Control in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080220147, 9781483145570

Control in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

1st Edition

Proceedings of the Second IFAC Symposium, Düsseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany, 3 – 5 October 1977

Editors: W. Leonhard
eBook ISBN: 9781483145570
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1978
Page Count: 1040
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Control in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives contains the proceedings of the Second International Federation of Automatic Control Symposium held in Düsseldorf, Germany, on October 3-5, 1977. The symposium provided a forum for discussing the effects of converter control on the design of electrical machines.

Comprised of 102 chapters, this book begins by focusing on control systems employing electronic power converters, along with converter circuits and converter control procedures. The next section deals with the behavior of inverter-fed electrical machines and requirements imposed by converter operation. Topics covered include the status of power thyristors and rectifiers; the dynamic performance of converter-fed synchronous motors; and open loop control of a linear vernier reluctance motor in a stepping mode. Subsequent sections explore converter-fed alternating current and direct current drives; applications of controlled industrial drives; and solid-state energy conversion. A number of methods for analyzing power electronic circuits are discussed and illustrated. This monograph will be of interest to electronics and electrical engineers.

Table of Contents


Topic 1: Control Systems Employing Electronic Power Converters; Converter Circuits Control Procedures

1.1 Analysis and Simulation

A General Digital Computer Simulation Programme for Thyristor Static Converters (Programme SACSO) Application Examples

A Digital Simulation of Converter Circuits

Application of Stiffly Stable Algorithms in the Digital Computation of the SCR Circuits

Calculation of the Electrical Quantities of Converter Circuits Shown in this Case for a Quenching, Asymmetrical Bridge Circuit (LUB)

Generalized Hybrid Computer Technique for Simulating Inverter-Fed AC Motors Drives

Analysis of Three-Phase Semiconductor Connections by Park-Vectors

Analysis of Forced Commutation Processes of a Bridge Inverter by Means of Symmetrical Components

A Modelling Method for the Behaviour of Converters Operating in Control Loops

Study of a DC Chopper as a Sampled System

A Simple Method for a Quick-Response Chopper PWM System with Small Steadystate Error

Discrete Time Domain Modelling and Analysis of DC-DC Converters with Continuous and Discontinuous Inductor Current

Analysis of SCR Circuits Via Augmented State Transition Matrix

D.C. Chopper Circuits with a Structure Different in Intervals

A General Model for Switched DC-DC Converters Including Filters

DC and AC Analysis of Thyristor Circuits by Coordinate Transformation and Describing-Function Method

Contribution To Simulation and Control Procedures of Brushless DC-Machines

1.2 Converter Circuits and Converter Control

Developments in Sinusoidal P.W.M. Inverters

On the Ordinary and Modified Subharmonic Control

Pulse Ratio Modulation: An Interesting Technique to Implement DC/DC Conversion

Design of an Inverter with Optimum Output Voltage Waveform

Power Factor and Current Harmonics with Cycloconverters Fed by a Three-Phase Supply

Harmonic Analysis of Practical Cycloconverters Using a Digital Simulation

Modified Cycloconverter with Minimum Blanking Between Bridges

Thyristor High-Frequency Resonance Inverter with Commutâting-Margin Angle/Time Control System by Means of Phase-Locked Loop

Commutation Modes of a Current-Source Inverter

Applicable Frequency Range of Current Source Converters

Analysis and Design of a Current-Fed Inverter

Modifications of Commutation Circuits for a Three-Phase Inverter, Connected with the Neutral Conductor

Optimal Design of the Commutating Circuit of Forced-Commutated 3-Phase-Inverters with Sequential Commutation

A New Approach to the Design of Asymmetrically Loaded Three Phase Sinusoidal Inverters

A Comparative Investigation of High Power Pulse width Modulated Inverter Circuits

Steady-State Behaviour of a High-Frequency Thyristor Inverter

Fast Response-Load Commutated Choppers

High-Current Transistor Choppers

A Load Insensitive DC/DC Converter for Supply of Telephone Exchanges

Rectifying Single-Phase and Three-Phase A.C. with Forced-Commutated Converters

Reduction of the Harmonic Content of the Load Current of Three Phase Inverters Fed by Direct Current Sources

A New Approach to Power Converter Circuits

Surge Suppressor's Design by Means of Nomograms

Topic 2. Behaviour of Inverter-Fed Electrical Machines and Requirements Imposed by Converter Operation

Current Status of Power Thyristors and Rectifiers

Dynamic Performance of Converter-Fed Synchronous Motors

Optimal Control of Voltage Source Inverters Supplying Induction Motors

Experimental and Theoretical Investigations Concerning the Design of Induction Machines, Especially Machines with High Power Density with Respect to the Inverter Supply and Speed Regulation

A Comparison Between Operating Conditions of Inverterfed Asynchronous Motors

A Dimensioning Criterion for the Shafting of the Variable Frequency Fed Induction Motor

Approximate Formulae for the Characteristic Values of Electrical Machines

The Influence of Thyristor Control on Traction Motors

Open Loop Control of a Linear Vernier Reluctance Motor in a Stepping Mode

Topic 3. Converter-Fed AC- and DC- Drives

Inversion of the Rotating Direction of a Current-Fed Closed-Loop Controlled Asynchronous Machine

the Operational Modes of a Current Source Inverter Induction Motor Drive System

On the Utility of Signal Flow Graphs in the Analysis of Current Controlled Induction Motor

Stationary and Dynamic Behaviour of a Speed Controlled Synchronous Motor with Cos δ-or Commutation Limit Line Control

Transient Characteristics and Limits of a Squirrel-Cage Motor Fed from a Frequency-Converter with D.C. Current Link

Stability Problems with the Control of Induction Machines Using the Method of Field Orientation

Time-Response Analysis of Inverter-Fed Induction Motors with Controlled Stator Current

Computation of Optimum Control Functions for Transients of Induction Motors

Analysis and Comparison of Different P.W.M. Techniques for Induction Motor Drives

Interaction Between Converter, Signal-Processing and Control for a Converterfed Squirrel-Cage Motor

Analysis and Design of Pulse Commutated Inverter Circuits for Multimotor Drives

Control of Cycloconverters for Feeding of Asynchronous Machines

Continuous Operation Methods of Static Scherbius Control Systems at Instantaneous Power Failure

Super-Synchronous Static Converter Cascade

A Modified Rotor Chopper for Speed Control of Slip Ring Induction Motors

Analysis of Self-Excitation of Voltage Controlled Induction Motor

Comparison of Speed Controlled DC Drives with and without Subordinate Current Loop

Design of an Optimal, Autoadaptative Current Loop for D.C. Motor. Realization with an Hybrid Device Including a Microprocessor

Control of DC-Drives by Microprocessors

Simulation of the Chopper Controlled DC Series Motor

The Commutatorless D.C. Motor with Three-Phase Current Excitation

Hybrid Linear Electric Drive for Industrial Applications

The Influence of Drive Circuit Parameters on the Performances of Stepping Motors

The Application of Controlled Static Converters in Tractive Units

Topic 4/5. Application of Controlled Industrial Drives

Controlled Dirves in Traction; Land Transportation; Linear Motors

The Analysis of Dynamics of Induction Driving Motors of Mine Winders with Frequency Control

On-Line Recording with a Storage Display and a Process Computer for Current Locus and Torque-Speed Characteristic of an Induction Machine at Rated Voltage

High Accuracy and Fast Response Digital Speed Measurement for Control of Industrial Motor Drives

Multi-Step Line- and Self-Commutated Single-Phase Bridge Converter

Single-Phase Converters with Forced Commutation Based on the Supporting Capacitor Principle

Digital Simulations of a Forced-Commutated Converter for Single-Phase for AC Locomotives

Tolerance Band Controlled Single Phase Converter Circuit with Minimum Interactions Between Converter and Supply by Optimum Control Parallel Operation

Three-Phase A.C. Motor Vehicles from D.C. Power Supply Feed-In Circuit and Interference Current Reduction

Steady-State Behaviour of Induction Machines Fed by a Frequency Conveter Which is Supplied by a DC-Link with An AC-Component

Inverter-Fed Asynchronous Motors for Traction Systems

Control of Rotating and Linear Induction Motors for Vehicle Drives

Control System with Converter for Improving the Dynamic Response of Magnetically Suspended Vehicles

Microcomputer Based Data Acquisition and Propulsion Control for a Trackpowered Linear Synchronous Motor for High-Speed Ground Transportation

Analysis of Drives for Electric Road Vehicles-Requirements, Basic Design, Properties, Value and Optimization Criteria

The Application of Transistorized Switches To D.C. and A.C. Machines for the Control of Battery Vehicles Up to 30kW

Steady State Performance of Chopper Control System of a Series Motor on the Traction Mode

A Fail-Operational Steering Servo for Vehicles

Tope 6. Solid State Energy Conversion (HVDC, Inductive Heating, Reactive Power Compensation, Miscellaneous)

Investigation of Control Problems During HVDC Inverter Operation

Improving the Performance of a Parallel AC/DC Transmission System Using an Adaptive Optimal Control Policy

Unit Connection of Generator and HVDC Converter, Link Between Power Generation and Power Transmission

Comparison of Installations for Compensation of Reactive Power

High-Speed Var Control Using Static Converters in Short-Circuit

Controllable Static Reactive-Power Compensators in Electrical Supply System

Converter-Controlled Reactive Power Compensators for Stabilizing EHV Three-Phase Transmission Systems

Operating Results of a Compensating Equipment

Reactive Power Static Compensation and Harmonic Filtering in a Metal Industry Plant

Thyristor Controller for Induction Smelting Furnace

Digital Control System for Uninterruptible Power Supply

Harmonic Analyzer for Supply Frequencies

Further Article for Topic 1

Power Electronic Circuit Analysis Techniques

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