The symposium was organised by Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited and the Australian Grain Institute Incorporated in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. The meeting attracted 270 participants from 28 countries, and as it was devoted to the practical aspects of the subject, it included a field trip to sites in various stages of the sealing exercise in order to provide coverage of the broad aspects of grain handling, storage, transport and quality control. These proceedings contain the 49 papers presented, together with a description of the field visits, plus records and discussions.

Table of Contents

1. Current Use of Controlled Atmosphere Storage. 2. Entomology of Controlled Atmosphere Storage. 3. Preservation of Quality in Controlled Atmosphere Storage. 4. Storage Sealing Techniques 1. 5. Storage Sealing Techniques 2. 6. Alteration of Storage Atmospheres. 7. Futurology. 8. Rapporteurs' Reports and Discussion (Sessions 1-8). 9. The Bunker System. 10. Physical Methods. 11. Chemical Control. 12. Integration. 13. Rapporteurs' Reports and Discussion. Author and Discussant Index. Subject Index.


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@qu:This book concerns a technology whose time may well be at hand. The records of the first symposium in Rome and the second in Perth belong in every postharvest library. @source: Cereal Foods World