide

Highly Concentrated Detangling Shampoo

Super Detangling Shampoo Clear

HKP Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Shampoo with Awapuhi Extract Type

Lotion Shampoo(s)

Mild, Clear Shampoo(s)

Mild Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Mild Protein Shampoo

Natural Shampoo

Mild Salt Free Conditioner

Pearly Lotion Conditioner

Protein Lotion Conditioner

Mild Shampoo(s)

Moisturizing Shampoo

Shampoo with Conditioning and Easy Combing Action

Moisturizing Shampoo for Oily Hair

Mousse Shampoo

Natural Mild (Wheat Germ) Conditioning Shampoo

Clear Conditioning Shampoo

Neutralizer Shampoo(s)

Crystal Shampoo

Non-Irritating and Mildly Conditioning Shampoo

Non-Alkaline Shampoo High Viscosity

One Step Shampoo/Conditioner(s)

Pearlescent Liquid Shampoo

Clear Shampoo with Protein

Family Shampoo(s)

Pearlized Conditioning Shampoo

Pearly Shampoo

Pearlescent Shampoo Concentrate

Pearly Silver Shampoo for Gray or White Hair

"Beer" Shampoo

Powder Family Shampoo(s)

Professional Formula Conditioning Shampoo

Protein Shampoo(s)

Salicylic Acid Shampoo(s)

Aloe Vera Gel Shampoo


Shower Shampoo(s)

Shampoo for Stressed Hair

Conditioning Shampoo

Non-Alkaline Shampoo

Shampoo for Oily Hair

Clear Liquid Family Shampoo

Shampoo for Penned Hair-Damaged

Shampoo with Care Effect

Clear Shampoo with Protein Hydrolysate

Aerosol Dry Shampoo

Conditioning Shampoo(s)

Shampoo with Egg Yolk

Shampoo with Lecithin

Pearlescent Luxury Shampoo

Shampoo(s) with Pearl Shine

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse(s)

Shampoo, Clear, Antidandruff

Shampoo(s), for Application to Greasy Hair and Dandruff

Shampoo for Dyed and Permed Hair

Shampoo for Permed Hair

Shampoo and Rinse

Viscous Clear Shampoo

Shampoo for Normal/Dry Hair

Clear Liquid Family Shampoo


Shower Shampoo(s)

Supermild Conditioning Shampoo

Mild Shampoo(s)

Ultra Pearlescent Conditioning Shampoo

Conditioning Shampoo for Dry Scalp

Vitamin Shampoo(s)

Volumizing Shampoo-Extra Body

Pearlized Family Shampoo(s)

2 in 1 Shampoo(s)

Section XI: Shaving Products

Aerosol Shave Cream(s)

Shaving Creme



After Shave Lotion(s)

After Shave Balm(s)

Conditioning After Shave

After Shave Emulsion(s)

After Shave Gel(s)

After Shave Spray with Vitamins, Quick-Breaking Foam

After Shave Lotion for Sensitive Skin

After Shave Soother

After Shave Soothing Gel(s)


After Shave Toner


Brushless Shave Cream(s)

Shave Cream

Ultra Aerosol Shave Cream for Sensitive Skin

Cooling Lotion

Hydroalcoholic Aftershave Balm

Pre-Shave Lotion(s)

Shaving Gel

Shave Cream(s)

Tube Cream Shave

Section XII: Soaps

Cream Hand Cleanser

Handsoap with Salicylic Acid

Detergent Free Hand Soap

Heavy Duty Liquid Handsoap

General Purpose "Liquid Soap(s)"

Mild "Liquid Soap"

Germicidal Hand Cleanser

Hand Cleaner/Shower Soap

Hand Cleaner(s)

Liquid Pearlescent Handsoap

Liquid Hand Soap(s)

Jojoba Soap Bar

Liquid Soap(s)

Lotionized Liquid Soap(s)

Opaque Liquid Soap

Transparent Toilet Soap

Pearlized Hand Soap

Liquid Soap(s)

Section XIII: Sun Care Products

After Sun Care Lotion(s)

After-Sun Cream(s)

Sunscreen Oil

Sunscreen Cream W/O

Sun Tan Cream

After Sun Foam

Sun Protection Gel

After Sun Gel

After Sun Lotion(s)

Sun Tan Cream

After Sun Skin Repair(s)

Aloe Cationic Suntan Lotion

Sunscreen Oil

Child's Delicate Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 30+

Clear Anhydrous Sunscreen

Cold Mix—W/O Emulsion Sunscreen

Clear Sunscreen Oil

Clear Liquid Sunblock(s)

After Sun Lotion O/W

Cold Mix Sunscreen Oil

Sunscreen Cream

Day Cream SPF 15

Dihydroxyacetone Self Tanning Lotion

Suntan Oil Spray

Midrange SPF Suntan Lotion

Tropical Suntan Oil

"Mineral Oil Free" Suntan Oil

Suntan Cream

Oil Free Waterproof Tanning Cream SPF 8

Sun Lotion

O/W Sun Protection Cream

Sun Protection Milk

O/W Sunscreen Cream

Sunscreen Gel

O/W Sunscreen Lotion(s)

Sun Tan Cream

Sun Tan Lotion

"PABA Free" Waterproof Sunscreen

Self Tanning Cream(s)

Self Tanning Lotion(s)

After Sun Gel

Solar Tanning Cream(s)

Tanning Jelly

Sun Screen Stick

Solar Tanning Lotion(s)

Solar Tanning Oil(s)

Solar Tanning Stick(s)

'Sun Bloc' Sunscreen SPF 15

Sun Care SPF 15

Sun Protectant Lotion SPF 8


Sun-Protection-Lotion (W/O)




Sun Protection Lotion(s)

After Sun Emulsion, for Stressed Skin Type O/W

Suntan Stick



Sunscreen Cream(s)

After Sun Milk

Sun Tan Cream

Sunscreen Facial Creme with SPF 4

Sunscreen Oil Spray

Sun Screen Foam

Water Resistant Sunscreen Mousse

Sunscreen Gel

Silky Suntan Oil

Sunscreen Lotion(s)

Anhydrous Sun Gel

Sun Screen O/W

Sun Screen Cream(s)

Sunscreen Oil

Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen Foam

Sun Screen Milk

Sun Screen Oil(s)

O/W Sunscreen


Sun Screen Stick(s)

Aloe After Sun Lotion (40% Aloe)

Sun Tan Cream

Sun Tan Lotion W/O

Tanning Accelerator

Solar Tanning Oil Mousse

Titanium Dioxide Based Waterproof Sunscreen

After Sun Lotion(s)

Ultra Violet Absorbing Sunscreen

Vitamin Sun Gel

Waterproof Sunscreen Gel

Sun Protection Mask

Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 22

Sunscreen Cream(s)

Section XIV: Toothpastes

Chalk Toothpaste

Aluminum Hydroxide Toothpaste(s)

Clear Gel Toothpaste

Phosphate Toothpaste(s)

Chalk Toothpaste

Silica Toothpaste(s)

Tartar Control Toothpaste



Conventional Paste

Silica Paste

Section XV: Miscellaneous

Acne Scrub Cream

Skin Fluid, O/W, "High Quality"


Child's Wound Ointment

Ampoule Preparation

Talcum Powder

Benzocaine Ointment(s)


Mustache Wax

Benzocaine Aerosol Spray Non-Alcohol

Gel Formulation

Bio Complex

Protective Stick

Body Oil Spray

Massage Oil

Vitamin Leg Balsam Type O/W



Dental-Gel (Blue)

Denture Adhesive(s)


Foot Balsam

Remedy for Skin Diseases

Formula AY 43T

50% Silicone DC200/350 Emulsion


Germicidal Hand Cleanser

Hand Safety Cleaner

Hand-Care Foam

Hand Soap

High-Water-Content Gel

Homopolymer Gels

A-C 617 Mineral Oil Gel

Nail Polish Remover with Natural Lipid Conditioner

Body Building Conditioner

Invisible Glove Formula

Siltech Wax(es)

Liposome Gel(s)

Liquid W/O Emulsion for Use as Facial Lotion

Liquid W/O

Emollient Transparent Gel

Massage Oil(s)

Mild Hand Cleanser

Pumice Hand Cleanser(s)


Muscle Rub(s)


Anhydrous Ointment

OiWater Emulsion(s)

Emulsion Ointment(s)

Quick Emulsifying Base(s)

Soft Set Conditioning Mousse

Clear Gel Activator/Conditioner

Sport Body Cooler

Super Hot Oil

Section XVI: Trade-Named and Other Raw Materials Descriptions

Section XVII: Suppliers' Addresses


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