3rd Edition

Exploring Crime, Punishment, and Justice in America


  • Bradley Edwards
  • John Whitehead
  • Kimberly Dodson
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    Corrections: Exploring Crime, Punishment, and Justice in America, Third Edition, provides an introduction to the field of corrections. It examines the current state of American corrections; the directions being taken by corrections; and trends, such as the emphasis on punishment. Beginning with an overview of recent trends in corrections, the book’s 13 chapters discuss the history of American corrections; corrections and the courts; community corrections; restorative community justice; jails; prisons and prison life; and correctional administrators and personnel. There is also a discussion of special populations in prison; women offenders and correctional workers; juvenile corrections; the death penalty in America; and the future of corrections. Each chapter includes learning objectives, key terms, and an “Ethics Focus” exercise. The present edition also features updated statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Corrections, the National Institute of Justice, and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. There are also photos of jails and prisons across the United States, and tables and graphs of crime trends and incarceration rates across the country. In addition, the book offers historical cases that have shaped prison reform and the most recent Supreme Court decisions affecting prisoners and prison administration.

    Key Features

      • Increased emphasis on evidence-based decisionmaking in corrections
      • New author team, new title, and more engaging and reader-friendly content
      • Highly visual full-color interior at a very affordable price point
      • A completely new chapter brings together all aspects of correctional administration


      Students in the criminal justice field.

      Table of Contents

      Acknowledgments Preface Online Instructor and Student Resources 1 Understanding Corrections: Where Are We? Key Terms Introduction The Current State of American Corrections: Present Trends Justifications for Sanctioning Themes of the Text Conclusion Discussion Questions References 2 The History of American Corrections: Where Did We Come From? Key Terms Introduction English Corrections During the Enlightenment Corrections in the United States Birth of the Penitentiary Prisons in the Industrial Era Indeterminate Sentence and Parole Corrections in the Progressive Era “Big House” Era Rehabilitation: The “Anything Works” Era Deinstitutionalization and “Nothing Works” Corrections in the “Get-Tough” Era Conclusion Discussion Questions References Court Cases 3 Corrections and the Courts Key Terms Introduction Institutional Corrections and the Courts Limitations of Correctional Litigation Conclusion Discussion Questions References Court Cases Statutes 4 Community Corrections Key Terms Introduction Rationale for Community Corrections Programs Diversion Probation Parole Intermediate Punishments Concerns about Community Corrections Conclusion Discussion Questions References Court Cases 5 Restorative Community Justice Key Terms Introduction What Is Restorative Community Justice? Principles and Core Values The Process of Decision Making Community Justice Practices Challenges to the Community Justice Approach Conclusion Discussion Questions References 6 Jails Key Terms Introduction The History of Jails Jails Today Jail Inmate Characteristics Role of Jails in t


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      About the authors

      Bradley Edwards

      Bradley D. Edwards teaches various courses at East Tennessee State University, including corrections, criminology, criminal law, research methods, and policy and criminal research. He completed his B.S. and M.A. at East Tennessee State University.

      John Whitehead

      John T. Whitehead is a Professor and former Chair in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at East Tennessee State University. He completed his M.A. at the University of Notre Dame and earned his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from SUNY-Albany. He teaches courses in corrections, criminal justice ethics, and the death penalty.

      Kimberly Dodson

      Kimberly D. Dodson is an Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at Western Illinois University. She earned her Ph.D. in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in corrections, diversity, and ethics in criminal justice. Her research interests include using evidence-based assessments to evaluate correctional programs and policies,the effectiveness of rehabilitation and treatment for minorities, and promoting thoughtful pedagogical practices in criminal justice. Dodson also is the creator and author of "The Big House Blog" located at: