Working through this student-centred text readers will be brought up to speed with the modelling of control systems using Laplace, and given a solid grounding of the pivotal role of control systems across the spectrum of modern engineering. A clear, readable text is supported by numerous worked example and problems.

Key Features

* Key concepts and techniques introduced through applications * Introduces mathematical techniques without assuming prior knowledge * Written for the latest vocational and undergraduate courses


Students following pre-degree vocational courses and first year degree modules. UK courses: BTEC National (2001/02 specifications), HNC / HND (coverage of this book has been specifically matched to the Control Systems and Automation unit).

Table of Contents

Preface; Control systems, Introduction, Systems, Control systems models, Measurement elements, Signal processing, Correction elements, Control systems, Problems; System models, Introduction, Gain, Dynamic systems, Differential equations, Transfer function, System transfer functions, Sensitivity, Block manipulation, Multiple inputs, Problems; System response, Introduction, Inputs, Determining outputs, First order systems, Second order systems, Problems; System parameters, Introduction, First order systems, Second order systems, Stability, Problems; Frequency response, Introduction, Phasors, Sinusoidal inputs, Bode plots, System identification, Stability, Compensation, Problems; Nyquist diagrams, Introduction, The polar plot, Stability, Relative stability, Problems; Controllers, Introduction, On-off control, PID control, Terminology, A process controller, Controller mathematics, Tuning, Digital systems, Problems; Appendix A, Differential equations; Appendix B, Laplace tranform, Answers; Index


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About the author

William Bolton

Former Lecturer at Buckingham Chilterns University College, High Wycombe, UK, and now retired, William Bolton has worked in industry and academia as a senior lecturer in a college of technology, a member of the Nuffield Advanced Physics team, an adviser to a British government aid project in Brazil on technical education, as a UNESCO consultant in Argentina and Thailand, and as Head of Research and Development at the Business and Technician Education Council. He has written many engineering textbooks, including Mechatronics, 4th ed., Engineering Science, 5th ed., Higher Engineering Science, 2nd ed., Mechanical Science, 3rd ed., and Instrumentation and Control Systems.