Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation

8th Edition

Print ISBN: 9781455730087
eBook ISBN: 9781455730513
Imprint: Anderson
Published Date: 28th February 2013
Page Count: 456


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This text presents foundations of correctional intervention, including overviews of the major systems of therapeutic intervention, diagnosis of mental illness, and correctional assessment and classification. Its detailed descriptions and cross-approach comparisons can help professionals better determine which of several techniques might be especially useful in their particular setting.

Key Features

    • Provides a clear and comprehensive picture of current approaches for treating and rehabilitating correctional clients
    • Fits major paradigms of psychotherapy to the unique needs of offenders
    • Describes tools and skill sets essential for the correctional counselor
    • Includes key concepts and terms and discussion questions in every chapter
    • Features a new chapter on treating women offenders based on the authors’ considerable expertise in that area


    Criminal justice students, corrections students, correctional practitioners, administrators, and policymakers.

    Table of Contents

    Part One: A Professional Framework for Correctional Counseling
    Chapter 1: The Process of Correctional Counseling and Treatment
    Chapter 2: Understanding the Special Challenges Faced by the Correctional Counselor in the Prison Setting

    Part Two: Historical Foundations of Correctional Counseling and Treatment
    Chapter 3: Psychoanalytic Therapy
    Chapter 4: Radical Behavioral Interventions
    Chapter 5: Early Approaches to Group and Milieu Therapy

    Part Three: Offender Assessment, Diagnosis, and Classification
    Chapter 6: Diagnosis and Assessment of Criminal Offenders
    Chapter 7: An Overview of Offender Classification Systems

    Part Four: Contemporary Approaches to Correctional Counseling and Treatment
    Chapter 8: Social Learning Models
    Chapter 9: Cognitive Therapies
    Chapter 10: Family Therapy

    Part Five: Interventions for Special Populations
    Chapter 11: Treating Sexual Offenders
    Chapter 12: Treating Substance Abuse in Offender Populations
    Chapter 13: Treating Severely Antisocial Offenders
    Chapter 14: Treating Women Offenders

    Part Six: Putting it all Together in Correctional Policy and at the Desk
    Chapter 15: Correctional Treatment: Accomplishments and Realities 
    Chapter 16: Case Planning and Case Management


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    "This update of the 2009 edition of a standard text in the field by Voorhis adds Salisbury as coauthor, a new chapter on women offenders, and revisions to chapters to reflect new developments in the field of correctional rehabilitation…The work includes theoretical models, case studies, discussion questions, and online resources."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013