Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 4

Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 4

1st Edition - December 31, 1995

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  • Author: Ernest W. Flick
  • eBook ISBN: 9780815516729
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780815513834

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More than 950 cosmetics and toiletry formulations are detailed in this well-received and useful book. It is based on information obtained from industrial suppliers.If you would like to purchase the entire 7-volume set, please call 607-33


Cosmetics formulators, scientists, chemists, and anyone involved with the manufacture of cosmetics.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1. Antiperspirants and Deodorants
    Aluminum Chlorohydrate Antiperspirant Stick
    Aluminum Chlorohydrate Antiper
    Aerosol Antiperspirant
    Antiperspirant Cream
    Oil/Water Antiperspirant Cream
    Antiperspirant Roll-On
    Roll-On Antiperspirant
    Antiperspirant Stick
    Oil-in-Water Antiperspirant Lotion
    Antiperspirant Lotion
    Deodorant Stick
    Dry Antiperspirant Stick
    Quick Drying Roll-On Antiperspirant
    Dry Roll-On Antiperspirant
    Talc Spray Antiperspirant
    General Purpose Stick Formulation-1
    General Purpose Stick Formulation-2
    Stick Antiperspirant
    Roll-On Antiperspirant
    Quick Dry Roll-On Lotion
    Clear Roll-On A.P. Lotion
    Spray Powder Antiperspirant
    Deodorant Stick
    Stick Formulation
    Section 2. Baby Products
    Baby Bath
    Baby Lotion Mousse
    Baby Oil
    Baby Shampoo
    Baby Foam Baths
    Tear Free Baby Bath
    Baby Wipes
    Mild Children's Bubble Bath
    Section 3. Bath and Shower Products
    Aerosol Bath Oil
    Dispersible Bath Oil
    Bath Gel
    Bath Gelee with Natural Lipid Protein
    Bath Gelee
    Emollient Bath Gelee
    Bath Milk
    Washing Lotion
    Bath Oil, De Luxe with Plant Oils
    Foam Bath with Almond Oil
    Foam Bath Oil
    Bubble Bath & Bath Oil
    Bubble Bath
    Clear Gel
    High Foaming Shower Gel
    Foam Baths, Clear
    Foam Baths, Pearlescent
    Herbal Foam Bath
    Foam Bath, Transparent
    Mild Shower Gel
    Shower Bath Gel with Pearl Lustre
    Clear, Mild to the Skin Shower Bath
    Refreshing Shower Gel
    Shower Gel
    Shower Bath for Everyday Use
    Mild Foam Bath
    Shower Baths, Clear
    Shower Baths, Pearlescent
    Shower Gel Cleanser
    Bath Crystals
    Silky Bath Gel
    Water White Shower Gel
    Shower Gel
    Section 4. Beauty Aids
    Aloe Vera Skin Freshener
    Powder Mask Activator
    Blemish/Scar Concealer
    Skin Cleanser with Porous Cellulose Particles
    Body Scrub
    Body Powder
    Cheek Rouge
    Concealing Stick
    Cream Eye Shadow
    Dry Powder Rouge Base
    Cream Facial Scrub
    Oil-in-Water Cream and Its Scrub Derivative
    Cream-to-Powder Eye Shadow with Dry-Floc PC
    Liquid Talc
    Creamy Eye Shadow
    Waterproof Eye Liner
    Creamy Matte Make Up Base
    Liquid Make-up
    Creamy Roll-On Lip Gloss
    Deep Extra Body Conditioner
    Emollient Liquid Make-up
    Emulsion Makeup
    Water-in-Oil Lotion Makeup
    Eye Contour Balm
    Eye Mascara
    Eyeliner Stick/Pencil
    Face and Body Milk
    Lip Care Stick
    Skin Tonic Water Without Alcohol
    Facial Cleanser
    Sting Free Facial Cleanser
    Fluid Make-up
    Compact Make-up
    Fluid Make Up
    Regenerating Lipcare-Stick
    Gelled Aloe Vera with Sunscreen
    Aloe Vera Jelly
    Gentle Beauty Wash
    Hair and Skin Moisturizing Mist
    Hair and Skin Moisturizing Spray
    Hair Liquid (Soft Type)
    High Shine Lipstick
    Lipstick Formulation
    Lip Balm White
    Lip Balm I
    Lip Balm II
    Lip Gloss (Souffle)
    Roll-On Lip Gloss
    Lip Pencil
    New Look Lipstick
    Lipstick, Glossy
    Lipstick Formulae
    Liquid Foundation
    Powder Foundation
    Liquid Make-up
    Silky Facial Mask
    Lotion Scrub
    Lotion Hand Scrub
    Low Cost, Extended Wear Lipstick
    Low Cost Lipstick
    Lip Balm
    Makeup Foundation
    Eyebrow Pencil, Heat Stable
    Moisture Stick Base
    Cream Rouge Formula
    Pot Eyeshadow
    Moisturizing Liposomal Gel
    Skin Tightening Gel
    Moisturizing Make-up Foundation
    Skin Cleanser
    Moisturizing Milk with High Electrolyte Content
    W/O Hydrating Body Milk
    Nail Polish Remover
    Non-Feathering Extended Wear Lipstick
    Oil/Water Matte Cream Makeup
    Lip Balm
    Oil-in-Water Milk Emulsion
    One Coat Mascara
    Overnight Facial Moisturizer
    Moisturizing Make-up Foundation
    O/W Cleansing Milk
    W/O Cleansing Milk
    O/W Cleansing Milk
    Dry Skin Oil with Alcohol
    Petroleum Oil/Petroleum Wax Free Lipstick
    Pressed Powder Eye Shadow (Pearlescent Type)
    Face Mask
    Pressed Powder Eyeshadow
    Molded Eye Shadow
    Cosmetic Aerosol Foam
    Pressed Powder with 1% Eldew
    Pressed Powder with 3% Eldew
    Prolonged Skin Moisturizer
    Skin Lightening Composition
    Three Layer Facial Moisturizer
    Purifying Clay Face Mask
    Slenderizing Cream with Green Tea Extract
    Amidroxy Sugar Cane Cream
    Soothing Body Gel
    Anhydrous Deep Penetrating Gel
    Stick Type Lip Gloss
    Thickening Mascara
    Thigh Slimming Cream
    Ultra Rich Hand and Body Nourisher
    Vegetable Based Moisturizing Cream
    Liquifying Cream Makeup Remover
    Water Resistant Liquid Foundation
    Lip Gloss
    Section 5. Creams
    All Purpose Cream
    Vanishing Cream
    All Purpose Dry Skin Cream
    Dry Skin Cream
    Almond Vanishing Cream with Collagen
    Dry Skin Cream
    Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream
    Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream with 10% Aloe Vera Gel
    Aloe Vera Night Cream
    Night Cream
    Anti-Cellulite Cream
    Antiwrinkle Daycream
    Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
    Day Cream O/W for Sensitive Skin
    Cleansing Cream
    Mascara Cream
    Cold Cream
    Facial Washing Cream
    Daily Facial Cream with UV Protection (O/W)
    Day Cream, Oily
    Moisturizing Cream, Slightly Oily
    Deep Moisturizing Cream
    Apricot Vanishing Cream
    Emollient Cream
    Stabilized Urea Moisturizing Cream
    Emollient Cream for Dry Flaking Skin
    Facial Cleansing Cream
    Emollient Cream
    Non-Greasy Emollient Cream
    Emollient Cream
    Vanishing Cream
    European O/W Day Cream
    Exfoliating Cream
    Facial Moisturizing Cream
    Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream
    Facial Night Cream
    Age Spot Treatment Cream
    General Purpose Cream
    General Purpose Water/Oil Cream
    General Purpose O/W Cream
    Acne Scrub Cream
    Emollient Cream, Water/Oil
    General Purpose Cream
    Water-in-Oil Cream
    General Purpose Water/Oil Cream
    Mineral Oil Cream-W/O
    General Purpose W/O Cream
    Oil-in-Water Cream and Its Scrub Derivative
    General Purpose W/O Hand Cream
    Oil-in-Water Cream
    Gentle Night Repair Cream
    Glossy Cream
    Glycolic Acid Cream
    Hand and Body Cream
    High Content Mineral Oil Cream
    O/W Petrolatum Cream
    Hydrocortisone Cream
    All Natural Cream (W/O Type)
    Hydrogen Peroxide Cream
    Hydroxy Acid Cream (W/O Emulsion)
    Moisturizing Cream Cold Process W/O
    Light Texture Hand Creme
    Facial Moisture Creme
    Mixed Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream
    Multi-Functional Day Cream
    Multi-Purpose Cream
    Versatile Cream
    Night Cream (15% Aloe)
    Aloe Bath Soap
    Oil/Water Cold Cream
    O/W Cold Cream (Soap Free)
    Oil/Water Moisturizing Cream
    Oil/Water Night Cream
    W/O Night Cream
    Oil/Water Pigmented Cream
    O/W All-Purpose Cream
    Oil-in-Water-in-Oil Cream
    Transparent Cleansing Cream
    O/W Protective Hand Cream
    Hand Cream
    Modified Oil-in-Water Stearic Acid Cream
    Skin Cream
    Hand Cream
    Moisturizer O/W Cream
    Moisturizing Cream
    Neck Firming Cream
    Night Cream, Non-Greasy
    O/W Cream, with Bacteriostat
    Protective Face and Body Cream
    Eye Cream
    Protective Face and Body Cream
    Moisturizing Cream
    Rejuvenating Cream
    W/O Night Repair Cream ""Cold Procedure""
    Silk Protein Skin Cream
    Moisturizing Cream with Tritosol
    Silky-Smooth Lotion/Cream-A
    Silky-Smooth Lotion/Cream-B
    Silky-Smooth Lotion/Cream-C
    Silky Smooth Cream Base
    Skin Cream
    Skin Cream with CAE and Amihope
    Cleansing Cream
    Skin Care Cream
    Soft Cream
    Jojoba Oil Cream
    Vanishing Cream
    Ross Cold Cream Formulation with Jojoba Oil
    W/O Cream with Eldew
    Cleansing Cream
    90% Water Cream
    Soft and Silky Vanishing Cream
    Section 6. Hair Care Products
    Artic Mist Spray Gel
    Super Hard Hold Hair Spray
    Balsam Conditioner
    Clear Conditioner with Wheat Germ Cationic
    Clear Leave-On Conditioner
    Birch Hair Lotion
    Invigorating Hair Lotion
    Hair Conditioner
    Brushing Gel
    Hair Brushing Lotion
    Brushing Lotion
    Hair Rinse
    Clear Conditioner
    Light Hair Conditioner
    Clear Gel Hairdressing
    Water/Oil Hair Dressing
    Clear 'N' Natural Conditioner
    Cream of Wheat Conditioner
    Conditioner and Setting Lotion
    Curl Conditioner and Oil Sheen
    Foaming Conditioner
    Conditioner with Croquat HH
    High Performance Creme Rinse Conditioner
    Cream Curl Activator
    Hair Relaxer Emulsion
    Cream Hair Conditioner
    Hair Conditioner
    Pearl Conditioner
    Cream Hair Rinse
    Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion
    Permanent Wave Lotion
    Deep Conditioning Treatment
    Intensive Conditioner with Body
    Ethnic Hair Care Clear Hair Rinse
    Ethnic Hair Care Hair Dressings
    Ethnic Hair Care Curl Activation Gels Hair Repair
    Ethnic Hair Care Pump Spray-On Moisturizing/Oil-Sheens Conditioning Sheen
    Ethnic Hair Care Curl Activation Gel for Shine
    Ethnic Hair Care Curl Activation Gel Moisturizing
    Ethnic Hair Care Leave-In Moisturizing/Sheen
    Ethnic Hair Care Hair Cuticle Coat Conditioner
    Ethnic Hair Care Pump Spray-On Moisturizing/Oil-Sheens Conditioning Sheen
    Ethnic Hair Care Pump Spray-On Moisturizing/Oil-Sheens Extra Sheen
    Ethnic Hair Glosser/Conditioner
    Ethnic Pump Spray Conditioner
    Ethnic Hair Glosser/Extra Conditioning
    Ethnic Hair Care Extra Conditioning Coat Conditioner
    Extra Hold Conditioning Mousse
    Leave-On Hair Conditioner
    Firm Hold Hairspray
    High Performance Styling Spray
    Gel Curl Activator
    Alcohol Free Styling Gel pH: 7
    Guanidine No Base Relaxer
    Potassium Relaxer
    Hair Brushing Lotion
    Hair Conditioner
    Hair Conditioner with Moisturizers and Quatemium-79 Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
    High Quality Conditioner
    Hair Conditioning Gel
    Hair Conditioner with CAE
    Hair Conditioning Lotion
    Clear Hair Conditioner Lotion
    Hair Conditioning Gel
    Hair Cream
    Hair Tonic
    Hair Dressing W/O Cold Process
    Hair Styling Gel
    Hair Gloss to Control Gel Concentrate
    Iridescent Hair Gel Concentrate
    Hair Pomade
    Hair Relaxer-Glycerine
    Hair Relaxer-Glycol
    Hair Sculpting Cream
    Hair Conditioner
    Hair Straightener
    Conditioning Styling Gel
    High Petrolatum Mousse Aerosol
    Hot Oil Hair Treatment Mousse
    Hot Oil Conditioner
    Hot Oil Super Conditioner
    Soft Glossing Spritz
    Intensive Conditioning Pomade
    Light Oil Free Conditioner
    Intensive Hair Conditioner
    Salon Strength Hair Conditioner
    Leave-On Scalp and Hair Conditioner
    Extra Hold Conditioning Mousse
    Light Oil Free Conditioner
    Aloe Vera air Conditioner (Light)
    Low Cost Relaxer
    Extra Stable Relaxer
    Medium Hold, 80% VOC Pump Hair Spray
    55% VOC Pump Hair Spray
    Medium Strength Hair Conditioner
    Medium Hair Conditioner
    Moisture Balance Conditioner w/Cropeptide W
    Leave-On Conditioner Concentrate
    Natural Lipid Conditioner for Professional Salon
    Mild Opaque Conditioner
    Mild Pearl Conditioner
    Non-Aerosol Hair Spray with Protein
    Hair Rinse for Stressed Hair
    Pearly Lotion Conditioner
    Protein Lotion Conditioner
    Spray Leave-On Conditioner
    Pump Gel Type Spritz
    Moisturizing Hair Styling Gel
    Pump Spray Hair Detangler
    Hot Oil Treatment
    Ringing Gel
    Micro Emulsion Ringing Gel
    Salon Type Hair Conditioner
    Silicone Hair Gel
    Shebu Hair Setting Gel
    Stiff Holding Hairspray
    Aerosol Shaping Hairspray
    Styling/Conditioning Mousse
    Clear Gel Grooming Agent and Conditioner
    Hair Straightening Cream
    Styling Mousse X22176-106 (Hydroalcoholic)
    Styling Mousse X22176-107 (Alcohol-Free)
    Water-Based Hair Spray X21980-057 (Pump)
    Water-Based Hair Spray X21980-058 (Aerosol)
    Wheat Germ Foaming Conditioner
    Natural Lipid Styling Mousse
    Pump Type Hair Spray
    55% VOC Aerosol Hair Spray
    80% VOC Non-Aerosol Hair Spray
    80% VOC Hair Spray
    55% VOC Aerosol Hair Spray
    80% VOC Hair Spray
    High Humidity Hair Spray
    80% VOC Aerosol Shaper Hair Spray
    High Solids 80% VOC Hair Spray
    Section 7. Lotions
    After Exercise Body Lotion
    Therapeutic Humectant Lotion
    Alcoholic Milk Lotion
    Milk Lotion
    Alpha Hydroxy Acid Lotion
    Banana Hand Lotion
    O/W Lotion
    Behenyl Hand Lotion
    Body Lotion
    Emollient Lotion O/W Cold Process
    Body Lotion
    Moisturizing Hand Lotion
    Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Acid Lotion
    Deep Skin Cleansing Lotion
    Hand Lotion
    Deep Moisturizing Lotion
    Hand and Body Lotion
    Emollient Lotion
    Hand and Body Lotion
    European O/W Cleansing Lotion
    Water/Oil Cleansing Lotion
    Gentle Moisturizing Alpha Hydroxy Acid Lotion
    Hand Lotion
    Protective Hand Lotion
    Soft Hand Lotion
    Hand and Body Lotion
    Jojoba Lotion
    High Petrolatum Lotion
    Low Irritation Moisturizing Lotion
    Hydroalcoholic Mineral Oil Emulsion
    Mineral Oil Lotion
    Hydrogen Peroxide Lotion
    Isopropyl Myristate Lotion
    Vanishing Lotion
    Lanolin and Aloe Lotion
    Glossy Lotion
    Low Solids Almond Lotion II
    Peach Hand Lotion
    Milk Lotion
    Mineral Oil Lotion
    Mineral Oil Lotion-O/W
    Mineral Oil Free Lotion Contains Ethanol (20%)
    Moisturizing Lotion
    Pomade Lotion
    Neutralizing Lotion
    Quick Dry Roll-On Lotion
    O/W Broad Spectrum Protective Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamins
    O/W Lotion
    O/W Lotion with alpha-Hydroxy Acids
    O/W Lotion Cold/Cold Process
    Oil-in-Water Body Care Lotion
    Oil/Water Foundation Lotion
    Oil/Water Emollient Lotion
    Perfumed Body Lotion
    Silk Protein Skin Lotion
    Pearlescent Bath Lotion
    Skin Care Body Lotion
    Skin Moisturizing Lotion
    Dry Skin Lotion
    Skin Softening Lotion
    Skin Lotion
    Soft and Silky Lotion
    Low Cost Low Solids Lotion
    Strawberry Hand Lotion
    Apricot Hand Lotion
    Super Moisturizing Lotion
    IRF Facial Lotion
    Facial Moisturizing Lotion (W/O)
    Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
    Un-Buffered Alpha Hydroxy Acid Lotion
    W/O Lotion
    Body Lotion
    W/O Lotion with Eldew
    Mild Lotion with Amihope
    Section 8. Shampoos
    Acid Balanced Conditioning Shampoo
    All Purpose Shampoo
    Aloe Vera Gel Shampoo
    Aloe Vera Premium-Type Shampoo with Protein
    Anti-Dandruff Lotion Shampoo
    Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Cream Type
    Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    Cleaning Shampoo Type
    Anti-Dandruff Shampoos
    Shampoos for Greasy Hair
    Antidandruff Shampoo
    Protein Shampoo
    Balsam and Protein Shampoo
    Cleaning Shampoo
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Professional Salon Type Shampoo
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Cold Mix Shampoo w/Crosultaine C-50
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Everyday Hair Shampoo
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Gentle Shampoo
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Mild Conditioning Shampoo
    Cream Shampoo
    Highly Pearlescent Shampoo
    Emollient Shampoo
    Moisturizing Shampoo
    Shampoo Concentrate
    Ethnic Hair Care Amphoteric Shampoo (Cold Process) Clear
    Ethnic Hair Care Amphoteric Shampoo (Cold Process) Pearled
    Everyday Family Shampoo
    Gel Shampoo
    Mild Conditioning Shampoo
    Conditioning Shampoo
    Hair Shampoo
    Viscous Consumer Shampoo
    Transparent Shampoo
    Lotion Shampoo
    Hair Shampoo, Clear
    Hair Shampoo
    Hair Shampoo, Clear
    Hair Shampoos, Pearlescent
    Hair Shampoo with Conditioner
    Hair Shampoo with Conditioner for Everyday Use
    Herbal Shampoo
    Highly Concentrated Hair Shampoo
    High Foaming 2 in 1 Shampoo
    Silicone Free 2:1 Shampoo
    Light Conditioning Shampoo
    Low pH, Mild Conditioning Shampoo
    Economy Shampoo
    Mild Shampoo
    Moisture Balance Shampoo with Cropeptide W
    Shampoo with Tritisol
    Protein Shampoos
    Vitamin Shampoos
    Shampoo for Dry Hair
    Salon Conditioning Shampoo
    Salon Style Shampoo
    2 in 1 High Conditioning Shampoo
    Shampoo for Permed Hair
    Pearlescent Shampoo Concentrate
    Neutralizer Shampoo
    Sport Shampoo
    Herbal Shampoo Against Greasy Hair
    Two in One Shampoo
    Three in One Shampoo
    Wheat and Sesame Shampoo
    Detangling Shampoo
    Wheat Germ Conditioning Shampoo
    No-Sting 2:1 Shampoo
    Stripper Shampoo
    Section 9. Shaving Products
    Aerosol Shaving Cream
    Nonionic Aerosol Foam
    After Shave Balm
    Shave Gel
    After Shave Conditioner
    Alcohol Free After Shave Lotion
    Conditioning After Shave Toner
    Brushless Shave Cream
    Emulsion for Shaving
    Soap Free - Nonionic Shaving Emul
    Hemostatic After Shave
    Shaving Foam
    Shaving Creme
    Shaving Gel
    Ultra Aerosol Shave Cream for Sensitive Skin
    Section 10. Soaps and Hand Cleaners
    Economy Heavy-Duty and Cleaners
    Emulsion Cleaner
    Waterless Hand Cleaner
    Emulsion Cleaner and Waterless Hand Cleaner Emulsion Cleaner
    Waterless Hand Cleaner
    Fast Set Waterless Hand Cleaner with d-Limonene F-453
    Clear Gel d-Limonene Waterless Hand Cleaner F-454 Hand Cleaning Paste
    Hand Cleaning Cream, Free of Solvents
    Hand Cleaning Cream with Solvent
    Hand Cleaners from Concentrate
    Industrial and Institutional Liquid Hand Soaps
    Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate (Antimicrobial)
    Waterless Hand Cleaner (Gel)
    Waterless Hand Cleaner (Lotion)
    Liquid Hand Soap Formulations
    Lotion Hand Soap Requires No Heat
    Cream Soap (Requires Heat)
    Liquid Hand Soap
    Liquid Soap
    Liquid Synthetic Soaps
    Liquid Soap with Aloe Vera Gel
    Pearlescent Liquid Hand Soap
    Low Cost Clear Cleansing Bar
    Shower Soap
    Medicated Skin Cleaner
    Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner
    Mild Lotion Soap
    Liquid Hand Soap
    Premium Emollient Hand Soap
    Hand Cleaner
    Water Free Hand Cleaner
    Waterless Hand Cleaner
    Waterless Hand Cleaner No. 390
    Liquid Waterless Hand Cleaner No. 243
    Section 11. Sun Care Products
    Absorbing Sunscreen
    Synergistic Sunscreen
    Absorbing Sunscreen
    Water Resistant SP4 Sunscreen Composition
    Non-Alcoholic Sunscreen
    After Sun Lotion
    Solar Tanning Oil Mousse
    Aloe After Sun Lotion (40% Aloe)
    Suntan Lotion
    Aloe Suntan Lotion
    After Sun Lotion
    Buffered Self Tanning Lotion
    Cooling After Sun Lotion
    Suntan Lotion
    Daily UV Protection Lotion (Approximate SPF 18)
    European O/W Sun Protection Cream
    O/W Moisturizing Sunscreen Cream
    Lip Balm with Sunscreen-A
    Lip Balm with Sunscreen-B
    Non-Chemical Sunscreen Lotion (Approximate SPF 15)
    O/W After Sun Milk
    W/O After Sun Cream
    O/W Cream (SPF 5) (UVA/UVB Ratio 0.9)
    W/O Sun Protection Cream (SPF 15 +) (UVA/UVB Ratio 0.75)
    O/W Hydroalcoholic Sunscreen
    W/O Sunscreen (SPF 17)
    O/W Moisturizing Sunscreen Cream
    W/O Sunscreen Cream
    O/W Sunscreen Lotion
    O/W Emollient Sunscreen Lotion
    O/W Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 12)
    O/W Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 15)
    O N Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 10)
    W/O Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 20)
    O/W Vitaminized Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion (Indicative SPF 8)
    O/W Vitaminized Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion (Indicative SPF 25+)
    O/W Vitaminized Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion (Indicative SPF 15)
    Solar Tanning Cream
    Solar Tanning Cream High Protection
    Tanning Jelly
    Solar Tanning Cream Super Protection
    Jojoba After Sun Lotion
    Solar Tanning Lotion-A
    Solar Tanning Lotion-B
    Solar Tanning Lotion-C
    Solar Tanning Lotion-D
    Solar Tanning Lotion High Protection
    Solar Tanning Lotion Super Protection
    Solar Tanning Oil-A
    Solar Tanning Oil-B
    Solar Tanning Oil-C
    Solar Tanning Oil-D
    Solar Tanning Stick White Color
    Solar Tanning Stick Tan Color
    Sun Block Soft Cream (O/W ) Tested SPF 26
    Sun Filter Foam
    After Sun Stick
    Sun Protection Lotion
    Sunscreen with Amihope
    W/O SPF20 Sunscreen with Elder
    Sunscreen Balm (Cold Processing) SPF 8 (DIN 67501)
    Sunscreen Cream
    W/O Sunscreen Cream
    Sunscreen Cream Water-in-Oil (Expected SPF 15+)
    Skin Bronzing Cream
    Sunscreen Cream
    O/W Sunscreen Lotion
    Sun Screen Cream W/O
    Sun Screen Cream W/O, Oily
    Self Tanning Lotion
    Sunscreen Cream
    Suntan Cream
    Sunscreen Gel (approx. SPF 10)
    Sunscreen Gel (approx. SPF 12)
    Sunscreen Gel SPF 6 (FDA-OTC)
    Sunscreen Lotion
    Sunscreen Lotion (approx. SPF 15)
    Sunscreen Lotion
    O/W Emollient Sunscreen Lotion
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 6 (DIN 67501)
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 10
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 4 (DIN 67501)
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 18 (FDA-OTC)
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 10 (DIN 67501)
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) (Cold Processing) SPF 6 (FDA-OTC) Waterproof
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 30 (FDA-OTC)
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) Tested SPF 10
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) Tested SPF 16
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) SPF 6 (FDA-OTC), Waterproof
    Sunscreen Lotion (O/W) Tested SPF 11
    Sunscreen Moisturizing Cream
    Tanning Accelerator
    Sun Screen Stick
    Titanium Dioxide Based Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 12 (Tested)
    Ultra Violet Absorbing Sunscreen
    Unbuffered Self Tanning Cream
    Waterproof Sun Protection Lotion (with 8% Titanium Dioxide) SPF 15
    W/O Sunscreen Lotion SPF 22
    Waterproof Sunscreen Gel (Tested SPF 30)
    Waterproof Sunscreen Spray Mist SPF 16 (Tested)
    Waterproof Sunscreen W/O Emulsion SPF 22 (Static) SPF 21 (Waterproof)
    Waterproof Sunscreen W/O Emulsion SPF 15
    Waterproof W/O Sunscreen Lotion Base 3.5, 3.7
    Waterproof W/O Sunscreen Lotion SPF 21, 15
    Waterproof W/O Sunscreen Lotion SPF 17, 12
    Water Resistant Sunscreen
    W/O SPF 15 Sunscreen with Ajidew and Eldew
    Sunscreen Lip Balm with Eldew
    W/O SPF 15 Sunscreen with Ajidew and Eldew
    W/O Sunscreen Lotion SPF-18
    W/O Sunscreen Lotion SPF-17
    Section 12. Miscellaneous
    Aloe Medicated Gel With Alcohol (SDA 39C)
    Aloe Medicated Gel Without Alcohol
    Cetylpyridinium Chloride Mouthwash
    Spearmint Mouthwash
    Clear Gel Without DEA
    Silicone Emulsion
    Clear Ringing Gel
    Clear Gel Base
    Cream Sachet
    Liquid Cologne
    Solid Cologne
    High-Luster Toothpaste
    Denture Cleaner
    Hydrophilic O/W Ointment Base
    Emollient Anhydrous Ointment
    W/O Ointment Base
    Washable Anhydrous Base
    Jojoba Massage Oil
    Massage Oil
    Micro-Emulsions with Aloe Vera and d-Limonene
    Modified Petrolatum
    Washable Oil
    Ointment Base
    Anhydrous Ointment
    Zinc Oxide Ointment-Anhydrous
    O/W Ointment Base
    Oil-in-Water-in-Silicone Emulsion
    Protein-Lecithin Complex Emulsion
    Skin Growth Accelerator
    Pharmaceutical Cream Base
    Pharmaceutical Ointment Base
    Washable Oil
    Wound Healing Accelerator
    Massage Gel
    Petrolatum Stick
    W/O Ointment Base
    Section 13. Trade-Named Raw Materials
    Section 14. Suppliers' Addresse

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